Allen Iverson Reebok I3 Legacy 2018

The last signature shoe released from Allen Iverson and Reebok was back in 2014, which was the Reebok Answer 14. Since then, we only got retro products. But in 2018, things are about to change as the Hall of Famer is set to release his new signature shoe.


Recently Iverson shared several photos on Instagram with Reebok officials and designers giving us word that the team is working on the Reebok I3 Legacy product, which includes sneakers. No word on if we’ll see the Answer 15 or not, but its safe to say that 2018 will be a big year for A.I. and Reebok.

Check out some of the preview photos below and stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for more updates on what’s to come from the Reebok I3 footwear in 2018.

New Signature I3 legacy collection on the way! #reebok #here we go again

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The Reebok I3 Legacy continues!!!

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Can't wait to see the young killas rocking my new joints on the hardwood dance floor.

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The new design team behind the I3 legacy collection. #reebok lifetime

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  • Chyane Watson

    Ok Reebok let’s get back at it AI over all