15LAB12 Air Jordan White

The Air Jordan 15LAB12 is the next installment of the Air Jordan LAB series that uses elements from the Air Jordan 15 and displaying it atop an Air Jordan 12 silhouette to get the Air Jordan 15LAB12.


This interesting Air Jordan 15LAB12 is dressed in a Summit White and Metallic Gold color scheme. The shoe features an all-White woven upper from the Air Jordan 15 – which was the last Tinker Hatfield design during the Chicago Bulls era. Metallic Gold comes into play on the upper eyelets and Jordan Brand branding throughout. The inner lining is built with an all-White premium leather for a nice luxurious look.

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As of right now there is no exact release date announced, but we do give you a first look at the Air Jordan 15LAB12.

Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for further release info as they develop, but in the meantime let us know what you guys think of the latest Air Jordan LAB series silhouette in the comments section.

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UPDATE: Here is the latest image of the 15LAB12 Air Jordan via @castrokillinem. As of right now there is still no word on a release date, but stay tuned for more updates.

15LAB12 Air Jordan White Gold

Air Jordan 15LAB12 White Gold

Air Jordan 15LAB12 White Gold

Air Jordan 15LAB12 White Gold

Source: castrokillinem / zsneakerheadz

  • SneaksLife

    Finally, the 15’s have to be the best Jordans ever! Now they just need to retro them!

  • 12s

    OH WOW! i’m in love!

  • T$ .

    Wait wait wait 15 !? Do I smell a retro !?

  • T$ .

    Im on these when they drop


    Give me Two Purs

  • Speedy

    Hmmm i can fucks with it should do a black colorway as well

  • enfinant

    They would be straight if they were a regular retro 12 than lab.

  • enfinant

    They should do a comeback pack with both retro 12 and 15.

  • Lodidodida

    These bitches hot!!! Jb finally trying to finesse a few things lately I see

  • 510kidd

    Maybe another color. Not white

  • Fire Flame



    Damn why all white? Where the Fk am I gonna wear these? Heaven?

    • fuckYOU

      Wear em when you try crawling back up yo mommas pussy dumb nigga, us real niggas ain’t working in the plantations no mo

      • SQUIG

        You sound so intelligent

  • Jango The D is Silent

    Man these is COLD!
    You know they gonna come out with a Black pair
    But this WHITE!

  • machinegun526

    Yessss!!!!! Two models i like in one thst actually looks good

  • Yahya Hussein

    Godddddd *pusha t voice*

  • Tmoney860

    I’m in love with the coco, easy copp

  • NoChaser AngeLo

    damm des shit super clean

  • Guest

    crispy… but i refuse to deal with all white js anymore.

  • Paul Chenault

    I was just tell in my Homie last night, JB need to start retroing 12’s…Also, all y’all “Lab Series” haters, kiss my ass, cause these go so hard

  • Just Do It

    JB can do a lot with these. Fresh as fuck. Next is a all red pair.

  • Very clean collab, Lab series is back on the right track

    • dizzle1119

      …but it’s not a collab.

      • ahhh, technically my use of “collab” in that sentence was improper, as I used it instead of its synonym “combination” — Thank god fuckboi’s like you are on here to catch that.

        …Thanks Daniel

  • Thank You

    I swear to God, if I see a nigga wearing these imma go snatch them from his feet, give him a wet willy, take my shoes that I’m currently wearing and stuff it right up his anal. Then I’ll walk away with my new 15lab12s.

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      I hope he wearing fakes then lol

  • mars

    Why niggas hating on white shoes? My grapes , GMP 6’s white cement 4’s are still crispy.. What do yall be doing in yall sneakers

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      They wear them each day till the next new retro drop. Well that what I’ve seen when them Legend Blues came out

  • KushKloud

    These are insane!

  • Mark

    Need to see more pics, but the white & gold looks nice.

  • hhh

    One day on the court, the bar or driving in the car….. I see scuffs and dirt all day long on these puppies. Oh and you know you gonna get a higher then remastered price……

  • Mr.mcfly

    A navy blue and gold pair would be Dope

  • dekoven_bandzup

    These dope af this how you mix shoes that 11lab4 is bullshit i would def cop these instantly these freaky

  • Hotsauce

    Cant wait for an all black pair. Way nicer looking then the Drake OVO pairs ( IMO of course).

  • smashstew

    These are plain, simple fire!!! Every shoe could be ruined if abused. These are nice

  • Reminds of the Jordan 12 OVO

  • larryf’n

    Im really diggin these.must cop for me

  • Prince Akeem

    They remind me of the rising sun 12’s. I been looking for a good pair of those for so long.

    • Will

      Yes they do. I have a Fresh pair of size 12 Rising Suns for sale. Let me know.

      • Prince Akeem

        Damn….not my size. I’ll still keep hope alive tho.

      • Anthony Ziroli

        How much?

        • Will

          $350 + shipping. Let me know.

      • 3847LawrenceAv

        when you say fresh do you mean deadstock?

        • Will

          Fresh Bro. They only have been used twice. They look bright white (no yellow what so ever) Sweet Js.

  • J Rock

    These are heavenly

  • Kooler

    There are fire!

  • Kooler


  • Jalapenokickz

    By far the best Ive seen of these Lab series so far!

  • Gottibeatz

    If these drop id sell my son to buy a pair

  • Buddie

    They need to drop a all black pair and a taxi pair,

  • B.Nasty

    I wished they would just release a couple of retro remastered 12s instead of these lab joints. They don’t release enough 12s as it is and in my opinion they are the most comfortable Jz.

  • P3rry

    I hate these numbers, especially the 12s, but i cant lie. these are dope forreal. gives it a premium look imo.

  • Krunchy Blakk

    These look high class. I can only imagine how bad these could’ve turned out using elements from one of Jordan brands ugliest sillouettes. Might be the first pair of J’s I cop this year.

    • mars

      I kept saying I was gonna cop shit, but as release dates got close, there was nothing really special to me.. May is my month tho.

  • mars

    I just put these on the list.. These, the cool Greys and flu games are all I need to complete my 12 list

  • Christopher Williams

    These are super dope and a most cope just because they don’t release enough 12’s. Not the best Retro but definitely a sleeper to most.

  • RaySupreme

    These are supa dope! Going to need these for sure!

  • ono

    look like an OVO

  • David Ledesma

    These joints are da “DOPEST!” Lab’s!

  • Dude

    Must have hopefully can cop these shits & not get froze tryin this time on website

  • Casey


    • Casey

      who are you?

  • Damn 2016 is looking like the year of the 12. And I def ain’t mad. I was just thinking about these earlier actually….*drools*

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