Jordan Brand Holiday 2015 Retro Lineup

We finally get a look at the upcoming Jordan Brand 2015 Holiday Retro Lineup that includes the Air Jordan 8 “Aqua”, Air Jordan 8 “Three Time’s A Charm”, Air Jordan 8 “Chrome”, Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “UNC”, Air Jordan 14 Low “Laney”, and Air Jordan 7 “Sweater” colorways.


As we continued the 23rd Anniversary of the Air Jordan 7, Jordan Brand will be debuting an all-new colorway of the classic silhouette. This pair features a unique graphic print on the upper that is inspired from Michael Jordan’s printed sweater and shorts he wore on camera in an iconic commercial.

Making a huge comeback is also the Air Jordan 8 silhouette, ahead of its 23rd Anniversary that is set to debut in 2016. The anticipated Air Jordan 8 “Aqua” is finally set to return for the first time since 2007. An all-new colorway is also set to release that is inspired by the Phoenix Suns dubbed, Three Time’s A Charm” that pays tribute to Chicago Bulls’ first three-peat championship season that comes with a fresh new tongue tag. Also, the “Black/Chrome” edition of the Air Jordan 8 will retro for the first time since 2003.

In addition to those, we’ll also see the long-awaited Air Jordan 14 Low make a comeback that will be dressed in the classic “Laney” colors of Varsity Royal, Black and White, which was last released in 1999. There will also be a UNC-inspired Air Jordan 1 dressed in Dark Powder Blue that includes OG-branding. Each of these six Jordan Brand 2015 Holiday Retro Lineup will all be remastered.

Check out each model below and stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for further updates on an exact release date for each silhouette set to debut. You can expect to see the models to begin releasing during Quarter 4 of 2015, typically beginning in October thru December.

Which model are you mostly looking forward to releasing from this Jordan Brand 2015 Holiday Retro Lineup? Leave your comments and thoughts below.

Air Jordan 7 Retro “Sweater”

November 14, 2015

Jordan 7 Retro Sweater

Air Jordan 8 Retro “Aqua”

November 27, 2015

Jordan 8 Retro Aqua

Air Jordan 8 “Three Times A Charm”

October 24, 2015

Jordan 8 Retro Suns Three Times A Charm

Air Jordan 8 Retro “Chrome”

December 12, 2015

Jordan 8 Retro Chrome

Air Jordan 14 Low “Laney”

October 3, 2015

Jordan 14 Retro Low Royal Laney

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Dark Powder Blue”

October 31, 2015

Jordan 1 Retro High OG Powder UNC

  • kickz2015

    All 8s will be copped, and that AJ 14 Low.

  • Justin Jones

    Aqua 8s by a landslide been waitin for too long

  • FatdWithtea

    Those 7s Are hot

  • Michael Putzel

    just want those Aqua 8s and 14 lows

  • Mr.mcfly

    I’ll get everything, except those ones


    8s are coming out like 1s this year

  • ₩₳▼€

    everything but the 1’s will be mine

  • T$ .

    Man yall sleep on the 1s

    • Lodidodida

      I hope they stay sleep too.

      • T$ .

        Yes please stay sleep lol

        • OG_KiCKS_NJ

          Yes please, always loved the 1’s

    • No hype here

      They cool and everything. But them 1s are uncomfortable as fuck for my foot like you got 2 bricks on the bottom of your shit

      • Lodidodida

        I understand why you feel that way. You gotta remember despite how dated they are, and that they’re first hoop shoes. They’re really meant to be laced up tight and to at least one rung below the top of the of the shoe or you’re going to get that heel slippage that creates more impact on your steps. Once you get a little bend on the soles, they get way better to me and I can wear them all day. I find that a lot of the early model Js don’t have great cushioning, like the 3s, the 5s and the 6s. Those feel better to me laced loosely though. I’m pretty sure the weight of the wearer has a lot to do with whether they prefer air max soled jays, or traditional nike air soled jays. I’m a pretty light guy so I prefer the 1s 2s 7s and 8s from a comfort standpoint. The 4s are still my fav however.

