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“Sneaker Fair 2014” Makes History in Lincoln, NE

A First For Lincoln, NE

For the first time ever a sneaker expo is being held in Lincoln, Nebraska this Saturday, August 16th, at the Lancaster Event Center. The event is called “Sneaker Fair 2014” and is being sponsored by two collaborating groups both of which are founded by the same person, Christiann Gilchrist. The sponsors, ‘S.O.A.P.’ and ‘Sky Haven’, are both foundations founded by Christiann as means to reach kids and create a family environment for them to be mentored in. “S.O.A.P.” stands for ‘Sneakers Over Any Proposition’ and was created a year ago to keep kids off of the streets by appealing to their love of sneakers. As of now the group has 65+ members ranging in ages from 13 to 45. “Sky Haven” was created in 2011 as a way to reach fatherless children in Christiann’s community and mentor them. Sneakers have become a relatable, common ground that Christiann and his group have built a foundation of positivity on in the communities of Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Founders Christiann Gilchrist and Melissa Snelling
Founders Christiann Gilchrist and Melissa Snelling
Christiann Gilchrist himself is from Dallas, Texas but now resides in Lincoln. He started collecting sneakers in 2004 after purchasing his first shoe, the ‘Grey Toe’ Air Jordan Retro 13. He has a bachelors in ‘motion pictures’ from the Art Academy in San Diego. He put that degree into good use when he came back home to Lincoln and made the documentary “S.O.A.P., Creation of a Family” which premiered last Sunday, August 10th, at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. He definitely doesn’t lack ambition.

“Sneaker Fair 2014” was Christiann’s dream but it was brought to fruition with the assistance of some very important people on S.O.A.P.’s committee team: Michael Thomas Garrett, Jonathan Hicks, and Melissa Snelling. Together they have already sold over 700 tickets to the event for this Saturday afternoon. The event will not only showcase collection upon collection of sneakers but will also showcase live art such as screen printing and portrait making. Detroit’s own sneaker legend, Jumpmanbostic, will be a guest of honor at the event. I would’ve went also but I’m going to be busy trying to catch up with Jumpmanbostic’s numbers by purchasing the “Sport Blue” Air Jordan Retro 3 that are releasing this Saturday, August 16th. But I should definitely be available next year if they would have me.

“We wanna help change our community and give our home an identity and something our children can be proud of.” -S.O.U.P


Attend A Great Event

Once again the event is called “Sneaker Fair 2014”, sponsored by ‘S.O.A.P.’ and ‘Sky Haven’, and there will also be sneaker giveaways and raffles. I’m urging every sneakerhead who has the time and ability to make this historic event to go and show support to another fellow sneakerhead trying to make a positive difference. And for anyone who does attend please come back to Sneaker Bar Detroit and let us know what you thought of “Sneaker Fair 2014”. Sneakerhead out.

  • When: August 16th – 12PM to 8PM
  • Where: Lancaster Event Center
    4100 N. 84th St. Lincoln Nebraska
  • Tickets: $15 Available at the door
  • Social: Twitter
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