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TSB Podcast: EP 320 – Sneakers are being banned at nightclubs

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In this episode of TSB, Caesar and Geeno are in-studio.

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Caesar has been getting a lot of phone scams lately, but he has his ways of dealing with them.

SneakerPhetish did a written interview with Social Status and A Ma Maniére owner James Whitner only to see it sourced with no credit. This is an ongoing problem in the sneaker industry, specifically media, where people see their work poached by bigger platforms and names while not receiving any credit.

Can sneakers really make a person look better? Does it work better or worse for men or women?

Sneakers are being banned at nightclubs in cities like Scottsdale, Arizona. But like anything else, there’s always exceptions.

Caesar responds to a comment about race and sneakers.

Caesar attended his first fashion show. It was quite the experience.

The Salvation Army took issue Balenciaga’s $1,850 Paris sneakers.

The Drew League ditches Nike for the Three Stripes.

We’re still waiting to see something from the Jerry Lorenzo X Adidas Basketball partnership.

Adidas and Reebok are looking to take full advantage of their new deals with Foot Locker. But will it work out long-term for the retail chain?

And finally, keep Dunks in your thoughts and prayers. He was in a bad car accident recently but he’s recovering well.

Afrikan Caesar
Afrikan Caesar
Sneakerhead since 1997. Married. Father of one. Currently works for Chrysler and writes for SBD. Favorite Kicks - OG "Flu Game" Air Jordan 12

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