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StockX Reveals The Secret To Nike Sacai Success

The partnership between Nike and Sacai been on an absolutely historic run.
They first teamed up in 2015 on an Air Max 90 and their collaboration captured the attention of a niche crowd of fashion-focused Sacai fans. It wasn’t until the release of the Sacai LD Waffle and Blazer in 2019 that the collaboration truly exploded in the sneaker world. Since 2019, multiple colorways of Sacai Waffles and Blazers have dominated the resale market and in a few weeks, a new silhouette, the VaporWaffle, is set to release.

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In anticipation of the next chapter in Sacai’s history with Nike, StockX crunched the numbers to discover what elements make a successful Nike Sacai collaboration and why the VaporWaffle could be their biggest release yet. They found that since March 2020, Sacai Waffles have appreciated at over 2x the rate of Sacai Blazers, and now the average Sacai Waffles resells for $143 more than the average Sacai Blazer.

Read the full analysis here, and see which Sacai Waffles have seen the biggest resale gains.

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