Contest Ended: Congratulations to @SneakerheadDrew for being our lucky winner! If you didn’t get lucky this time, don’t worry we have plenty more changes coming up!


Sneaker Bar is giving you a chance to win a Free Pair of both the Air Jordan 6 “White Infrared” and “Infrared 23” in your size. Winning is simple, just follow the directions below and you will be entered to win!

Please Read All The Giveaway Details Carefully To Increase Your Chances of Winning. Giveaway is open WorldWide!

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Contest Dates: The Giveaway will last until (5PM PST – 8PM EST) Thursday, February 13, 2014. On that day we will randomly select the winner and notify them through social media channels. The winner will have 48 Hours to confirm or the prize will be randomly selected for another winner.

Bonus Entry: Leave a comment below with your SIZE and why you want to win. Be sure to log into your Facebook or Twitter account within the comment system so we can track it as well. Also don’t spam the comments, your comments will only be counted as one. Spamming will get you disqualified. Good Luck to everyone who enters!


    Size 9.5 I want to win because I have too many things to cop and I might not be able to get these

  • Leon

    Size 11. I want to win these as I’m a student who needs to win these because I don’t want to blow my textbook money on kicks.

  • Hunter

    Size 10.5 I want these because they’re dope but I wouldn’t be able to buy them now


    size 9.5 i want these because these are more fire than red octobers.

  • g man

    9.5 i want these but cant afford them on my student loan

  • bob

    Size 10 because they are dope shoes

  • TAKA

    12. I want to win because these are some dope shoes and they would make me look cool

  • Anthony Marine

    Size 11 and because I love sneakers this would make collection much better

  • Keven

    size 8.5 i just want to see if i could win and if not i will just buy them

  • Roberto Bell Jr

    Size 14, I never won anything before for FREE

  • Brandon Polanco

    Size 10. I’d be proud to have these be my first Retro pickup of 2014.

  • Leonny Correa

    size 8 planning on copping the infrared 6s but would like to get them for free

  • Baffoonary™

    @Julio_BeShort (Twitter)size 9 I need to have these 6s! Celebrating 23 years of the Jordan Retro 6s

  • daredevils_16

    10.5 pls..advance gift for my birthday thank you sneaker bar detroit

  • DeAndre Caffee

    I’ll take an 11.5 thank you!!

  • Emmanuel

    Sz 13, I really wanted the toro 4s and they didn’t have my size, and these remind me of them but better and theses are not dropping in Lansing michigan where I live.

  • Robyn ♉️

    Size 9 for my friend who doesn’t have enough money to get his own

  • Alex Ellingson

    Size 12 I want these because I’m playing ball rn and don’t have time to get a job to pay for kicks, thx

  • Teddy Inglish

    11.5 and I want to win cause this will be the only way I will be able to get some shoes this dope til I graduate from college and start work

  • Mauro Juarez

    Size 9 and honestly I don’t feel like camping out it’s to cold in the D ! Lol please and thank you!

  • Sherron Lawrence

    Size 10! Twitter- @SavedByXtina
    This would be the perfect gift from me for valentines! 🙂

  • Leonny Correa

    size 8 planning on copping the infrared 6s but would like to get them for free

  • Andy Pierre-louis

    I’m a size 11 and I want to win because I never owned a pair of Retro 6’s in my life and if I win I would be happy.

  • Sneakerhead42

    Size 12!! I’ve always wanted these and I don’t want to camp

  • Guest

    If I did win, I would want a size 10.5. I have never owned a pair of 6’s so it would be nice to get the all red Infrared 23s because they have been on my radar ever since they first dropped. I don’t think any of us “deserve” to win, but it would be nice considering the small university budget I have and the lack of major releases that are provided by my local town’s footlocker. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Noah K

    Sz 11.5 to help out a fellow friend going through very hard times and causes him to have no shoes in his size

  • Kevin Clifton

    Size 13. I must have these shoes. 6s are my favorite and these have to be two of the best I have seen! Please choose me

  • Jesse

    If I did win, I would want a size 10.5. I have never owned a pair of 6’s so it would be nice to get the all red Infrared 23s because they have been on my radar ever since they first dropped. I don’t think any of us “deserve” to win, but it would be nice considering the small university budget I have and the lack of major releases that are provided by my local town’s footlocker. Thanks for the opportunity! – sorry i posted twice by accidentally, once as a guest but you wanted us to use our social network profile.

  • Juan Rojas

    Size10.5, i always wanted these shoes and i never got a chance to get them

  • 2pair

    Sz 11.5 because i was on a flight when the yeezys dropped

  • kbrew1

    Size 9…..worth a try

  • Jose

    Sz 11, I want to these sneakers because I want to sneaker collection but also Air Jordan’s 6 are the best Jordan’s ever. It will be a perfect gift for me since for my outstanding work in school. I always wanted to win something free

  • Hugo’s Boss

    Size 8.5 because I need some infrared 6s

  • Alejandro Lupin Sanchez

    Size 7.5 it’s either these or valentines gift I have to go with the gifts ftlotp lmao (for the love of the …..)

  • Nicholas Salata

    Size 10! I want to win bc I never get a chance to get Jordan’s when they come out & I can’t afford what people sell them for over retail value. I see myself rocking these! Twitter @real__nicky

  • JauQuan Grimes

    Size 10.5. If I won I would be happy. I work on the weekend. And during the week I am in the International Baccalaureate program. I try to get my shoes from my tip money. Nobody deserves shoes. But I would appreciate it.

  • doug25

    size 11.5

  • Blitz Comet

    Size 10

  • giftofgab

    Size 11 I should win because it would be a great birthday gift to me # Feb 25

  • Brucebeastin

    Size 15. I need these because they stop Jordan’s at size 13 please I need both of these shoes.

  • Devin

    Size 8 want these because the air Jordan VI white infrared was the first sneaker to ever get me in to collecting shoes. Lots of memories in this shoe

  • Everyone82

    Size 9.5. Because I just got back from 7-11 and slipped on ice and went feet first into a Redbox machine. Only 9 people saw. No biggie.