        I must be lit af because I just zoned in. Fuck , that was a long winded ass comment

        • No hype here

          True shit. Honestly it’s probably because I wear airmax most of the time. Hard to go from AM 09 etc to Aj 1 and expect anywhere near the same comfort level. I May try another pair for myself tho. I usually only pick up 1s for my son/daughter because they look dope af in small sizes and usually end up on the sale rack. 3s always been my favorite but mane… Them 4s tho I love them too shit

  • T$ .

    I want them all

  • JoeShmo510

    I just wanna say this, WTF happen to year of the 7s UR suppose to be giving up heat for the retro 7s not 8s keep em in the factory until next year damnit. Y is JB doing this they couldn’t wait a couple more month

    • Lodidodida

      They already came with all the og 7s within the last few years, wasn’t much they could do about it

  • PumpKing

    The 1’s win it for me and will probably be copped, I been slacking on copping jays recently

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      Same here, I rather have something slept on then an ordinary Retro

      • PumpKing

        Lol personally for me I don’t like any j past 5 not even the 11s so its an easy decision

        • OG_KiCKS_NJ

          I was raised on Jordans 1-5 . Never liked 6’s, 7’s are ok. The rest just never caught my eye except the OG 13’s & Ginger 16’s

  • notnosmallfeet

    Seriously they are basically doing the year of the 8s early and hardly releasing any 7s, whatever I just hope they are counting this as the start of the 8 so we can get to the 9 already

    • Ty

      To be honest bro they already did the 9s when they dropped the Kilroy, Crawfish, Cool Grey’s, Olives, Motorboat Jones, Etc. The other year

      • Ty

        However, I agree they should be dropping 7s!! Flints, Citrus, Remastered Cardinals, & a few others

      • FATT$

        lol true they probably just gon bring all that shit back out

    • Guest

      shit…. i’m thinking about the year of 11’s already.

      • Adrien


  • John

    Aj 1s and maybe Chrome 8s but that’s it for me.

  • SirFuck YaMotha

    I been trying to get the aqua 8’s for a minute and it’s good to have the chance to get them but I was late last time but at least I got the playoff’s but this year I just want the 7’s Bordeaux Remastered and the 11’s 72-10.

  • SirFuck YaMotha

    But you know they will probably have more releases later in the year that most people don’t know about so you should always be read unlike me when the last time the Aqua 8’s came out

  • FATT$

    was just looking on ebay for some unc 1s lol funny but this just made me really happy. Laney 14s + (OG!) UNC 1s wil definitely be copped. “Sweater” 7s look team jordan and corny af

  • SirFuck YaMotha

    And as far as 7’s go the Marvin the Martians are being release and just a few weeks

  • InMy02’s

    All this new color way shit!! Just stop it there all ass, but I can’t knock it niggas gone buy em and call them by these dumb ass nicknames smdh Aqua, chrome and laney low are coming with me..

    • RO

      beleee dat shorty. Aqua and Laney Lows

  • Toronto Finest



    • semaj

      Shut the Fuck up

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      I’m guessing it has to be a Jordan 6 or 11 or 12 for you to be satisfied ?

  • Hhh

    Ladies and gentlemen what we have here is product saturation. Same shoe different color scheme. As the old school collector is frustrated with the product the misinformed new customer fills the void left by those in disgust. While I as a fan don’t much care for these I’m sure they will sell out cause people that are new to the game just want pair as a status symbol…. To each his own.

    • Jamal


    • Kray11

      You not lieing and with that said I honestly feel sorry for the 11s when they celebrate them in the next couple years .

  • R3SP3CT

    these shits getting no respect from me

  • Oh Kill ’em

    Laneys and Aquas oh BABY!!!!!

  • A

    Those laney 14s tho

  • Coldworldnoblanket

    The 1’s, the 14’s, the aqua’s, and the chrome’s are dope…those 7’s and the other pair of 8’s should be thrown in a furnace.

  • Don’t Hate the Great 8

    All those 8’s must be in my possession, that new colorway is sicc


    Mainly wanted the Aquas, till news broke out about the Chromes which I miss badly but now I gotta say 1’s are my first priority if released in GS. Then both the Aquas & Chromes


    I think that whole lineup is whack.. 14s are ok but of course they chop half the shoe. Then Three pairs of 8s? Last year was better.

  • Mark

    I just need to those 1s and maybe the Aqua 8s depending on how I feel.

  • WhatsFly23

    The 14s and the aqua 8s ….lmao them 7s trash i would laugh at somebody