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Hilarious Video: Is This What the Sneaker Game has Come Too?

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Spacejams, Cool Greys, and Concords are all “must haves” on sneakerheads wish list, but are they worth a life? As every year passes another hot Jordan Release is set to release. That hot release is accompanied with extreme demand and more people camping out and waiting in line. The downside is that Jordan brand does not make enough pairs for everyone to be happy. As a #sneakerhead, you know that nothing compares to the feeling of when you have those sneakers in the bag on the way out of the store. On the flip side, do you know the feeling of when you can’t get those sneakers? Is that feeling strong enough to make you steal, kill, or hurt someone?

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Sneaker Bar Detroit is not about theft, voilence or theft in any way, especially for a pair of sneakers. That is not what the sneakergame is about, but the said thing is that is what has been happening. We want you to grind hard to cop your sneakers whether it is to wear or flip for some cash. But violence, murder and theft must not be a part of that equation. Remember, there will be another release.

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