  • Dannyel Hawk

    Size 10

  • Orlando Mosley™ ✊

    Size 9.5. I want to win because I like shoes! Haha

  • TiffPatt

    Size 7…I love your website it definitely keeps me informed on all the Jordan releases. Also I’m trying to get my Jordan collection and the 6s are fire! I would love to add them to my collection!

  • Jeremy

    Sz 11 because because the first pair of Js i ever had were these white infrareds and i need them.

  • Chris

    Size 9.5 I want to win cause I been fan of Jordan and love the 6 the most it is a great shoe

  • Gendi Nyaga

    Sz 8 because I never owned or had a pair of jordans in my life

  • Chris Jaeger

    size 10.5 This is such a classic shoe, i love the clean white leather on the white infrareds. Im a high schooler with little money, and winning a free pair would help me avoid that $170 price tag!

  • Guil Esc

    Size 9. I want to win them because i am a young sneakerhead who has never owned a pair of js because i cant afford them especially at reseller prices, the 6s are grails especially the white infrareds, and it would be a great birthday present because my birthday is the last week of february

    • NodayzWithoutKicks

      Mine is to on the 25th! 6s are my trails also. Love both of these but got to go with the infrared 23s for the fact I am a teen with a budget and I need the all star lebrons. Would enter but don’t have a Facebook or Instagram page

      • frails

        • NodayzWithoutKicks

          Stfu always try advertise your bot even though all bots are scams

          • How is it a scam if I have video proof of it working on BHM Lebrons and Kobe 9’s these past weeks? It’s solid proof that it works!!

          • NodayzWithoutKicks

            No it doesn’t I have tried bots and got refunds on all of them even took one to court they do not work! We don’t even no if that evidence s true

          • Hahaha Do you believe the shit you type or expect everyone else to believe it?! “Took one to court” LMAO mannn fuck outta here clown! lol

          • NodayzWithoutKicks

            Nigga stfu, your bitch ass couldn’t get the tiffs, or yeezys, your bitch ass so ugly. Nigga calling me a clown get the fuckk out of here you and your ugly ass bot.

  • Greg F

    Size 11 would be appreciated. Just a man who loves him some nice jordans. Just keeping it real.

  • Alyx Effron

    Size 10 because I wanna be like mike.

  • gpaguntalan

    Size 11… I just love shoes especially free ones

  • Tynell Johnson

    Size 13. I want to win these Jordans to honor my late brother. Before he tragically passed away two years ago, he was a serious sneaker collector and Jordan enthusiast, and part of the reason why I became a sneaker collector myself. When I graduated high school, he gave me a pair of the “Laker” 6’s as a gift, which happen to be one of his favorite Jordan numbers, and told me to “keep making him proud”. From that day on, I wear those same 6’s on his birthday out of respect to him. Ever since he bought me my first pair, the 6’s have a special place in my heart, and the “White Infrared” and “Infrared 23” Jordans would mean a tremendous deal to me as I hope to use them to further honor his memory if I am fortunate to win them.

    • NodayzWithoutKicks

      That’s dope man. You remind if the Perfect Pair.

  • fatboiwat

    11.5 cause I need to add some 6s to my collection

  • Daniel Pham

    Size 11 who doesn’t like free stuff huh ?

  • Mr. G

    size 11.5 because I need to add some 6s to my collection

  • US10 – This is a dope release, it would be amazing to win. Avoiding the lines and instant online sellouts would be awesome… nearly as awesome as SneakerbarDetroit 😉

  • Incognito

    US 11.5- I would love the white infrareds for myself and I need a good birthday present for my friend, and who wouldn’t want a pair of IR 23’s?

  • Size: 10.5 — I want to win these cuz I missed out on the Yeezy’s …… YOU DON’T HAVE THE ANSWERS NIKE!!!!

    • NodayzWithoutKicks

      You a little muthafucka you and your bitchass bot little cunt

  • JackHaHa

    US11 I want it as my Bday gift!

  • El Tonio

    SIze 9. I want to win because i wasnt able to get the last infrared 6s release.

  • Jennifer Bravo

    im a size 6 🙂 i want to win then because cant really afford them 🙁

  • jsforxays

    I want these bcuz this is my first real cop…. Like everyone looks at me funny bcuz i dont have j’s i want i just cant afford them im still in school so my mom isnt rich I love sneakers. Im a size 7

  • Mr.Amazing

    Size 10.5. I would like to win because the infra red 23’s will make me feel closer to yeezy.

  • RockawayBully

    Size 11 why cause they a nice looking pair and who doesn’t like free lol no sob story’s here,man up people smh.

  • DK

    Size 12 – wouldn’t mind having 2 free shoes I think these to shoes are a hot drop and the vibrant red on the infrared 23 matches the style i have with a bold fearless look it would have people talking about me for days also the white infrared 6s has a basic but yet swaggy look to it also still able to catch peoples eyes. The low key killer I would call it which at times could be me

  • chase ritter

    Size 10.5 I would like to win because that is my favorite color scheme and I only have one pair of jordans and they are getting worn out. I do not have much money to spend at the moment and it would really help me out. I would appreciate it so much if I won. Thank you.

  • Jhy’Shan Harrison

    sz 10.5 this would really mean a lot to me because I won’t be able to get another pair of shoes for a while because my mom is recovering from pancreatic cancer preventing surgery and won’t be able to work for a while. I would truly be thankful to be blessed with a free pair from sneaker bar Detroit

  • Taurean McDade

    Size 12 and because im in college and its very expensive and hard for me to buy jordans because of tuition

  • jin

    size 8 I would like to win because this is my first jordan I want to get for my first pair of jordan shoes.

  • Djliquid

    size 13 please these are back to my childhood and could remember being so happy my parents got them for me my dad love them too we both loved MJ huge fans

  • Mr. Carson

    Size 9.5. I really want these because 6s are my favorite shoes. I’ve always wanted the infrared 6s but never could get them. This would be a great opportunity for me to have them in my possession.

