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Big Feet Need Love Too

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I wear a size 15, a couple of eighths away from a size 16. My homie Q wears a size 17. I can’t tell you how easy it is to walk into a store and ask for a shoe in either one of those sizes and then promptly walk out disappointed. What’s even more insulting, for me at least, is when they come out with a sneaker, like the Ferrari Air Jordan Retro 14s or the recent Penny pack, and ONLY go up to a size 14. The only way that dick kick could sting any more would be if they went up to a size 14.5. If I wanted to experience the feeling of being rejected and ostracized I could save both time and gas and just roll over in my bed and ask my wife for some lovin’. I feel like the fatter less attractive friend of the hot chick. Except we’re not going to the club, we’re hitting up the local shoe store. And much like that fat, unattractive friend I go home alone and empty handed pretending to be happy for my friend who was able to score.

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When did phasing out the bigger sizes begin? Hell if I know. I wish I could give you some type of informative expose detailing the methodical behind the scenes movement of all the high profile sneaker companies to completely got rid of sizes 15 and up. I would love to know myself. Second thought, screw that. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter why. What matters is me being able to purchase overpriced rubber and leather, valuable only because of the recognizable logo on the shoe, while maneuvering through a crowd of resellers, hypebeast, actual sneakerheads, and gullible parents, attempting to purchase their children’s love, while trying to make it to my car without getting followed, robbed, or both so that I can go home and brag about my purchase on Instagram. That’s what is important to me. That’s what matters. Do you know how hard it is to do a review video on a new release all the while knowing that you have no chance of ever getting that shoe? Rewind back a few weeks and I’m literally holding the “Slam Dunk” 6s in my hand doing a video review on them, smiling, and the whole time in the back of my mind I’m wishing ill on every normal-size footed American. I don’t want to be that way. But I’m starting to take this whole thing personal.


This whole size issue isn’t limited to larger men sizes. Just ask my friend, @thesneakergirl on IG. Women and men with toddler-like feet, also share in my struggle. They too have been disenfranchised. They too have gone unnoticed by everyone, including myself (who now only cares about their plight because it only goes to further MY argument and makes it seem as if the issue is more important than it really is to anyone else, besides myself, by adding a larger number of affected, but unfazed, individuals behind it. Let’s be honest, if every shoe was readily available in a size 15 I wouldn’t give a damn. Selfish? I know. But this isn’t about me. Stay focused. WE’RE mad at them for not making MY shoes in MY size remember?). The killer part is when you have a hook up and they don’t mention the lack of large sizes at their store until release day. Especially after you’ve hooked them up in some form or fashion and they accept it knowing damn well their store doesn’t have your size in stock.

McDonald bruh

I can’t tell you how many times I’m approached by someone who is also upset about the lack of large sizes in the hottest sneaker releases (well actually I can, zero, but that’s beside the point). I don’t know how many more share my sneaker struggles, and even more, if they all feel as I do. Maybe they do. Maybe they read this and it galvanizes big footed individuals across the country to…………to………….hell I don’t know. I guess we’ll just galvanize and call it a day. Might as well make it a Saturday it’s not like we’re going to be busy waiting in line for some shoes that DIDN’T come in our sizes. What more can be done? Most will do nothing. The rest will probably join some reputable sneaker blog and publicly bitch about issues that only matter to them (I’m not talking about anyone in general but the reflection in my mirror has a really guilty look right about now). Somebody out there better show my big feet some love, their feelings are hurt. Nike, Jordan Brand, Adidas, (and to a lesser extent) Reebok, I’m talking to you. Get it right. Get it together. Get me my size 15.

Afrikan Caesar
Afrikan Caesar
Sneakerhead since 1997. Married. Father of one. Currently works for Chrysler and writes for SBD. Favorite Kicks - OG "Flu Game" Air Jordan 12

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