With the release of the Air Jordan 7 “Cigar” and Air Jordan 7 “Champagne” over the weekend, this was the first time Nike would attempt to use their new online raffle system.


Nike Online Raffle System

From big cities like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, the new system looked to be working better good for Saturday’s big launches. While people were receiving emails either confirming or denying their reservation to purchase either release in-store, there was one bit of confusion customers were experiencing. The fact that people out of state were winning the raffles and receiving confirmed reservations, which had in-state residents mad that out of state customers were taking their pairs away from them.

Nike Online Raffle System

How many of you guys used the Nike raffle to purchase either Air Jordan 7 release this weekend? For those that succeeded, did you find it beneficial? And for those that either won the raffle out of state and had no plans to make a road trip, or those in-state residents losing out on a reservation opportunity due to the out of state winners, how did you feel about that?

Cast your vote below and leave your thoughts/experience in the comments section regarding Nike’s new raffle system.

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  • hhh

    Still confused by this process. I was not given the option to enter the raffle from where I live. To be honest I am starting to careless for all these 150 -250 dollar shoe releases. I am beginning to just buy AF1’s on clearance and sitting on my stacks. There just shoes nothing more nothing less.

    • Prince Akeem

      Passed on the cigars for that reason, $250 is crazy, although I did buy the lebron 12 wheats for the same price. I’m on timeout till December.

  • Colin

    this shit was horrible for my first experience.

  • ChiRaqGoofies

    I ALWAYZ GET MINE I JUST ROB ME a BITCHAS Sneakerhead #EasyComeup #KeepDaTooley #OTF

    • Smoke

      Wow.. Why do people lie? WE KNOW YOU A FAKE!!!! You can’t fool anyone

    • michigan

      Shut your dumb ass up! Lol sick of seeing all the fake thug comments with the dumbass hashtags from you.

  • guest

    Couldn’t get anything in my cart. Still waiting for SNKRS app for android so I can strike out on that too.

  • Mark

    I mean, Chicago is like 5 hours from here, so Nike might as well just cancelled the release like the Chicago 1s, no different.