  • T$ .

    Size 11 , I love shoes and Ive wanted these shoes for a long time and would live to own them

  • Dekoven Tha God

    Size 12 i want them because paying for school leaves me no money for shoes and jordan 6s are my favorite model

  • Mercedes-Benz Slr McLaren

    Size 13 please because I love the color red, I’ve always wanted a red sneaker but could never get one. Every time I get close it gets sold out. I’ve tried with every red sneaker out their only to have to look on eBay and hope a reseller will be fair with their prices. However, since red is popular now it never is. All I want is one red sneaker, I’d wear it until it could not be worn any longer.

  • $lang Johnson

    i deserve these size 14s because i can rarely ever find awesome kickz my size… everybody buys them up before i get my chance!! =(

  • Jam Torc

    size 11! I want these pair because i never had this pair and these look really cool

  • Thet

    size 11! these shoes will look good with my hubby 🙂 thanks!

  • Ethan Ez Scott

    SIZE 14!!! I would like these bcuz I live in a small town that never get any jordan n my size! I have to travel or race online. Would b nice to have a few worrie free cops

  • Tayveon Bowie

    size 10.5. I would like these because I have no jordan 6’s in my collection and would glad if I had some

  • Devante Garner

    SIZE 10.5 I WANNA WIN THE BECAUSE I Wanna give them to My lil Brother birthday Coming up. He never had a pair of Jordan’s Retro before so I’m thinking if I win this will make him birthday better.

  • John Paul Michael Cuba

    Size 13, I wanted to win because it would be my first ever pair of Air Jordans, and it would be a great honor if I could win 🙂

  • Brandon

    Sz 10.5 I wanna give a pair to my dad and little brother they share the same bday this month

  • Herve Lafleur

    Sz 10 want these to give to my brothers who are just getting into shoes.

  • Chad

    Size 13 because I coach high school basketball and i can’t get to stores to grab a pair I also never have luck with online releases plus sneakerbardetroit is where I get all my sneaker info

  • sneakerhead

    Size 11.5. I need theese because aty local footlocker, footaction, and other sneaker stores, the people who get their tickets called are based on association wirh them. So 99 Times out 100 I won’t get called. So it would be a great service if you could do me a solid

    • sneakerhead

      *at my

  • Guest

    size 8.5. i should win because it will be my first pair of jordans ever, and the best way to start my collection

  • Richard

    Size 10.5. I should win because I love Jordan’s & I do not have any retro 6’s!

  • Domo Lee

    I have always liked these… These would be my first pair of jordans. Hope I win!

  • Marcus DeRo Smiff

    I should win because these are my favorite releases of the year and I’d NEVER stop spreading the word about SBD lol. Oh, and because I NEVER win these giveaways/contests & It would really restore my faith in these types of things. SIZE: 9.5

  • theKeithJackson

    Size 10.5 The first pair of Jordans I purchased for myself were a pair if 6s and I’d love to win a pair.

  • JAB_the_REBEL

    Size 11 i should win because i dont own a pair of 6s and would like to own a pair

  • red toro 6

    Where is this store located……nebody have tha fone numba?

  • Eli

    Size 13 I can’t find them in my size and i love the 6s.

  • ♚ Folashaaa

    Size 10 .. Never had the 6s .. Look too cute!

  • Brandon

    sz 10.5 please I need them

  • Brandon

    Ive lost all the giveaways and I AM YOUR BIGGEST SUPPORTER HAVE BEEN SUPPORTING FOR YEARS sz 10.5 please I need them

  • Brandon

    Ive lost all the giveaways and I AM YOUR BIGGEST SUPPORTER HAVE BEEN SUPPORTING FOR YEARS sz 10.5 please I need them.

  • Cheyenne Moulton

    I would like to win these because not one footlocker, champs, or local shoe store in my area is going to receive the infrared 23’s, and I really want them because 6’s happen to be my favorite Jordan’s. Also, I have no chance purchasing them online because my internet is slow and people use bots these days.

    Size 6y

  • Gaboystr8

    The VI is the best Jordan silhouette IMO. It’s either this or a reseller since I’m on weekend duty that week. Gotta love the Air Force SMH. Sz10.5 Fam

  • Jerry Jiggy Andy

    If it’s free is for me lol jp, I want to win because I know the truth is, it’s extremely cold outside so I can’t camp for those, health over kicks size 11.5

  • Ki Ki

    Size 6.5 I want them because I’ve been wearing js since I was a baby and the toro 6s and infrared 6s would be a great addition to my collection. Plus ppl don’t know how to rock em… I’ll rock em right! Ig: @msrightfernow

  • Two Stacks

    Size 11.5. I work full time and go to school full time so I don’t have time to wait in line for shoes anymore. I’d appreciate it.

  • Wesclark

    Size 11.5. I would like to win because I’ve always loved the 6’s since they came out when I was in the 6th grade & I’ve had 2 back surgeries & haven’t been able to work in 7 months so I can’t afford them. Thanks

  • Taivon Reese

    Size 11.5 because I’ve never owned a pair of 6s and I would really want to

  • Antonio Villegas

    I would like a size 10 and I want to win so I can give the White Infrared pair to one of my best friends who really wants then but sadly can get them I would really appreciate if I win

  • Joe Evans

    I have been collecting sneakers for 8 years now. Nowhere near a long time but long enough for me. The game has changed throughout the year but I still love it like it’s new and fresh. To win this contest would be great for different reasons. Graduating college and planning on Re entering for my masters has severely hurt my pockets but it has been worth it. So money to feed my habit has been scarce to say the least. Winning these instead of having to purchase would be great for that reason. Also they’re releasing this All Star weekend which are always some of the hottest releases of the year. This year I had to pass on all of them due to saving up for Re entering school. Another reason is that Red is my absolute favorite color. I would actually rock my kicks reselling is not in me. I appreciate my blessings. Even if I don’t win these I have to commend you all for doing and promoting this contest. It’s a good thing for society and the sneaker head community. Thanks in advance and may the best contestant win. I am a size 13. Like the site and I hope it continues to flourish. Later

  • Malik Rishawn Hardy

    I have never in my life won ANY contest, shoe related or any other. I am in love with shoes & extremely in love with Air Jordans, with the Air Jordan 6 being my favorite model (Black Infrared). Certain circumstances have prevented me from being able to buy every single Jordan or sneaker that I’d like, but I still do purchase when I get the chance. So it’d be such a blessing to win this contest.

