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Brett Golliff Talks Designing Sneakers and American Muscle Car Interiors

From Performance Athletes to Performance Vehicles

Brett Golliff recently did a couple of interviews with design milk and design bloom in which he details the design process for his new position at GM – Lead Color and Trim Designer for Chevrolet Performance and Chevrolet Crossover. Brett says that he still uses the knowledge he gained while working at New Balance designing shoes to help athletes perform at their highest levels.

Source: Design Milk
Source: Design Milk

New Balance taught me how to create product that allowed an athlete to be their best at all times.

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It was a very interesting read for me as he details the stark differences between working within the car market and sneaker market, but yet tapping on some of the small similarities. I won’t go into too much detail about the interviews here because I’d rather encourage you to read the interviews for yourself at the source links below to get the full effect, especially if you are into this type of information.

Image Source: Jeffery Sauger
Image Source: Jeffery Sauger

Brett performs a hat-trick by talking about my three favorite topics; sneakers, cars, and design. He also scores some bonus points since General Motors is a stable here in Detroit, even though he went on a mini Instagram rant blasting sneaker blogs as being bad for everyone involved. Ouch… it’s ok Brett as long as you support Detroit we support you.

Check out the interviews below.

  • Design Milk Interview
  • Design Boom Interview
  • Source: Brett’s Blog
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