Jordan Brand has several anticipated releases set to launch in 2014 and now rumors are flowing about the return of the Air Jordan 7 Retro “Hare”. The last time we had a chance to purchase the “Hare” Air Jordan 7 was back in 2008 when they were part of the Air Jordan Countdown Pack 7/16. Would you like to see the iconic Bugs Bunny inspired Air Jordan 7 “Hare” release in 2014 along with the other highly anticipated releases?


Keep it locked to Sneaker Bar for further details and info on this potential re-release of the Air Jordan 7 Retro “Hare”.

Air Jordan 7 Hare

Source: sneakheat

  • Cesar

    Must Drop

  • Chi town 4 lyre

    Oh shit fuck yeah…narly dude….

  • Kush &’d J’s

    Too sexy

  • shawn

    oh hell yeah

  • heaton

    i say bring them on

  • justin

    seriously what else can drop in 2014 im saying cop for sure

  • wayne

    fuck my body these are sick af

  • royce

    will be an instant cop for me been waiting on these way better than the year of the rabbit

    • kidyboi

      can u tell me the diff between hares and yotr’s

  • walter


  • royce

    please drop i want them so bad

  • Nike_Myerthing

    Gaa Damn,2014 gone b ridiculous

  • Ilovesneakers

    Yes i would!!! a must have with them raptors too!!!

    • Justin

      they just dropped the raptor 7s last year

  • yosoleboricua

    They should save these for 2015 because it will be the year of the 7s

    • nicholas

      word that’s the same shit I said smh

  • FATT$


  • Anonymous

    Great, more low quality shit! JB needs to seriously rethink their marketing, though it wouldn’t work because ghetto trash will buy anything with a jumpman, even if they were made of fucking paper!

    • Ot

      Their marketing? They don’t have to market. When was the last time u even saw a Jordan commercial on tv? Never. Their sales are sky high due to demand and nothing else. Wat u mean to say is their quality. Which why would they if the kicks are gonna sell anyway. So quit bitching because if u weren’t planning to cop these kicks u wouldn’t even have opened the article just like if they were a pair of adidas or some other kick kids these days don’t appreciate

      • Anonymous

        Don’t appreciate them? I like the shoes just fine, it’s just that they make everything nowadays in the cheapest way possible not giving a fuck about what their loyal customers really care about. And where does adidas come into play? They know how to make shoes that won’t ever go out of style, unlike Nike’s recent BS. And if you watched any TV, over the last month you could’ve seen plenty of commercials for shoes like the Super Fly 2s & the 28s that doesn’t make them nearly as much money as the retros.

    • GTFOH

      word of advice, hypebeasts used words like “low quality” and “trash”

      • Anonymous

        Aha, so I’m a hypebeast for not buying shit every other fucking guy has on their feet? Dumbass.

  • DLo

    They’re Gonna Drop Early 2015 , Not 2014

  • Mr. Trey

    why would so many 7s be releasing in the year of the 6???

    • Yo lame ass

      Shut yo gay ass up bitch

  • Jonathan Moore

    I just came in my Pants.

    • Jordan brand 2

      U a bitch

      • Jonathan Moore

        Your a bitch for being Anonymous you Bitch ass nigga !

        • SNEAKSandCHEEKS

          YOU CHAMP!!!!

          • Jonathan Moore

            GTF boy ! Don’t get beat.

          • SNEAKSandCHEEKS

            stop sucking my dick faggot

          • Jonathan Moore

            Bitch GTF !

          • SNEAKSandCHEEKS


          • Jonathan Moore

            Ohhhhhhhh IKEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

          • SNEAKSandCHEEKS


  • NoDay$Off

    Tears…I love 7’s

    • Houston tx

      I love your mama

      • Big daddy

        I love my dick in your mom

  • vladimir grey

    Yesssss been waiting for a long time. Can’t wait. Bring them on

  • Dik Dangler

    Please believe it…

  • youngkay60

    what other 7s are coming out in 2014 n u cnt complain look how many 9s came out in year of the 4s

  • dogsdiefast

    please drop this JB i’ve been waiting for this and the carmines must auto cop lets get it!

    • Robert Sanchez Jr.



    Please these and cardinal 7’s need to drop

    • hellaloadit

      ummm why you beggin that’s easy work to cop those. check ebay dude 🙂

    • rico montana

      cardinals??? eww

  • hellaloadit

    can’t wait i been waitn on the bwords for a minute.

  • OnlyInNY

    I hope these drop, fuck the 11’s

  • J Rock

    ♥ I missed out last time.

  • Cool Jets

    Thy just hyping the shoe up id believe these coming out till 2015 yot7 they did the same shit with maroon 6s early this year and late 2012

  • Javier

    i hope these drop this winter. i rather these than the 11’s. the 11’s are for hypebeast who force and they just went overboard last year when the bred’s hit.

  • javier

    fuck yeassss

  • Dik Dangler

    fresh price had these exact pair on as well during his show, may become a trend.

  • Adrian penaloza

    these and the olympics

  • Mona
  • cristian

    i really want these to release

  • Phoam_Head

    the buzz on these will be crazy………i’ll wait in line for these

  • Jrock732

    I GOT SOME HARES from the 7/16 DMP pack FOR SALE HIT ME!!!! [email protected] I will send pics sz 13! NNNDS

    • BurZurQ

      You still have those sz. 13 Hare 7s?

  • Sneaker head

    They should release the grape 9s

    • abdul

      I know right they should

  • Ummm……that guy

    I hope they release there. Idgaf if i have to fucking pay $300 for this. It will be worth it 😀

  • Dmitriy Suetov

    They’ll drop these “Hare” J’s. I believe in it. Really want them 2 release.

  • abdul


  • wonderboy313

    man fuck that re-release the FRENCH BLUE 7’S if not the orlando magic 7’s but I wanna see them spacejam 11’s drop soo bad again