  • Penguin Tux

    Size 11, I should win because ive been following for a min and stayed loyal! #SBD

  • ☆Dizzy Story☆

    Size 10, I Wanna win because I never won anything. I’ve been a loyal fan to SBD and I entered many winnings It would be nice to win once. lol Also this would expand my collection.

  • Christopher

    Size 10.5 PLEASE I LOVE 6s and I’ve been a day 1 fan I always check this site everyday and I want to share one of these with my freind!!!

  • Nigel Cooper

    Size 14, I want to win because I am new to the shoe game and I love sneakers. Air Jordan 6s are one of my favorite Jordans and both of these are sweet.

  • Kilamraps

    size 12
    Im not going to give you some sob story or say i need these shoes because they represent something special. I just want to win because i always try and it would be nice to win for once. It would be nice to cop but whatever happens, happens.

  • Julia Karlin

    Size 6.5 because the shoe is dope and I would be really really exited if I got these shoes (: thank you


    Size 11.5 love the site keeps me up to date with my friends

  • Guest

    Size 11.5

  • HOTE50

    Size 12.5 boys, cause I need some6’s for my collection

  • RetroKid823

    Size 11.5 ; cause i been trying to get a pair of 6s for the longest time now. Sleeped on all the past releases. The 6s are my favorite shoe. Plus i love this site; it keeps me informed about all the latest sneaker news and upcoming released dates. I always recommend this website to my friends.

  • Greg Mccloud

    Size 9.5 because 6s are my favorite kind of j’s and when I was a little kid my dad had bought me the infrared 6s(white)

  • ShaunZor

    Size 9. Love the 6’s. But hard to get where I’m from. Tired of getting raped on ebay. My dmp and black infrareds need some company on the shelf. Lol #killthehypebeastandresellers

  • claudly

    size 8.5 because 6s are my uncles favorite type of jordans and would like to win the for him for his birthday

  • Andrewkicks

    Size 10. I want to win these because they are pretty fresh and I’ve been looking forward to this release. They’re my favorite j’s so far. I love all infrared I’ve seen.

  • MArkk Jay

    Size 10. I want to win because they tickets are all gone in my state (NC) due to resellers. i wouldve camped but my mom said it wasnt safe

  • Brandon

    sz 10.5 please

  • Brandon

    sz 10.5 please..

  • Chris Jenkins

    I NEED to win because this would be a great wedding/Valentine Day gift for my fiancee. Happy wife happy life. With that said, she needs a size 8.5

  • Brandon

    need a sz 10.5 please!

  • ADuble

    Size 13 because I want a pair

  • King Arthue

    size 9.5 please

  • J Rock

    Size 14 I want to win because I have so many great memories in the Jordan 6 model. It was one of my first Jordan’s as a kid and it would be dope to have them again. And it would be nice to win for once lol.

  • Brandon

    sz 10.5 please

  • joey

    sz 10 bc its by far the hardest size for a sneakerhead to get….the curse of the most common sz shoe!

  • Gmims53

    Size 10.5 I need these joints

  • sabotage27

    Size 10.5 would love to get a hold of those reds since they are going to go quickly
    And winning both pair would be clutch so that i could also pick up some of those other drops this week like the restocks like the 11s or the 5s and love those gatorkings!!

  • the_peepa

    size 7 please, infrared 23 6’s

    • the_peepa

      most dope 6’s after carmines

  • Aaron Bryant

    Size 13. Been a life long Jordan fan. the 6’s bring back so many memories. In fact that’s the main reason I like collecting J’s. Sooo much Nastalgia.

  • Max M.

    size 12. Because I want them on my my feet.

  • Spankzz Bacc

    Im a size 7 I really want them because I dont have the chance alot to get shoes since money is kinda tight right now so this would really help me out

  • «FΞBRUARY 24th»

    size 10.5 getting these shoes would mean a whole lot to my dad because he was currently diagnosed with prostate cancer and he has been a fan of Jordans. Thank you.

  • alexis

    Im a size 9 but in the other hand ive never believed in having a chance to win because of the many attempts ive made .but also this one thing i will love to win because im a big fan of the 6’s because the air jordan 6 was the jordan that ive had and ever since i always loved the 6’s.

  • Jon Madrigal

    Size 9.5 because it will make the perfect birthday present!

  • Mohamed Fofanah

    My size is 10.5 or 11
    I want to win because I just want to win and all plz

  • keeYONCE

    Size 5.5 GS and c’mon look at them. I’m not a sneaker head but I do like these lol.

  • Retro Hippie

    Size 12.0, I love 6’s. They are my favorite pair of Jordan’s ever released.

  • Terrel Johnson

    size 13. Jordan has the best shoes

  • shablee

    Omg I’m size 6 & whattt who wouldn’t want to enter this !! Of course I entered I have a few pairs of Jordans already and I just love them, they are the best sneakers sometimes ! :p realize I said sometimes lmfaoo but jordan is a true sneaker brand that everyone would like get a pair so I would like to win these just to have 6s because my Olympic 6s are getting old ! So these would of course be a blessing especially because my dad gets tired of buying me these sneakers lol 😀 btw , my ig : shablee_ my Facebook : shablee scott

  • Chris

    Size 8 Because I need these shoes.

  • ShoeGuy19

    Size 11 Infrared is my favorite colorway!

