Nike Kobe 10 X First Look

The Nike Kobe 10 has finally leaked and here is a preview look at one of the upcoming Nike Kobe 10 colorways.


This Kobe 10 features a similar color scheme to the pair that is slated to release on February 7th, 2015, as we reported a few days ago. Dressed in a mixture of Blue Lagoon, Black and Vapor Green color scheme that is built back to a low-top version. Other details include Kobe’s logo on the back heel and an X on the sole in roman numeral indicating Kobe Bryant’s 10th signature shoe.

As of right now nothing has been confirmed, but these are indeed reported to be the first look at the Nike Kobe 10. Let us know what you guys think in the comments section and stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for further updates.

Nike Kobe 10 X Preview

Source: abt_lrj23

  • adam

    i dunno yet, gotta see more

    • Abdoulie Faal

      Same here

      • Beasy

        Nike needs to do away with that bogus lunar shit and go back to authentic leather construction zoom was okay when incorporated in the right designs but now Nike has just gone overboard and that lunar material is almost comparable to styrofoam !

  • major

    they reminder me of the kd 5 elite

    • Jacob

      They could be kd 5 elite customs to look like Kobe 10s

  • warriors

    wish it was still flyknit


    These are nice

  • Sneakray

    Nice color. Nice model. From the best player alive. Count me in for a pair !

    • SneakDork

      “best player alive” Stfu faggot

      • Sneakray

        Damn Dork, go eat a dork. You fucking dork!

      • jtweez317

        Best player alive and of all time bitch

  • machinegun526

    Heel zoom and a forefoot lunar foam.. i just dont know about the upper

  • jamaal coming up

    wtf they look like nike run shoes

  • Same shit every year

    Ewww bruh the same shit EVERY FUCKING YEAR change it up like KD or Bron for Christ’s sake

  • larryf’n


  • JRJ

    dude everyone’s worried about the materials and cushion (I personally don’t mind the upper and cushion looks like a smooth ride) but wtf is happening with the TRACTION!!!!!!!!! Like the 7,8&9 nailed traction and then this has nothing good!

  • N’credibo1

    Not impressed???

  • Guest

    that’s the worst kobe shoes design like a typhical running shoes