Following the news that the Air Jordan 4 Retro “Oreo” was confirmed to release in 2015, we now have more breaking news that the Air Jordan 4 Retro “Columbia” will also return in 2015.


The last time the Air Jordan 4 Retro “Columbia” released was back in 1999, and sold out within hours of the release. Below are some photos of the ’99 pair for you to get them refreshed in your memory. Let us know in the comments below what you think of today’s news of both Air Jordan 4 Retro releases returning in 2015. Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for more updates on all the upcoming Air Jordan Release Dates.

air jordan 4 columbia




Source: oregonsole

  • jasmin

    headed to start camping now who wants to spilt a pizza?

    • Sneakerhead42


  • FTC

    back to back great news but them oreo 4s i need

  • 49ers

    these hella soft all i need is them columbia 11s but the oreo 4s gonna need a cop from me

    • T$ .

      You somd crazy

  • maxewell

    ohhh baby jesus


    these ugly as fuck all you faggot ass hypebeast don’t know shit about those these days you lames ass bred licking niggas

  • AppleSeed23

    they tight but not worth camping or going crazy over like the columbia 11s but its cool to see them return tho

  • eric wrigth

    gotta wait to see if jordan brand fucks the quality up first

  • patrick

    2015 looking nice YOT7’s plus theseā€¦…

  • Sneakerhead42

    Oreo 4s > Columbia 4s

    • Concord

      Columbia 4s > Oreo 4s

      • Sneakerhead42

        U out yo mind bruh

        • ROOK1E

          they both equally dope imo

          • Sneakerhead42


    • GINO112233

      Columbia 11s > both Oreo and Columbia 4s

      • ROOK1E


    • I Like

      THUNDER 4s beats both

  • Scottie092


  • T$ .

    Wow , 2015 lookin better than this year already

    • wes

      ain’t that the truth

  • I Like

    IMO these are better than the oreos

  • I Like

    The best news would be the THUNDERS are going to re-release as well!

    • IBePeepin

      Bruh those just dropped relax lol

      • I Like

        I meant LIGHTING lol I just realize what I wrote

  • Guest

    nice… just can’t fuck with white bottoms. no time for maintenance!

  • ROOK1E

    back when they used leather on 4s now its mostly nubuck

  • NoDay$Off

    JB finally givin us some good news!

  • ShoeEtiquette

    MJ musta told his advisory board members. “LOOKA HERE FUCK IT” we bout to release every fucking thing in the vault on they ass year after year hit nigga all upside the head and the wallet. Personally I like that strategy.

  • above wack ogs

    Come on really guys, these are probably the wackest 4s of all time lets be real boring as navy blue and white with some tacky ass sky blue prolly going to be 180$ cuz you kno how it is.

    • Correction


  • Cool Jets

    Yall niggaz getting wet seeing these and the oreos.. yall motherfuckers gone look fucking stupid when they increase the price ten dollars again and tbh what the point if rereleasing the shoes everybody gone get them cause they haven’t been out in decades.. I think it’s bs because every jordan sell out and niggas camp out for over hype General released js… these cool but it bs because niggas gone go crazy because they haven’t been out since “99 and most of them don’t know

    • SomeoneWhoIsActuallyRight^

      Welcome to the current world of hype beasts and Jordan’s. Btw, the price is currently gonna go up too $200 next year on these 30th anniversary pairs.

      • ROOK1E

        and with tax all the 30th anniversary jordans will cost about 210, that is if you live in a state where they tax that

        • DMX

          Shut you ass up, u gonna be first in line to camp out when these joints drop.

  • El Tonio

    it has been a really long time since the last time jordan brand used leather instead of plastic for the jordan 4’s wing and these columbias are gonna have it. Nice!

  • Kaotic318

    I need these and the Oreos. They better have leather heel tabs because the shitty plastic broke on my bred IVs from 2012

  • YaBoyLV

    This may be the only Air Jordan 4 I purchase next year. Glad to see them coming back.

  • FATT$


  • G Douglas

    So they will still call these the columbias but not the 11s interesting

  • Kingz of NYC

    fresh asf gon try to cop them

  • Kingz of NYC

    do u have to camp for these??????

  • ig:hoop.shoe.fiend

    Passing on these,slapping “columbia” on a jordan makes a lot of people go crazy especially hbz.Im waiting for the 7s to drop.everything else is trash.