  • ไม่ประสงค์ออกทรัพย์

    Size 12.0, I love 6’s

  • dwayne

    Sz 10 Because it’s been hard getting my hands on these j’s just taking every easy Chance to get em

  • Sophia

    sze 6.5 cus i love jordans point black i miss having the 6s they my fav style in jays and them infaredss both pairs are hard to find ive tried getting them and its hard 🙁 lol but i need them in my life :*

  • i10deepyabitch

    size 7 or 7.5 plss

  • Daniel Damico

    Size 13 and I would want to win these sneakers because I honestly am such a fan of 6s but I wouldn’t be able to afford them because I’m in college

  • f h

    Size 12. Would love both these shoes to take my wife out and on trips

  • Chad

    Size 13. True to the AJ shoe game. Need these in the collection

  • Jennifer M Duckett

    SIZE 5. These Will Go Good With The rest plz I need Them

  • Leonardo Huerta

    Size 10. The 6s are my favorite retro and its so difficult to cop a pair these days it would be great if i could get my hands on these.

  • Jeffrey Ello

    Size 9.5. I want these because i don’t have it. 🙂

  • Josef Vincent Chan

    Size 9. The AJ6 White/Infrared is game-worn colorway by His Airness so it’s a must have fore me. The AJ6 Infrared 23 is a cool new colorway and it fits my son’s personality.

  • victor grande

    Size 9,5! Living in a country like Norway without any actual Jordan retailers, having a chance to get my hands on dope Jordan releases like these is much to often just a dream.

  • Austin Talik

    Size 10.5 These will go good with the rest of my collection

  • Kailyn McPherson

    Size 13 my favorite shoe to buy and wear

  • Daryle Swerve B

    Size 10 because i cant really get my hands on some

  • bigmeech

    I would like to win a size 15 because there hard to find in my size and the 6’s are my favorite Jordan model, and sneaker bar Detroit is my #1 sneaker site.

  • Corey King

    I deserve a size 10 because I’m a hard working man who can’t afford these sneakers. Sneakerbardetroit is the shit reguardless if I win or not , thought I’d give it a shot though.

  • Ricky D

    Size 9.5 and I’d like to win because I’m never fortunate enough to win raffles or the online war on release dates

  • Jin Zhang

    Size 11.When every time when there’s a new Air Jordan retro release, I will try to cop one pair on But there’s only few chance that I could get one.

  • Robert Dixon

    Size 11.5 I’m in love with Jordan’s , foams , kds n lebrons . I only wish I could be able to own all the shoes id want . I try to buy the shoes I want time from time but it may not always be the right decision . My pops tells me to save my money and my mom tells me to live within my means . Spending needed money on sneakers when you dnt have it like that isn’t very wise and I’m in college . I attend penn state Hazleton and my major is psychology . Every bit of money helps and goes toward school. This is why I’d like to win.

  • Zykiaa11

    Size 7 because I really want these shoes thats it, I dont have a sob story to waste your time with.

  • Thusant

    Size 9 as a student Im broke all the time and trying to get the lastest releases with no money is hard

  • Marc Motol

    Size:9 because i am student and just like every student we don have hundreds of dollars to spend on Jordans on a weekly basis. Hope to cop!

  • Pieman Guapo

    sz 10.5 , I would like to win because i wouldnt pay retail for the toro 6s and id like to have the infrareds , they would be good to go with my black infrared 6s that will probably drop later this year . It would be cool to have the infrared trio

  • Ron Marrast

    Size 10.5
    I just really want the shoe, another to add to the collection

  • Demonte Ayers

    Size 10 and I want them because i only had two pair of Jordan’s before and I want some more

  • Wallah-Champ Wallace

    Size 11.5 I would like to win because the Jordan 6 kick is the best styled and designed sneaker ever made! In my opinion and plus I’m from and live in NYC there are never enough kicks to purchase on release days out here…

  • chennie

    Size 9.5. I would like to win this shoe because it is one of the most beautiful designed shoe i have ever saw with my naked eyes, it will mean a lot to me if i win because it’s one of the best shoe ever to pass through the market and i would be elated n very grateful if i win this shoe. 🙂

  • Sneaker Enthusiast

    10.5 because I’m a collector and want to have at least one clean, DS pair of each of these kicks.

  • Tyrique Key

    I seem to never win these but they’ll be a great addition to my collection. 6’s are my favorite and I only have the Olympic pair that released in 2012. Size 9 please. My twitter is Ty_Waveyy my instagram is waveyy_ty and my Facebook name is Tyrique Key. I followed all direction. Thanks

  • Victor Cobos

    Size 7 because i never owned a pair of 6s and i love Jordans. Besides i will love too add these to my collection.

  • Falco

    These would be my first Jordan 6’s in my collection if I would win! Love em. Size 12.5

  • Brandon

    sz 10.5 please I need these ive lost the last 3 giveaways im your biggest supporter, I just sold all my sneakers and 6s are my favorite besides 7s please I need them!!

  • Guest

    10.5 please

  • ryan callier

    size 9.0 i need them i think there pretty awesome i check back every day to see new shes i fell in love with them and i cant get them cause im a child

  • Darien Gray

    size 10 because these will be my first pair of of 6`s they come out around my birthday and i dont have they money so if i win this it will be a blessing

  • MsStackBundlez

    6.5, my parents dont have enough money and neither do i have enough to gets these for my little sister for her 16th birthday and its all she’s been asking for since her surgery a few weeks back and i would really love to get them for her she deserves them. True story and i hope i win

  • jeffreu

    11.5 because i would like to say i finally won shoes

  • Eric

    9.5, giving the time and effort it took to publicize the giveaway and the website takes time and money. It also increases the working knowledge of people that had to prior idea of Sneaker Bar Detroit existence. therefore I feel with the sacrifice on my part it only seems right that I win the giveaway.

  • Ryan author freeman

    hello my name is ryan i would like a pair because i have 1 single mother who works as hard as she can and we cant afford them i appreciate her very much and it would mean everything if i could get a pair of 6’s id be very greatful and it would be a blessing

  • Bryan Sheriff

    Hi, My name is Bryan my size is 9, The reason I would love a pair of these shoes is because when I go to school with my sneakers kids make fun of me and call me names and say how much my shoes are dust and broken down. Also my mom just got fired from her job and she is really frustrated and I would not like to put her under any more frustration about sneakers so If you can give me these jordan 6’s it will be a turn around in my life big time….

