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Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue” Giveaway from Nojo Kicks in Detroit

Do you like to play video games? Of course not. You’d rather read a book about a random species of animal currently in danger of going extinct, OR you’d rather curl up in front of the TV and watch an infomercial hosted by a C list celebrity about a re-mastered collection of music your grandparents grew up listening to. What if the video game you were playing was “NBA 2k15”? I know, I know. It’s not nearly as enjoyable as playing “Bingo 2k15: Tha’ Streets Edition” or as entertaining as watching Fox News manufacture misleading news stories in order to create a false narrative that benefits their own hyperbolic point of view, but bear with me. Do you wish you had a chance to get a pair of the upcoming Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue” without battling everyone under the age of 30 who lives in your zip code? Of course you don’t. You’ve been dying to take out the glass entry doors of your local mall, plus the chance to trample another human being doesn’t come around that often. What if I told you that you had the chance to get a pair of the “Legend Blue” Air Jordan Retro XI’s for FREE? Yeah I know, you couldn’t pay me to wear them either. Those horrible looking shoes will be sitting on the shelves for months…in my closet.

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Well, if you already live in the Metro Detroit area or you’re just desperately looking for an excuse to come stay in Detroit for the weekend, sneaker boutique, NoJo Kicks, will be hosting their first ever NBA 2k15 tournament at their store location. The game system of choice will be the Xbox One (suck it PlayStation 4) and each game will be played with 5 minute quarters on default settings. So if you are an adult with the hands of an adolescent child or you are a grown man who needs to use two hands to eat a Whopper this may not be the tournament for you (to help save some people from embarrassing themselves I’ve been told there will actually be a Whopper on hand to test and prevent individuals with “I.H.S.”, Infant Hand Syndrome, from entering the tournament).


When: Sunday, Dec. 14th – 5:30 to 8:00 PM.
Where: Nojo Kicks 1220 Library St,Downtown Detroit, MI 48226
How: Tickets can be PURCHASED HERE for $25 – There are only 26 total spots available.

You must be 16 years old or older and unaffected by I.H.S. (that second part isn’t a requirement but it should be). You must also have a valid ID and you MUST bring in your printed invoice with you to be allowed to play in the tournament. There are no refunds.

There will be food and drinks along with exclusive, in-store specials this Sunday. And rumor has it that there will also be a James Harden look-a-like there, in store, to help host the event. #sneakerhead

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