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Audrina Patridge now in Michigan-produced Web comedy series

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Audrina Patridge has left the comforts of Hollywood for Detroit? Yes folks the Hill’s star is going to be in a 13-webisode scripted series following her character, LA based talent scout Tracy, who comes to the Motor City in hopes of tapping into Detroit’s rich creative community. Alongside her will be YOBIE contest winners.

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“I have been working with YOBI for two years, and ‘Dream Maker’ is not just a great opportunity for me but it’s a really cool way to showcase the talent and passion of the contest winners while they get some real experience,” said Patridge, the 26-year-old “The Hills” star.

“We created a professional set and put our YOBI winners to work as though they were working on a real TV series,” said YOBI CEO Dianne Victor, who started the metro Detroit-based interactive Web community — conformed around talent competitions in different categories, such as singing, filmmaking, comedy, photography and acting.

“The whole concept of YOBI is about providing individuals a real experience to showcase their skills,” Victor said.

Victor, who was brought up in Gardent City is helping to bring back a much needed buzz and excitement to the Motor City.
Check out for more info and videos of the show.

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