Nike KD 7 What The


Nike KD 7 What The

Nike KD 7 What The

Nike KD 7 What The

Nike KD 7 What The

Nike KD 7 VII What The

Nike KD 7 VII What The

  • Johnson

    why actually impressed with these

  • 2Chians

    the color blocking is on point. love the aunt pearl strap for sure

  • Big Papi

    Expected less but I might have to cop. Hopefully everyone passes.

  • b thumper

    Yall are super stupid. This is fuckin insulting.

  • Moshi


  • 😎

    I’m actually feeling these. There are more pros on these than cons

  • Kev Harvington

    Holy shit batman..

  • Kev Harvington

    These are a fuckin masterpiece..

  • kmarty

    loving this sheet

  • Anthony

    omg these are hard


    have no words for these ugly shoes

  • wolfxxx

    this was more than i expected, awwsome…

  • WOW


    • Lol

      All the circus clowns have voted them shoe of the year!!

      • King Prodigy

        what the kyrie 1 are just wait, I’d seen him

        • Shotyme

          when do they drop? i seen em too

  • jjamesonthekid

    These are fucking cold as hell! Ironically its heat πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • W_dubb


  • bull

    Could be better, not worth $200

  • sneakerhead23

    its kinda sad how basically everyone will try to get these shoes, no matter how ugly they are. Just because they are from the “what the” series. fukin hype beasts

  • Brad

    I’m coping… Ive got all the KD7’s

    • GrandeBurritoDeluxeEdition

      fake ass sneaker head if you coppin KD7s

      • Really he fake cause he like a shoe that’s like saying someone a fake ass sneaker head for just getting all the air jordan 1s or 5s maybe he like this shoe hate fuckers like you quick to say something negative

        • GrandeBurritoDeluxeEdition

          u the same nigga foh

          • Lol

            Nigga you just mad because you ain’t got the money to cop!!

          • GrandeBurritoDeluxeEdition

            my nigga get that young thuggin out your mouth. THE SHOE IS WACK SON. YOU CANT TELL ME NOTHING.

          • Lol

            Nigga you still angry because your broke ass can’t get these, lol!!!!’

        • Agree 200% with you

      • How is he a fake sneakerhead because he buy what he likes and doesnt follow other who just buy waht trending so lets if he got all the kd 7 hes a fake sneaker head but if he was copping cheap quality retros for 190 hes a real sneaker head because he follow others get out of here

        • GrandeBurritoDeluxeEdition

          That Shyt is ugly stfu and save tht shyt for someone else.


    these some psychedelic type shit, straight sneakin and geekin

  • Brendan Oswalt

    Where could I get these!!! When they come out

  • Critless

    total crap XD

  • Sneakman86

    Besides the straps on these where do all the other KD7 colorways come into play on these, NIKE is getting worse every year with this concept, time to kill it already

  • hhh

    Just like the weekend release of the KD 7’s with the polka dots these will sit…..

    • Lo

      These will sell out in seconds!!

      • Stump

        You are right

  • Johnny Robinson

    These are sick af on feet. Sheeeeesh. Too many dope shoes dropping june 20th. Can’t choose!!

  • Way too much heat dropping this weekend!

  • Ciri

    will there be kid sizes ?

    • Johnny Robinson

      Nope bro. Limited

  • Johnny Robinson

    All the effort nike put into this shoe is amazing. Every single detail on this shoe is FIRE!!! Especially that angel wing lace strap from the aunt pearls and eggnog insole. FIREEE