    • NodayzWithoutKicks

      Bruh slap those bitches in the face you don’t need to redeem yourself in front of bitches like that with shoes. If you like the shoes that’s a different thing but to impress dickheads don’t do it man. Just sayin. Sorry about your moms job to.

      • Bryan Sheriff

        Thanks bro I’m gonna take your advice.

  • Ernest addy-nettey

    size 15 I really want these shoes because i were a size 15 and it is hard to get shoes in my size i only have one pair of Jordans and those are fire red 5’s so i just hope you can help me expand my inventory

  • steve bogin

    Size 10.5 So many releases to cop
    It would be amazing to win these and be able to add more to the collection
    So many drops this week.
    Winning would allow me to cop the other releases too and not miss out on anything i want this week

  • Wayne Session, Jr.

    Size: 14 please. I hope so to win to have a free Jordan 6’s.

  • montez

    size 13 i wish to win to be the first one in school to have the infrared

  • John Jackson

    i would like to win these sneakers in an 11.5 because there’re DOPE!!! Not to mention my wife would cut me some slack because I didn’t spend money to get these.

  • Deljin Robles

    I’m a young teen that is new in the shoe game and I always wanted a pair of 6’s so does my dad, money is tight in the family so I won’t be getting neither 6’s nor my dad, funny we both size 8.5 and if we are blessed with the 6’s we will THANK YOU GUYS OVER AT SBDetroit!!!!!

  • Sean McManus

    Size: 11.5. I really want this because watching mike fly the 91′ NBA finals against the Lakers has always made me want any type of the Jordan 6. but of course i have never been able get Jordan’s. these would be first on my list to cop. it would also make a very nice gift to my brother.

  • shawn

    My size is 10 in men the reason I want these is because Iam not the ttpe to have a lot of shoes and iwant this to be a way for me to start

  • NodayzWithoutKicks

    Size 13 I need a pair of these shoes just because of one fact these are my GRAILS! I got the Olympic 6s during a flash restock at footlocker and truly just fell in love! I was born after MJ won a championship in this model but when I watched a tape of that game. Holy son of…. I was in love it would mean the world to me of I got these shoes!

    MY TWITTER IS @malikahmad

  • Brennan M Brown

    size 9. I want to win because i couldn’t get the white infrared when they first released, and the infrared 23 are a dope colorway for these 6’s

  • Mike Sciascia

    What’s up !!! I’m the kid who was your 10’000th follower (aka 10K)
    Twitter: @nYkMikeyS
    Instagram: michael_l_s
    Facebook: None
    Why do I want these shoes ? That’s easy !! These are the nicest jays ever made !! Air jordan 6’s are next to impossible to get these days, and with the prices of retros going up and up, you feel stupid paying so much money. I’d much rather save my money for a car (I’m 15 years old) than a pair of Jordan’s that I’ll grow out of eventually. So why not have a chance to get a pair for free so I don’t have to be guilty if my feet grow an insane amount within the next year or two.

  • Mike Sciascia

    And I am a size 7-7.5

  • Julio Guerra

    I already got both pairs and them white & pink shoes ugly as hell lol they not infrared and them red ones raw !!!! But holla back at me with a pair when them Carmine’s hit

  • Tiffany Davis

    Im a size 6! I would love to have the 6’s, because i know i probably won’t get them on the 15th.. Because of the long lines!

  • Guillermo E. Richard

    I’m a size 10.5

    And I think I should win because I followed every single step in the description (Twitter/Instagram name @EvilBleu in case you need to verify lol) and because I’m slowly but surely in the process of getting every shoe I had/wanted when I was younger.

    The Infrared 6’s are in my top 5 favorite Jordans of all time and couldn’t snatch them up when they released when the packages dropped a few years ago and the Infrared 23’s will alleviate the agonizingly red pain that I had to go through when I could not get the Raging Bull 5’s when that pack came out also lol. And I guess my BIGGEST reason to want to win is so that I dont have to miss work JUST so I can try my luck at the 2 of 3 sneaker stores in my area that are participating in the release. Either way, GODSPEED EVERYONE! lol

    (P.S; Your site is very dope and is also one of the only websites thats not blocked at work so I’m VERY thankful for it, I’ve been spending pretty much all my down time at work on here these past few months)

  • Drew Mason

    Size 11 Here!!!

    I wanna win because I’ve been a sneaker head fanatic for over 13 years! I love sneakers, I love the culture, I love everything there is to love about shoes. I use ya’ll website everyday to check up on the latest in kicks

    Pick me, pick me 🙂

  • Jake Robinson

    Size 12

    I would love to have these because I’m trying to start up my shoe game and haven’t been able to get very much. Plus these are one of my favorite Jordan’s!
    @TheReal_Robo on twitter

  • joshua

    size 11.5
    i want these because the only pair of js i dont have are 6s and the white infrared are my favorite colorway

  • king_4th_qtr

    Size 11 I love em cuz when they came out Jan 1990 my dad and I would always watch the games on wgn network, this would be a shoe that holds value to me like a moment in time were I could go back

  • ChefSole

    222 Comments ya niccas is to geek calm down this why I don’t rock jays like that. I stick to Designer clothes more

    • Pierre Aston

      and you are so cool for that. Can I have your autograph?

  • John Malpartida

    8.5 & want ’em cause I blew off all my money on my college classes & textbooks, & I won’t have enough to cop either pair.

  • Pierre Aston

    11.5. I want them because I am a true Sneakerhead. They will sell out on the release day in hours, and half of the people buying them will just do so to turn around and resell on ebay for a 50% or more mark up. They have no appreciation for the kicks. I love my kicks.

