Everyone remembers, or at least they should remember, Jay Lawrence’s KickStarter for his Air Jordan Encyclopedia in 2014. The Air Jordan encyclopedia was even sold online by VILLA and sold out in minutes. The Air Jordan encyclopedia was so successful that Jay received way more than he initially asked for as far as funding on KickStarter and had two more releases of his Air Jordan encyclopedia in 2015. This go ‘round is his last, and this time he wants to ensure that he gives the sneaker community the most in-depth, high quality Air Jordan encyclopedia that we’ve ever seen.

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As great as his encyclopedia was it’s hard to imagine how he could’ve made it better. It also seems ironic that his encyclopedia, chronicling the history of the Air Jordan signature line and brand, is coming out at a time where some people, whose name rhymes with “Shante Best”, would have you believe that Jordans are losing momentum and are slowly dying in favor of over-hyped, over-priced female UGG boot prototypes. (You “jumped” over the Jumpman but you got leapfrogged by Skechers? Riiiiiight). So what’s new? What’s changed? What’s stayed the same? Well, for one, this new, updated Air Jordan encyclopedia is much noticeably bigger in size. The new version of this book comes with a collectible, hard shell pull-out case. There are hundreds of new pictures of OGs and retros, as well as visual comparisons between the two. There is updated content and information on each shoe, chronicling 30 years of Air Jordan history. This book is a MUST HAVE for any sneakerhead, in particular, those who are heavy into Air Jordans.

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For those of you who were both “lucky” and insightful enough to back this project on KickStarter, you get to go to sleep knowing you saved over $20 (or 40,060 Mongolian Tugriks) with your unique coupon code that you received. The first edition of the Air Jordan encyclopedia has already become a collectible within the sneaker community, going for hundreds of dollars (or hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese Dongs. Yes, I know how that sounds. I even laughed when I read it for the first time myself. But at the risk of disappointing the handful of perverts who stumbled across this post by accident, it’s not what you think. It’s real money that actually exists. I’m guessing it exists somewhere in Vietnam. Mind you that this is only a guess, but I feel pretty safe going out on that limb. Anyway, back to the encyclopedia…) on the resell market. This new, updated version stands to do the same. Trust me when I tell you that you need this book in your life.

The newly updated Air Jordan encyclopedia is available to purchase now. That’s right, NOW. If you’re fast enough you may be able to get you a copy of this book by clicking on this link here: www.sneakerbooks.com. Good luck, because gauging the demand there is for this encyclopedia, most of you have a better chance of getting an actual pair of Air Jordans than you do this book. #sneakerhead

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