To go along with the Air Jordan 6 Retro “White Infrared” it was only right to retro the Air Jordan 6 “Black Infrared” as well in 2014. Next year you can expect plenty of Air Jordan 6 models to drop, even with a possible brand new colorway in the works for Jordan Brand’s 23rd anniversary of the classic model. Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for more updates and release info.


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*Note* These are not the 2014 version

Air Jordan 6 Retro

Source: MN

  • charlie

    shit just got real now

  • samuel

    gotta cop can’t wait for 2014

  • franklin

    wonder what will be the new air jordan 6 colorway slated for 2014??????

    • Theo SmartAss Garrett

      Its a toro bravo 6s coming out next year

      • KickingSince87

        That’s NOT confirmed. Many samples never make it to production. Stop spreading rumors!

        • Theo SmartAss Garrett

          Not spreading rumors just restating what they have said in here before.

          • 707 TZ

            This is ridiculous they ain’t gonna be worth shit with all these re releasing ! They will have that weak ass clear blue bottoms fasho! I’m glad I got all the originals wit da real icy bottoms. All u young bucks jump on the jordan bandwagon and keep buyin the cheap lookin version at a high price. The jordan game is beginning to be a damn joke!

  • sneakerhead

    auto cop

  • kemp

    these are above and beyond better than any other 6 models

  • versace

    these are sick

  • corey williams

    hell yeah, so pumped

  • drew

    im on cloud 9 the 6s are one of my favorite models to rock

  • Yeezus

    i bet Kanye is excited

  • ShoeGameVeteran

    Already knew these were coming back…2014=23rd Anniversary of the 6’s.

  • Theo SmartAss Garrett

    Have a pair copping 2 pair next year

  • Justin Jones

    yessir missed these in 2010 will def cop no questions asked….

  • J Rock

    Hell yea

  • Mr. Trey

    omg thats crazy. cant wait soo sickk and its gonna be the yot6 next year so more to come!

  • Dennis

    My 2010 Black Infrared still goin stong. That being said its basically my favorite shoe so ill be getting them.

  • ChefSole

    Just tell me when the carmine 6’s dropping. Then I’ll be there.

  • vladimir grey

    Been waiting for these shoes to drop for a long time now. Missed them in 2010. Now it’s my time. Can’t wait. Thanx jb!

  • hoez&soles

    Well I guess god is lissining after all lol……….

  • snizeakers

    I believe these shoes are a little overrated but I’m still gonna cop .

  • Cool Jets

    still got mines from 2010 size 7 vnds

    • TRUEsneakerhead


      • Cool Jets

        yessir but 6.5 i prob was over exxagerating jordan jumpman still in only thing is that it yellowed cause of yearsin the box

  • Just sayin

    So sick this why Nike is the best shoe company of all time. Just wish they had Nike air ont the back.

  • monthlypickupz

    Im actually gonna pickup dah infared vi blk & dah infared vi white f my money rite f i had 2 chose one ovr dah other most definitely dah infared vi blk

    • Hott Nikkelz

      I can dig it. I’ll pass on the white and these all red to cop the blacks and the carmines

      • Hott Nikkelz


  • monthlypickupz

    Air Jordan 2014 Wishlist
    ^-Air Jordan Infared VI
    -Air Jordan Cardinal VII
    -Air Jordan Blk/Red XV
    -Air Jordan White/Blk/Blue XVII
    -Air Jordan Charcoal IX
    -Air Jordan Chicago Bull II
    -Air Jordan Space Jam XI

    • nyballa

      nobody gives a fuck

      • monthlypickupz

        Bro U ‘s A Bitch azz niqqa ant nobody asked foe yo comment matter fact who dah fuk is u nyballa dis lame azz niqqa GET DAH FUK OFF MY DICK FAM REAL SHYT

    • Cool Jets

      spacje jams not comin back out cause they came out 3 years ago cardinals not xiv came out 2011 so this wack af brang them ginger low top 14s laney low tops back out instead he same ol bs that come out every fucking year

      • monthlypickupz

        1st off my niqqa dis a wishlist 2nd dah space jams dropped 4yrs ago 2009 so it would b goin n2 its 5th year WTF U TALKIN BOUT? I knw dah XIV not comin out cuz u right dey did release 2011 read dah topic WISHLIST in Capitol Letters dis shyt i would like 2 see but most likly not gonna see

        • Cool Jets

          oh ok nigga dnt act like a bitch nigga damn it wasnt that fuckng serious u azz i thought that website was the resource fuck boy

          • monthlypickupz

            Lmfao…… dis shyt funny! yah aitte

      • kinggettinit

        dude all i c is yu floodin dese comments like nobody else knows wtf ur tlkin about, like yu a air jordan guru or sum sht lhfh put away ur old release date sheets yu got thrown around ur room man nobody cares

        • Cool Jets

          u comment the wrong reply reply to his shit

  • Gmims53

    Thank GOD now I don’t have to pay $600 from flight club

  • H-Boogy

    I want stealth XX’s tired of the damn 1-14 re-retoring

    • coonskinhat

      man you mad stupid, 15-28 suck giant horse cocks..

      • H-Boogy

        you mad gay 4 dat comment yo


    they gunna RIOT for these!

  • Joshua White

    I knw they gona hav crazy colrwys 2014 fo tha 6s

  • Elitey So Fresh

    These and the Carmines would be great

  • Fatima Ahmed

    niggas going wild when this shit drops

  • sneakerjunkie212

    I gota get these and the carmines.

  • sneakerjunkie212

    I c wat it is … this was the year for the 4s and 5s. N now the 6 is next

  • sneakerhead

    these kinda remind me of da raotor 7s

    • sneakerhead


  • Foamhead

    bet its ova im gettin them

  • King Jordy

    Getting these for sure

  • Chad77

    All you stupid ass ppl drooling over damn sneakers. You guys can be the idiots and pay that dumb ass price for low quality materials. Jordans are not made like they use to be.

  • Unmasked_Shinji

    Just want to be fully prepared on the release date.