Air Jordan 17 2016 Release Dates

The Air Jordan 17 is officially set to return as part of Jordan Brand’s Summer 2016 lineup.


There has been two upcoming Air Jordan 17 colorways already confirmed for 2016. One is inspired by Michael Jordan’s 30,000th point he got as a Wizard while playing the Chicago Bulls that is dressed in a Black, Gym Red, and White color scheme. The other is the return of the “Copper” Air Jordan 17 that is done in a White, Metallic Copper Coin, Black, and Sport Blue makeup. Both pairs will include the traditional metal briefcase case.

We have yet to see the first look of either pair, but you can expect both of them to debut this Summer 2016. The Air Jordan 17 will be available at select Jordan Brand retail stores. Each pair will retail for $250 USD each.

Let us know what you guys think in the comments section and stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for further updates as they develop.

Air Jordan 17+ “Bulls”
Black/Gym Red-White
Summer 2016

Air Jordan 17+ “Copper”
White/Metallic Copper Coin-Black-Sport Blue
Summer 2016

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Air Jordan 17 2016 Release Dates

Air Jordan 17 2016 Release Dates

Air Jordan 17+ 2016 Release Dates

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    FINALLY 17s it’s bout damn time now hopefully it’s that good ass leather they use to use on the old 17s not sure if it’s Tru but heard it use to be made with Italian leather ha we can only wish tht JB’s cheap ass will use tht type leather – but WTF 250$ price tag man y’all fuckin up the game – I love 17s but at 250 RETAIL naw I’m good y’all can keep em – ppl STOP BUYING INTO these STUPID ass prices I think it’s bout time we take a stand against these dumb ass high RETAIL prices it’s bout time to boycott that shit

    • flossbee

      I can somewhat see a gradual transition. Either Nike and JB are oversaturating the market and/or people are just smartening up, because I’m beginning to see a lot more of their shoes sit around when they usually wouldn’t. I know I’ve personally become super selective with my sneaker purchases and my impulse buys have been non-existent.

      • Ej

        I feel both of yall on that put people are brain washed and will feed into it anyway

  • flossbee

    Two-fiddy?! I’m out brethren.

    • Benny Bills

      Get da fuck out here. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. One less loser in da lineup.

      • flossbee

        How can I lose? I was never in “da lineup.”

  • Brad Hall

    Cant wait for these, will be the cop of the year.

  • Kray11

    Fuck the copper lol they can keep those

  • Bill Cosby Junior junior

    These were the first pair I ever purchased with my first paycheck at 16.. I will have these again..