  • Joshua Perez Torres

    Size 8
    i really want to win, because I really love shoes but I don’t have the money to buy them :/

  • Sneaks101

    size 11.5 please. I cant get the toro 6’s cause i haveno money right now and my parents mad at my grades

  • el rey

    Size 10.5 I would like to enter/win this contest because theses are my favorite air Jordan 6’s and i would love to get new sneakers and would be truly grateful.

  • griselda

    i would like too win a free pair of jordans, but i want to win them for my fiance. We have two kids so we dont have money to spend on jordans we rather spend the money on our kids, so if i can win me a pair of jordans that would be awesome.

  • author maddox

    hi my name is author and i cant be able to get the shoes my birthday is coming up me and my mom and sister are in alabama alone my sister needs open heart surgery and i

  • Domo Lee

    I really want this chance to win my first pairs… This a dream am hoping to come true! Size12

  • Xavier Scott

    Size 11
    i think i should win the 6’s because I’ve been a sneaker head since 6th grade. I’m 15 now but the 6s are always one of the most popular shoes and they are very hard to get. So if i win, it will open up an opportunity to build on my shoe game.

  • Michael Grow

    size 11
    I think i should win the 6’s because i love jordans and my birthday is Saturday when they come out.

  • wus good

    i really wanna win this. 4.5Y

  • thesneakerhead

    Size 8
    I think I should win these 6’s because by far these in my opinion are the best releases of 2014. Also, I wont be able to cop them because I will be out on vacation with the family for my birthday. These would be a great addition to my collection that I have had since 2006 and still have OG’s from before I was born, I have been collecting shoes for so long and I dont want to have to miss this release. My first pair were space jams. I am a fan of mostly 6’s, 11’s, 13’s, 5’s, 4’s, and 3’s. If you guys at SneakerBarDetroit could hook me up with these infared 23s and the white infareds I would really appreciate it. And it would also be a great birthday gift. Another reason I should get these shoes is because I honestly do support your pages on facebook, instagram, and twitter. If you choose me or even if you dont than thanks a million, have a nice day, and good luck to the rest of the sneakerheads here on

  • Shawn Clark

    Size 9
    I think I should win these 6’s because I love 6s. they are my favorite Jordan of all time and these colors are fire. I am not as privileged as other kids to have like 20 pairs but I have my own fair amount and I have yet to own any 6s even though they have been my grails for a very long time. I will also try and cop the carmines but until then i will try and cop these or win if im lucky. I will definitely continue supporting SBD whether I win or not. thank you

  • Showtime_phil

    Size 12. The 6’s are my favorite show of all time. I always wanted a pair but was never able to get them

  • Nick

    Size 7 I should win these because I’m a young sneaker head but I got 73 shoes but not these some how

  • Norven Erazo

    size 10 becuase ive never owned retro 6s

  • SIZE 13…i should win these because there’s levels to this sneaker head life and as someone who is not about this life would really LOVE to win these sneakers because 6’s are one of my favorite jordan’s and these are just SO BEAUTIFUL. Getting a pair will make me really happy.

  • MsStackBundlez

    SIZE 6.5 please omg please i would love these for my sister, I’ve had the pleasure of having these but my sister deserves them and i don’t have the money to get both for her

  • Guillermo E. Richard

    (Had to delete my previous comment to update/fix a detail in my story)

    I’m a size 10.5

    And I think I should win because I followed every single step in the description (Twitter/Instagram name @EvilBleu in case you need to verify lol) and because I’m slowly but surely in the process of getting every shoe I had/wanted when I was younger.

    The Infrared 6’s are in my top 5 favorite Jordans of all time and couldn’t snatch them up when they released when the packages dropped a few years ago and the Infrared 23’s will alleviate the agonizingly red pain that I had to go through when I could not get the Raging Bull 5’s when that pack came out also lol…OH and NONE of the stores in my town (Fort Myers, FL) are even selling the Infrared 23s -__-

    I guess my BIGGEST reason to want to win is so that I dont have to miss work JUST so I can try my luck at the 2 of 3 sneaker stores in my area that are participating in the release. Either way, GODSPEED EVERYONE! lol

    (P.S; Your site is very dope and is also one of the only websites thats not blocked at work so I’m VERY thankful for it, I’ve been spending pretty much all my down time at work on here these past few months)

  • Skyler

    7.5 because I don’t own 1 pair of Jordans…

  • Nabressa Lilly

    I would love to win because if the history behind the 6s, being the shoes that Jordan first won a ring in, I believe they will always hold a special place in the sneaker community. Also, I’ve recently really gotten into sneakers ( This was pretty much inevitable as I live in a house full of shoe lovers) and I have a pretty small collection at this time. The infareds would be a great addition to my “shoe family”

  • Mike

    Size 13 Infrared 23/ Size 7.5 White Infrared

    The Black Infrared 6’s were the first pair of authentic Jordan’s I ever got. I got them as an 8th grade graduation gift from my parents. My daughter, who is Skyler 2 posts down, is graduating from 8th grade this year. I’d love to get the Infrared 23’s to add to my very small collection, and to give the White Infrared’s to her as her first pair of Jordans. It would just be very cool and special for her and I to win, in the year she graduates 8th grade, with the same pair of J’s I got for my 8th grade graduation over 20 years ago.

  • nogood

    I want to win because like all people who collect they have a certain shoe that just moves them, mine is a 6 all day everyday. when I was little that was the first and only Jordan I ever got from my parents and I remember caring and loving everything about that shoe. I use to put my lunch $ change in the pocket (cause Nike made kids with the button, not like now). The retro of 6s just makes all the great feelings return like I was a kid again, like i’m gonna get on the court and move like MJ himselft and is the very reason I collect today. I’m needing a size 11.5 and would love cherish and wear them as well as add them to my collection.Thanks for everything and always keeping us up on game SBD!

  • carlos

    sz 10
    i want to win because i just love the sizes but im not gonna lie here there not the best jordan but to me there still a good colorway, and i would love to have them as part of my collection cause i just think there nice both of them so i would take whichever but i would prefer the infrared 23 ones cause to me those are nicer.I also would keep them not like those people who are only doing it to resell i actually want these but i cant afford them right now, so thats why i want to win
    Also did all the directions as asked

  • Robert Hernandez

    I need to win because people like me that refuse to use bots need to be rewarded once in a while. The sneaker game has gotten out of control and its become ridiculous to get the kicks you love without some BS and hassle.

