NBA Championship 2015

The 2014-2015 NBA regular season has finally come to an end, and now it’s the start of the NBA 2015 Playoffs.


Unlike last year, this year might be a little unpredictable as there are a lot of teams worthy enough to hold up the Larry O’Brien Trophy this June 2015.

Can the Hawks continue their winning ways throughout the playoffs? Will Derrick Rose be able to stay healthy enough to crown the Chicago Bulls champions again? Will LeBron James deliver an NBA championship to Cleveland? Does James Harden have enough help in Houston? Can Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors continue to roll after winning 67 games during the regular season? Or, will the veteran Stan Antonio Spurs reach the NBA Finals for the third straight season and win back-to-back titles for the first time?

So many unanswered questions still lingering, but the playoffs are here and its time to sit back and watch how everything will turn out.

Cast your vote at the poll and let us know what you guys think will happen throughout the NBA 2015 Playoffs in the comments section below.

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    Golden State vs Cleveland in the Finals. Golden State wins 4-2. Curry MVP.

  • T$ .

    Ima stand by my team no matter what , So Bulls Vs Golden State . #BullsNation #SeeRed

  • zay

    Cleveland vs Golden State in the Finals. Cleveland is going to win.

  • J Rock

    Its either Cleveland vs Golden State or Cleveland vs San Antonio. If Cleveland Takes on GS then Cleveland wins because of match up problems. If Cleveland takes on SA Game 7 thriller but not sure who would win. I’m excited though!

  • HA HA HA

    LeBron will blow it again in the Finals. And Nike will release a shoe called the Nike LeBUM “No Rings Without Wade” limited edition shoe.

    • beast

      just a hater

      • CAVS

        your right!

  • VJ

    Everyone wants to see Golden State and Cavs and it will probably happen and i think the Warriors will win 4-3.

    • Flamboyant

      Ummm! No!Probably. .Possibly not.More likely Cavs vs .Houston- Yea! Cavs win 4-3 ,then again u could be right going wit Warriors in finals, but King James wins title 4 Cleveland for first time…..Facts!

  • ATL Hawks 2015 NBA Champions

    You know why I’m here

  • ATL Hawks 2015 NBA Champions

    Hawks in 6 vs San Antonio

  • 3847LawrenceAv

    Wanna see my team go far (Toronto Raptors) even though they won’t get to the finals I think they can make it to eastern conference especially if you look at the teams we’re facing. Either way I’ll stand by my team no matter what

  • Buddie

    #GoSpursGo we got this well sweep the east

  • Wizards

  • yooo

    Wizardsssss wait till kd come back home