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8&9 Bronze 5 Collection

If you’re like the majority of people today you took a collective “L” on the Yeezy 350 Boost release. Without getting into a discussion about the bullshit rationale people use to convince themselves that they’re worth the time waiting in line, worth the hype, or worth a dime more then one would spend on a pair of Roshes. (Admit it, if Kanye’s name wasn’t attached to it, any incentive you had in purchasing them would be removed). In any event, just like any other sneaker release, there’s always other shoes to fall back on. Insert the Air Jordan Retro 5 “Bronze”.

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You know how it works. You get gassed up to purchase one pair, only to miss out on that initial pair, both online and in-store, and then you switch your attention to another available shoe to satisfy that insatiable urge to not come home empty-handed. As long as you walk away with something new that you can rock that day, that “L” you took on your first choice goes from an upper-case “L” to a lower-case “l”. Either way, you don’t have to LOOK like a loser with 8&9.


8&9 Mfg. Co. has just debuted their “Bronze 5” collection in time for the Air Jordan 5 release. If you want to dress as good as your shoes look, go to and shop through their inventory of apparel. From t-shirts to joggers, they’ll make it easy for your girlfriend to pick out your outfit that’ll go with your newest sneaker pick ups. Not only are their designs dope, but the quality of their clothing is head and shoulders above anything else out there to fulfill your sneaker needs.

Use promo code “TSBP” when you checkout to save yourself 20% off of your purchase. Thank me later or thank me now, either way, you’re welcome.

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