We know we’ve only past the mid-point in 2013, but we do know many confirmed releases for 2014. Today we take that one step further. According to a source in 2015 we could see the retro of the Air Jordan 7 “Hare”, (which has been rumored for next year) Air Jordan 7 “Flint Grey” and a possible retro of the Air Jordan 17. Note 2015 will be the 23rd anniversary of the Air Jordan 7.


Nothing is confirmed but which of the 3 possibilities would you be most excited for?


Images: Kixclusive

  • reggie

    already talking about 2015 jordan brand is getting crazy


    fuck yeah imma fuck my bitch so good tonight now fuck yeah fuckkkkkk

  • johnson

    damn been waiting those Hare 7s for sometime now

  • 313

    call me crazy but them flint 7s is made for Detroit

  • Henry Peter


  • jenkins

    great news and glad they bringing back the 17s too

  • Kicks 101


  • Mr. Trey

    well yeah that will probably happen and im not surprised cause 2015 is the yot7. they released almost every 4 last year for their year and almost every 5 this year for their year. it only makes sense to keep it going. love these colorways soo much too and its sick that theyre finally giving a number 15+ some love

  • Anthony Manrique

    THE FLINTS <333333333

  • NoDay$Off

    Don’t be gettin niggas hopes up! I hope this shit real man

  • HELP


  • KickinSince88

    Oh Gawd, I need those Hares! Damn Jordan Brand Please drop those Hares. Phuck SBD, don’t be playing games like this, if you know something, say something.

    BTW, Black Cat 4’s Q1 2014.

    All Black Foams December 2013


    You’re Welcome!

  • Cool Jets

    On GOD i alredi no the hares come back out in 2015 and them flints just off a gesture of guessing but its not even 2014 yet they teasing motherfuckas alredi making them happy while they got to wait 2 years for a shoe thats gone b hard to cop and possible raising of the brand but cant wait but it dnt excite me till january 1 2015

  • J Rock

    Ooooooh mmyyyyyyy gooooooooshh

  • KicksAttire

    In 2015 Nike Mags are gonna steal all the damn hype!

    • WestCoastHead

      Haha, you still think they’re coming out 2015? As an engineer and someone who came out of Stanford, I can tell you they’re gonna run into too many manufacturing /mechinal discrepancies. That year was just tossed out there to give sneakerheads hope. I can honestly tell you, those WON’T hit the market any earlier than Christmas 2016 or early 2017. I’ve worked with Beaverton before.

      • stanford faggot

        Hahaha he said out of stanford… no one cares smart ass. ..

        • MITMassHead

          Awww is someone mad they didn’t push themselves hard enough to reach their full potential. It’s ok, It be hard to know you’ve reached your limits. You probably work for one of us.

          BTW, MIT is in the house!

      • Don’tEndorseBS

        You sound like a dick face and I’m pretty sure your an idiot too.

        • Sneaks&Books

          “You’re” calling dude an idiot, yet you can’t even use the right (Your)-(You’re). You should change that name of “yours”.

          Education is fundamental, and a mind is a terrible thing to waste!

      • KicksAttire

        Even if they don’t relase yhe Mags Nike will do something, maybe GR of the hyperdunks

        • SoCalheads

          Standford huh, that’s what’s up. I went to Cal Tech. Southern Cali Baby.

      • Manny

        Confirmed for 2015

  • Joshua White

    Need talk about 2014 release dates fuck 2015 tht 2 yrs frm na

  • Damien

    Hare 7s or flint grey 7s

  • Slice

    hare 7ssssssssssssss!

  • Duey Guison

    Flint Grey / Hare 7s

  • vladimir grey

    gotta have all of them!

  • H-Boogy

    Stealth XX’s Please!!!!

  • Chuckie Finster

    Hype about 17s but still waiting 15,18,19,22, and my fav the 23s

  • Chuckie Finster

    but i am feeling the the news about the 7s

  • Devon Smith

    Bred 16’s please!!!!

  • Shoeaddict .

    I personally think they shouldn’t even let these drop as a general release, or even drop at all .All these shoes have too much value to go from a lot to nothing . And all the Sneakerfans will be angry at the fact that that’s happening. And if they do drop , wait at least 8 more years . Look at all the hype were seeing on this blog for one .

  • omaria

    Bred 11 (Playoff)#third pair

  • shoe man

    are those 7s in infared

  • Star Juanita Hedges

    im a jordan head and i really think that jordan should make some all red jordans and that would be so fucking turnt i would have to have them

    • natasha

      its sneakerhead* and they already all red.