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TSB Podcast EP.288 – Are people willing to attend live sneaker events again?

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In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Geeno, Guru, and Dunks are in-studio.

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This episode begins with everyone on the SNKRS app trying to score a pair of the “Raging Bull” Air Jordan Retro 5.

Guru can’t wear any blue and yellow sneaker because he correlates it with Golden State.

Be honest, the D. Rose X Yeezys look HORRIBLE.

Should men let the ladies eat on women’s releases?

One could argue that Adidas has benefited from Nike in the last few years. Look at everyone of importance they’ve signed recently. From Kanye to Jerry Lorenzo, Adidas is the WCW to Nike’s WWE.

Are people willing to attend live sneaker events again?

Dee Wells calls in to add context to the “controversy” surrounding the Boston Red Sox “Patriots Day” jerseys.

Caesar responds to J Devinci’s comments about our reaction video to her “Raging Bull” Air Jordan 5 UA review.

Nike hasn’t paid federal income taxes in the last 3 years despite making $4.1 billion in that same time frame.

Nike is also cutting ties with their former retail partners like DSW in their push to lean more towards DTC. But are they cutting off their legs from underneath themselves in the long run?

Nike and MSCHF agree to a settlement over the Lil Nas X “Satan” Air Max 97. Long story short, Nike made the PR stance that they were looking to make and MSCHF gets to keep his money.

Ironically, the USPS is threatening to file a lawsuit against Nike for essentially the same reasons Nike went after MSCHF, over Nike’s upcoming “Postal” Air Force 1 Experimental.

And finally, there’s more to the story of Joe Herbert, the son of former Nike exec Ann Herbert who started a sneaker resell business. Now we’re finding out that there were internal documents where employees complained to Nike about Joe’s abuse of his family discount at Nike stores. This story gets worse and worse.

Afrikan Caesar
Afrikan Caesar
Sneakerhead since 1997. Married. Father of one. Currently works for Chrysler and writes for SBD. Favorite Kicks - OG "Flu Game" Air Jordan 12

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