Kanye West and French fashion house Louis Vuitton first sneaker collaboration was the Don’s. The Louis Vuitton x Kanye West Dons Red was named after Kanye West’s manager Don C which features a monochromatic upper with premium leather and suede with a quilted flap back heel tab. This eye-catching fashionable collaboration comes equipped in a heavy duty Louis Vuitton box with extra Red laces, and two small LV booklets that give a nice summary of this collaboration. They released back in 2009 as a limited release, and are one of the hardest pairs to cop now. You can now find a small run size of this release on eBay.


Louis Vuitton x Kanye West Dons
Released: 2009
Priced: $870

  • Nick

    man if I had the bread I would have copped these when they dropped, but I aint balling like that

  • Thomas

    one of the better pairs from LV they did with Ye

  • Pauly

    If they were to return ever, I think they should be able to release at select Nike spots even tho they ain’t Nike

  • RickyTrends

    Could you imagine all the broke balling on a budget niggas lined up at LV to cop these lmao the store manger would be like WTF!!!!

  • jasmine

    Dope, I honestly can’t even hate. Yea the price is cray but the shoes is just beautiful