It’s been over six years since Jordan Brand released their first package which is arguably the best release to date. The Air Jordan 6/11 Defining Moments Pack included the iconic Air Jordan 11 “Concord” dressed up with Gold accents on the branding while the Air Jordan 6 used Black nubuck with the same Gold accents on the branding.


Now that it’s been many years passed, were you able to have been one of the lucky ones to have purchase your DMP? If you passed on them, do you now regret it looking back? If you could choose any releases from Jordan Brand to come back, would the DMP be one of your first choice? Lastly, would you love to see these make a return, possibly next year, 2013 as a Holiday release? Leave your thoughts in the comment section and be sure to LIKE this post if your a fan of the DMP!

Air Jordan 6/11 Defining Moments Pack
White/Gold-Black & Black/Gold

  • Kolins

    These were hands down the best pair of J’s ever ever made

  • Kolins

    Forgot to say 1st…..

  • LAX

    WoW, so SEXY

  • Tate

    I would cop these in a heart beat if they returned. I would have two pair of each one to rock and one to stock I wouldn’t even care!

  • DMPiWant

    Give me these over the Yeezy 2, South Beach LeBron, 11 Bred all the hype shit. All I want is these

    • Bowman

      Same here bro

  • Marshawn

    Mouth just dropped

  • Tony


  • AJ

    JB bring these back pretty pretty please!

  • Von

    If ya’ll think about it next year, they really don’t have any other 11s to drop on xmas. Why not bring back the packs and start with the DMP which was the first anyway? I seriously believe it could happen, why else would they give the hint towards it? Just makes sense

    • Jason45

      Good point

      • Manriquecorp42

        They my drop the columbias next year if not this year with the breds

  • Devin

    Need em

  • Money23Mike

    I don’t know about ya’ll but Im in love with the DMP’s

  • big dady

    must have

  • Ducman2120

    Yes i would love to see the DMP come back

  • please release AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 052788

    I hope they never get re released. Kills the point of it being exclusive all these years

    • PhantomShoeKing

      dumb ass do u have them…i didnt think so and i know u want them

  • Dibs

    bring em back, a def must cop. it gives new sneaker heads to better their collection and really get into the sneaker game

  • bring that back please . ill cry if you dont

  • JaMon

    Yeah they should bring then back like for real but it is going to hectic because people are going crazy over shoes …… Just shoes, the price might go up but it will be no problem for people that got that money. But yeah bring them BACK

    • Paul

      Yo bring em back once a year! That’s all we ask and make sure they make enough to not cause craziness or have a two day release on em! What ya’ll think?

  • Dittomicheal

    Hell yea bring them back, I didnt get them, and I would love to have them

  • Gizmo_keebler

    For any true sneakerhead this package is a must have and to have missed the release of the first package because of work I’d be more then thrilled to see a re-release this way I know I’d surely grab’em

  • Ilaan

    I Want The Nike AIr Jordan 6 Black/Mettalic Gold ! So Fresh ! <3

  • MiLLz

    bring them back next year

  • MiLLz

    bring them back

  • MiLLz

    bring them back next year please

  • MiLLz

    bring the package back

  • MiLLz

    bring the DMP’s back

  • MiLLz

    we need them back

  • MiLLz

    please bring them back

  • MiLLz

    the block needs them

  • MiLLz

    i need them

  • MiLLz

    we all need them

  • MiLLz

    bring them back pretty please

  • MiLLz

    matter of fact start releasing the packages back out starting with the DMP’s

  • Weez Sp

    Fuck NIKE & JB if these get re-released… I got mine back when they dropped and now the game is all fucked up with the fake sneakerheads and hypebeasts… Its already BS with the way they make these releases so close together, making these limited quantities, not regulating the prices (for even if at all just the release date). Call me a hater… maybe I am.

  • PhantomShoeKing

    I would love for these to be release again. i’ll cop them right away

  • Female$neakerhead

    Best pack ever please jb bring them back

  • Kjay Hamler

    I would like too these release again ! Come back lol