The Air Jordan “Fear Pack” will include the Air Jordan 3, 4 and 5, but we have yet to see the official images of both the Air Jordan 3 and 5 of the “Fear Pack”. However, we have some interesting news on how the Air Jordan “Fear Pack” will release along with some retail info. The pack is said to release separately possibly on August 24, 2013 retailed each for $175. This news has yet been confirmed by Jordan Brand, so stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for more updates.


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*NOTE* The Air Jordan 3 and 5 are both photoshop images

  • freddy


  • versace

    175 for each model than that means the quality on these are going to be on point

    • Hott Nikkelz

      are you dumb? the prices always go up while quality goes down. where have you been?

  • jenkins

    August release, that means there is like 7 total J’s dropping that month

  • walker

    those 3s and 4s are so dope

  • xavier

    why so much WTF?

  • Nick Anderson

    just really want the 3s and 4s fuck those 5s

  • Tony


  • corey williams

    wonder if these will be sold at the same stores or if only select states will get select models

    • callmeabriham

      that would be a real bs move on JB part

  • Brad

    4s all day and the 3s if I can get them

  • Clif

    well damn

  • trusneakerhead45

    4,s all day

  • Mr. Trey

    all sooooo dope want em all really bad. def a reasonable price too

  • YoungHoodNiggaxx209

    Wat the Fuck so much?? it was 160 now becuz its a fear pack its 175. Its not even in a pack, its sold separately -_______-. quality aren’t good as back in the days also just the stupid hype everyone tryna hopp on. Ya’ll WHACK!!

    • Hoe ass niggas

      Stop bitching u hoe ass nigga

    • Erick Wright

      Theres been a few shoes that retailed for $175 which were Jordan’s. I will agree about quality not being as good, but these will be better than recent releases

  • J Rock

    Man why cant it be like a real pack and release all together

  • lott

    5s are the best they jump from 160 to 175

  • Lilmatt

    And it’s on my birthday gettin 3’s 5’s and fire red 5’s best month of my life

  • Ot

    For 175 u can keep them. They look fake to me anyway

  • Cool Jets

    i jus want them retro 5 but i hope its not 175 aint worth it though

  • monthlypickupz

    I care none bout dah fear pack aslong as i got my bred IV , pick up my fire red III, & cop my fire red V (blk tounge). dah fear pack sucks azz $175 foe dese bullshyt azz Jz dey all look cheap from dah start. Like @ dah end i alway say u like em go cop em but not foe me

  • J23

    No link to the J23 app where that alert came from???

  • RockawayBully

    They Should have put them as one pack in a 3 tier box similar to the 2012 slide box,going to be to hard to get all three Separately,good luck to any one trying to get we all know we going to need it.

  • monthlypickupz

    Dey would make moe since f dey were 2 drop @ dah end of october fear pack= halloween

    • JuanLaker_24


  • John

    Damn, after next month august will be a month away..JB better start dropping photos or shit bout to get real.

  • TooGucci

    Coppin 5 Dont Give A Fuck What Ya Say

  • Jasonn loco

    Will they have GS sizes ?

  • Tovar805

    Does ANYONE know where the 4s are droppin? My bro works at footlocker and he said they arent getting them and i HAVE to cop the 4s

  • mastro

    how much is the whole pack?