Sneaker Bar Detroit has yet another video exclusive. Once again SBD’s video maestro Alin and I headed down to the NoJo Kicks store, and did our video review on the blacked out OVO Air Jordan Retro 10 Drake PE’s.


If you haven’t seen our last video on the white and gold OVO Air Jordan Retro 12 Drake PE’s, Jordan Brand officially made the rapper, Drake, a part of their endorsement roster. Out of this collaboration white and black models of both the Air Jordan 10 and the Air Jordan 12 were created sporting a new stingray leather material. Called the “OVO’s” (named after Drake’s clothing brand and record label, “October’s Very Own”) Drake immediately looked to set his colorways apart by adding his OVO owl logo onto the shoe. All 4 versions of these shoes were never released to the public and were limited to close friends and family of Drake’s. This shoe is extremely rare which explains the high price tag that they’re going for at NoJo Kicks as well as the lack of videos on this shoe that only we here at Sneaker Bar Detroit were able to provide.

Having the honor of doing this video and holding these shoes in my hand I couldn’t help but be impressed by the quality of this shoe. As I said in the video, the Air Jordan 10’s are a relatively simple shoe without much going on as far as design (except for the outsole) but that stingray leather adds a level of contrast to this all black shoe. And against the tumbled leather upper that stingray just pops right out at you. I normally rock every shoe I buy but I would probably keep these DS (deadstock) unless some special occasion warranted me wearing them.

As always we would like to thank the great staff at the NoJo Kicks store for granting us access to their store and inventory. Check out their website,, to check out their inventory of the hottest sneakers, past or present. Would also like to thank the “Bearded” clothing label for the awesome shirt I’m wearing in our review video. Check out their website, Are You Bearded, to see their inventory of t-shirts and apparel.

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Air Jordan 10 “Black OVO” Video Review

  • Robert’s

    these are so hot

  • me

    It’s official…..I gotta get my eyes checked cause all I see is a basic blah pair of kicks…..but they j’s so they are automatically fresh to sneakerheads…..I mean cmon why are so many nike collabs these days so lazy….oh yeah because if they call em limited they’ll sell out

    • Johnson

      I agree these are so whack and such a waste of production from jordan brand. Nothing special about these at all I wouldn’t spend $100 on these.

    • j’s 4 days

      people like shoes they can’t get, i’m not excluded