    Send a sz 12 in those all Infrared 23 6s. Thanks!

  • Reno

    Simply because iam 34 year old man who grew up on Jordan 6 are one of my favorite models. Considering I just lost my mother 6months ago ive been looking for all the shoes she purchased dor me as a child because it brings good memories and a smile to my heart my mother never understood why rhe shoes were so expensive back then but she did what she could just to put a smile on my face. I try to build and share these experiences with my children one day hopefully something will retro when their older and say I remember win my father won us these shoes from solecollector me Nd my child wears a 9.5 lucky for her I guess

  • Deke Ervin

    I’ve been a fan every since Jordan took flight wearing the Jordan’s one ,(black,red&white)smh,for only now for these shoes to be the number one shoe in the world while I stay in a city that only has one footlocker with an Jordan fan population of could I get an pair?only if I win a pair size 13s!!!

  • Emre Karahan

    Oh man. I’m new on this Jordan community and bought my first pair monday. But Jordan 6 are something else. Nobody has got them in Denmark. People would explode when they see me rocking those babies. No love story like twillight needed to tell how much I want those shoes!

  • Andre

    What a honor to get a pair of these classic Retro Jordan’s. Airness would truly be represented in VA by a true fan of 53 yrs old.
    Size 14 would be an amazing gift!!
    23 is in my house

  • Ari Saber

    Everybody is saying they need these shoes, but truthfully i dont need them, i want them. I am not the fashion type dude. I am the sneaker head, so i want these 6’s to keep up my game, even in times when the economy sucks. Well if i were to win then my size is 9. Btw i had entered the contest yesterday i just didnt see the bonus entry.


  • MsStackBundlez

    I need these shoes ,like need need need need these shoes size 6.5 please

  • Ace Mittens

    I had a terrible Christmas with the passing of 2 relatives. I wanted to get the Gamma Blue 11 and Bred 1’s but every time I planned on getting them, bad news occurred and family comes first. Well I really like a pair of the white infrared 6 in a size 9, but I’m nervous something will happen. Thank you for this opportunity SneakerBar Detroit!!


    A size 7 will be greatly appreciated!! I realllyyyy want these shoes. Not just for myself but because I have a little sister who wears the same size as me and she is in love with the infareds I prefer the white ones. Our birthdays are coming and what better gift to give her than the SHOES OF HER DREAM!!

    • Quaishia Dawson

      I didnt read the login with fb/twitter etc here i am!!!

  • Saint Jerm

    Well I wear size 10. I want a pair because its gotten a lot harder to buy these sneakers as I’ve gotten older and gained more responsibility. Still would like some 6s for what I can’t even call a collection.

  • Angel Vazquez

    Size 9 Ii have only a couple pairs of jordans but their not like brands that are out their and this will be a great opportunity to have really nice jordans and they will definetly be taken care of if i get them thank you

  • Terrion Abrams

    I love love love shoes, not the hype, the shoe. The leather on the Infrared 23’s !! I MUST HAVE size 11 pleease

  • Trapp Georgiaboy


  • henryswett

    My dad used to wear the white infrared 6s when he was in high school, before he passed away he gave me his 6s from high school there to trashed to get restored so im trying to get these but i cant afford them, I need these, so please give these away to someone who will respect them, ME. size 10.5

  • deshawn erskine

    i wear size 9.5 and I think I should the infared 23 beacause everyone at my school has jordans and im the only one who doesnt so i feel left out also i get bullied everyday because i dont have jordans . Can i please get the infared 23 ? THANK YOU

  • 9.5 I never had a pair of the 6’s. Both of these colorways are probably the hottest dropping this year. The white infrared’s are pretty nostalgic. I’d love to have those on my feet.

  • peter figueroa

    I wear 10.5. I want to win because I have been collecting Jordan’s and these would go perfect with my collection….I am a tru Jordan fan!!!

  • shabba ranks

    I would love to have these added to my collection . Olympic 6s , taxis low and high and this contest would defiantly help

  • christina burrow

    I wear a size 6 and I would love to win because I would love to have these shoe I had always wanted jordans and I never had a pair

  • karen hunter

    I wear a size 6 please pick me

  • Guest

    I wear a size 3 in a half (in girls). My birthday is coming up, this would be my early gift. PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • johnny martin

    I wear a size 9 1/2 in men. I won’t to win the shoes because I’ve been trying every way possible to try and get then but none of them worked this is the last hope for me

  • Corhanae Saunders

    This sight is so special to others

  • Sandy Gerholdt

    I would love to win a pair for my son size 10.5 in men

  • Ashanti

    I wear a size 4 1/2 grade school and I love Jordans Ive collected them for a long time ,but money got kinda tight so I had to stop collecting them,I would love to have these simply because I am a Jordan fan and also I rarely have enough shoes for a whole week so this would be a big help.

  • Kendrah

    I Am A Size 7.5 or 8 And I Wanna Win Cuz My Mom Wont Buy Me A Pair Of Jordans And I Was Like Fine I’ll Try And Get Them Free And She Was Like The Day You Get A Pair Of Free Jordans Imma Buy You 2 More Pairs So I Was Like Ok And Im Entering Almost Every Contest To Win A Free Pair Of Jordans. Im Gonna Prove Her Wrong, Tht I Can Win A Contest

  • xavier

    Size 10

  • Mark

    Im a size 10.5 i hope i win i have had to where shoes fro goodwill for the last 3years i would love to win

    • Mark

      10.5 In men’s

  • zach

    size 10

  • tia

    Size 8

  • Ayleah

    Size 8 1/2 i want them because my mother thinks it a boys shoe

  • Donald Bosier

    I’m 9 and a half and I want a pair because I can’t really afforded Jordan

  • Rahkim Zeno

    Size 10