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You’re Doing It Wrong: Reselling Sneakers Is Now Worth $1 Billion

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Now is a good time for you to consider a career change if a recent article posted on Campless is to be believed – apparently the sneaker reseller market has sky rocketed upwards to the worth of $1 Billion (that’s right, the Dr. Evil – pinky finger style of Billion). Josh Luber and his gang of “tech nerds” detail how the highly debated topic of “Resellers” has reached such Mount Everest type of monetary heights.

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They break down the monthly sneakers sales of eBay for the last few years and estimate that eBay represents just one quarter or 25% of the overall sneaker reselling market. Using those eBay numbers they are able to multiply the results to achieve the $1 Billion figure. That part in particular is surprising to me as I would’ve thought eBay controlled a much bigger piece of the pie but the numbers ball don’t lie. Campless was also gracious enough to construct easy-to-understand charts and graphs for our brains to gently digest. According to the article they were also able to tap into sales data from some of the biggest resellers out there such as; “Sole Collector Marketplace, NikeTalk, Kixify and several reseller websites.”

Source Campless
Source Campless

If your ready to be transported back to Economics Class then be sure to pack a pen, paper, TI81 calculator, and a snack (I prefer a Lunchable) and head over to their fully detailed article right now to check it out for yourself. Just don’t forget to report back here and leave your comments and thoughts below.

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Source: Campless

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