What The Nike LeBron 12 SE

The Nike LeBron 12 “What The” is the latest signature shoe of LeBron James’ to receive the “What The” treatment, as Nike continues to innovate and take risks.


This “What The” edition of the Nike LeBron 12 is a bit different from previous “What The” LeBron releases as it unites his favorite teams and payers. The unique shoe uses elements that includes a nod to his heroes of the gridiron, a hat tip towards the Bronx and a bold display of Ohio pride to represent his home state.

Other details include a Dunkman and Swingman logos on the each tongue, a Safari speckled detail on the medial side of the University Red pair, while the inner interior receives a colorful print. Finishing off the shoe are speckled midsoles, large number ’23’ on the right shoe, 3M detailing and an icy translucent outsole.

Nike What The LeBron 12 Release Date

Check out the additional official photos of the Nike LeBron 12 “What The” below and look for them to release on Saturday, September 26th, 2015 at select Nike Basketball retailers. The retail price tag is set at $250 USD.

Nike What the LeBron 12 SE
September 26, 2015

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UPDATE: As the Nike LeBron 12 comes to an end, Nike Basketball is set to launch the “What The” LeBron 12 tomorrow at select retail worldwide, including Wish ATL. Let us know in the comment section if you’ll be copping or passing?

What The Nike LeBron 12 SE

What The Nike LeBron 12 SE

What The Nike LeBron 12 SE

What The Nike LeBron 12 SE

What The Nike LeBron 12 SE

What The Nike LeBron 12 SE

What The Nike LeBron 12 SE

  • Aldrian Moore

    What kind of preview is this

  • jjamesonthekid

    Why even take the pictures if you’re going to take them really close and make the picture black and white.

  • Casey

    stitching looks fake


    fake jumpman

  • guest

    That jumpman just seems so unusual lol. Maybe because im so used to jordan…

    • guest

      That pic almost looks like it doesn’t belong. Would they make the tongue leather and use standard materials everywhere else?

  • Dafuq

    Did the cameraman have Parkinson’s disease?

    • wolfxxx


  • High_Influence

    Lmfao what the FUCK is this garbage? He take this pic wih a toaster? Shoes look weak as fuck, easy pass

  • Taking pictures with a flip phone camera

  • W_dubb


  • GQ

    Fuckin trash

  • ben

    these look like trash. maybe better photos would make it better

    • austin

      They nice in real life

  • T$ .

    How are these the “what the”s I dont see any parts of any 12s that released this year except for the flights

    • austin

      They make refrences to sports

      • T$ .

        Yea the newer pair but the old pair only had silver positle areas

  • W_dubb

    worst wtl so far

  • RaySupreme

    Self explanatory! Preview is wack an so is the shoe!

  • ChiRaqGoofies

    YOU COULDN’T PAY ME TO WEAR SUCH SHIT lol #NikeHasToBeDoingDisOnPurpose #DogShit

  • wolfxxx


  • newbee

    its the logo thats important tho

  • Bruh

    Those are terrible…. if the 12s weren’t bad enough already lol

    • austin


  • Lol

    This years what the LeBron but it’s more like what the FUCK!!!!

    • austin

      u got skeatchers

  • Lol

    What the KD7 shits all over these!!!

    • austin


  • ono

    KD’s look better to me.

    • austin

      Depends what style

  • Nite



    what the lebron 11’s look wayyy! better

    • austin

      not really tbh

  • MiamiDude


    • austin


  • David

    At first I didn’t like these, I thought they weren’t crazy enough for the what the line. But after looking at them again I feel like theyre starting to grow on me, still unique and while not as bold as the 9’s, 10’s, or 11’s they give off a more subtle vibe.

    That being said they look better then all the previous 12’s which were kinda boring, nike better sell these in size 15…

    • Austin

      true ppl be playing to much about they ugly like they somebody

  • David

    I would also change the finger loop at the back of the shoe, my only real problem with these.

  • Big Papi

    These would be good if they did something special with the hyperposite

    • bk718celebrityblack

      Facts, and add more color to the shoe laces. I’m getting them

  • Waltdizzle

    I’ll still cop em doe

    • Casey


  • โ˜†Dizzy Storyโ˜†

    they nice but not wet enough .

  • Juteius Jasper

    Who paying 250 for this?

    • Uncle jackass

      Yo mama

  • T$ .


  • ๐Ÿšฎ๐Ÿšฎ๐Ÿšฎ๐Ÿšฎ

  • CinCityBo

    Nike struck out with the lebron 12 all the way around they still sitting and at least 4 pairs are sitting in my local nike outlet as we speak

    • Shavvn

      they haven’t even been released yet?!

      • CinCityBo

        Plenty of 12’s have released…Im sayin this shoe is ugly af imo cool for my son but not me

  • Gucci Mane

    So now is it fap time?

  • Herve Lafleur

    If they put the back piece that was on the AS LeBrons on our. Of the shoes it would have been a bit cooler

    • Kanye

      the back piece is on the other shoe

  • Brad Hall

    We need lighter images.

    • Guest

      your ugly

    • Benny Bills

      Brad. You’re so sexy breh and I think you’re tha GOAT. So sexxxxxxy breh. Damn I wanna lick your balls right now. No homo.



    Just out them in the garbage straight save yourself from embarassment nike/lebron.

    • Seriouslywtfarethese


  • T$ .

    Pics of one shoe wow lmao

  • wolfxxx

    I’m pretty sure someone couldve made a better pair on nikeid

  • Nite

    eh these ok but not good enough for 250

  • Naaman Blade

    theairmaxwell on ig has a better design

  • Abdulfatah Abdul

    They should of made a little better 250 is a waste of money if I buy this

  • BXNYC718

    The first pair of sneakers in the “What the…” series to make me say “What in the actual fuck” but not in a good way. Pass.

  • bk718celebrityblack

    Fuck these ugly as kicks. I liked the original ones better,and now I could save my $250. Fuck Nike!

  • Papi

    Why a white outsole

  • william

    if these were shit they wouldn’t be sellin for 300 to 450

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