It looks like the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux will be making a return in 2015 as part of Jordan Brand’s Spring/Summer 2015 Remastered Releases.


The last time the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux released was back in 2011 and was actually not as hyped as you would have expected. But come Fall 2015, you can put your money down that the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux 2015 Remastered Version will be on everyone’s wish list.

Look for the Air Jordan 7 β€œBordeaux” to release on July 18th, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retailers. The price tag is set at $190 USD.

The photos here are the 2011 version. Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for further updates on all the upcoming Air Jordan 7 2015 releases as they develop.

Air Jordan 7 Retro
Black/Bordeaux-Light Graphite-Midnight Fog
July 18, 2015

Air Jordan 7 VII Retro 2015 Remastered


Source: TSG

  • willhoops

    My pair from 2011 still looks like this what’s to remaster about them

    • AJ

      The pictures above is the 2011 pair it doesn’t hurt to read

      • willhoops

        No duh idots I’m asking what are they going to remaster about it even the ogs look like this fuck boys

        • Jango the D is Gone

          The ogs have a darker green, They look similar to this but different,
          So if they remaster them they’ll most likely look closer to the OG colorway

          • Ant Don

            They ran out of colorways for “Retros” so now they are catching us all with the OG remastered bullshit. Don’t let em fool you. Everyone should stop buying Jays so they can lower their price.

        • theRealBillCLINTON

          ”idots”???…lol dumbass

    • theRealBillCLINTON


  • shortymac

    original bordeaux midsole was a lot darker grey than the 2011 kina makes em look goofy hope they pay more attention to detail on the remaster

  • AJ

    Most likely the black Friday shoe next year

    • T$ .

      I hope not

  • J Rock
  • Ty

    That’s what I’m talking about JB

  • Mike

    Yes!!!!! This has got to be the best news I’ve heard from SBD in awhile. I’m so happy to see them release again because I sold my pair about 2 years ago (being a dumbass) and have been on the hunt for them ever since. Only thing I’m not so excited about is the fact that how these were so slept on back in 2011 and I remember going into my local mall a week after they released and got a pair but now things are going to be so hectic when they drop smh. Hopefully I’ll be able to get them again.

  • larryf’n

    Remastered? Pfff… they made out of the same faux durabuck as these 2014 blk infrareds JB got the game all fucked up, just keep em at $170 and make em “remastered” yall using cheaper matarials anyway.

  • larryf’n


  • Roderick


  • Kareem

    I don’t even like 7s but these might just do it. Those pics are bread and butter.

    • Sari

      You said it these just might change my mind about 7s

  • Kicks Giggles

    My 2011s still look DS ef these

  • Cop 4 sho

    Need these joints and the hare Jordan’s

  • OnlyInNY

    Releasing again? Come on son.

  • Rico

    the game is ruined

  • whitemikenj

    oh yeah!!! i missed these last time cause i was in iraq…come to daddy!!

    • Prince Akeem

      Next time don’t get suckered into risking your life for some perverted sense of patriotism that somehow excuses torture, loss of civilian life and the destabilization of entire regions. You fucking drone.

      • whitemikenj

        you need help…internet gangstas….smh

        • Prince Akeem

          Oh, I get it, you’re too stupid to question the motives of your government. History should have taught you better, but we both know you probably didn’t do too well in school. Like I said, you are drone, there have been many before you, and there will be many after you. The perfect candidate to die for something you don’t understand.

          • SneakerGuest

            If you have such a problem with how the government works, perhaps you shouldn’t live here. All that guy was trying to do was express his fondness for a pair of sneakers; you don’t know WHAT his circumstances were to make him have to serve in Iraq neither do you know him. STFU and take a damn seat.

          • Prince Akeem

            I have no respect for drones, pawns, and people too stupid to realize their blind patriotism is just as dangerous than any terrorist.

          • johnblacksad

            blind patriotism? everybody that work at pizza shops love to make pizzas?

            Damn you’re one annoying azz stupid motherfcuker

          • Prince Akeem

            Pffff……You poor stupid bastard. Working at a job you hate is one thing, going to other countries and killing people because your government tells you to is quite another, even if you really, really, really hate doing it.

          • whitemikenj

            So I’m uneducated. No, you’re the drone. You paid my salary while I was on the army. Now you pay for my college education, and give me an extra 1300 dollars a month cash money. So, who’s the pawn, drone, or whatever now?

          • Ant Don

            Hah, he has no comment now. @whitemikenj, you should Thank him for these Jordans in advance.. he’ll be buying them for you.

            @PrinceAkeem People like you need to be under surveillance. Bitter, yet still living in the land of the FREE. Move to Iraq if you don’t like it here you square. “You’re free to go” πŸ™‚

          • Ant Don

            I know this is late but are you even man enough to join the battlefield ? Probably not, which is why you’re behind your computer talking shit. Let me guess, you’re too stupid to realize that all your people are drones as well? You’re doing the exact same thing. Idiot.

            @whitemikenj Thank you for your services. Next time you go to Iraq, you shouldn’t be thinking about Jays πŸ™‚

  • QuickKicks

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  • Don’t Ruin These.

    That remastered word gonna have everyone fucked up.

  • JohnDoe6503

    I can see this easily becoming the Black Friday release.

  • scoopy

    hell yea niggas trhey comming out mud fukers πŸ˜‰

  • Aneles

    They drop in July

  • KingWhat

    -Make the WHOLE DAMN SHOE leather. (creases faster than a bitch)
    -Give it gold lace tips
    -Make sure the resale prices are high as Chief Keef.
    Take Flight.

    • Ben B

      lol my thoughts exactly

  • rj

    I Have the bordeaux and i have the 90s pair

    • Jamell Simmons

      What size yo?

  • oc

    i hope all yall know that all the Bordeaux touge is different

  • Bboy Rocko

    just my humble opinion, why is this being re-released and dubbed ‘Remastered’? its identical to the 2011 drop that met mixed reviews in non comparison to the 1992 OG.

  • Max

    some people are saying these are releasing on Independence Day.

  • Hvllywood

    Get ready, swear these will turn out just like the concord release did.

  • MissRiriNavy

    I want to buy them for my boyfriend, you think i got a chance ? seriously…

  • Karla De Loera

    I really want these but i didnt get the raffle thicket , im a 4.5y , do you think i have a chance ? πŸ™