Jordan Brand will continue their Holiday releases of the Air Jordan 11, and this year it looks to be a brand new colorway. Here is the Air Jordan 11 “Year of The Snake” (similar to the Air Jordan 11 “Blackout”) that features a Black mesh base with Blue snakeskin around the patent leather with a Smokey translucent outsole. Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for more updates and news on what looks to be the next Air Jordan 11 Holiday Release for 2013. Are you feeling these?


Air Jordan 11 Retro
Black/Varsity Maize/Gamma Blue
378037 006
Holiday 2013

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Source: Nike Talk/SA

  • Mike

    wow, let the hype begin

  • Christopher

    these are so sick why didn’t they ever do a year of the on any of the previous models?

  • sneakerhead

    WOW!!! They look similar to the Black Flip 3s to me

  • KING

    I just got a boner

  • jayson

    so glad they not releasing the columbia 11s let us get some new ish

  • SKIP

    someone give JB some props can’t fucking wait just so far from now

  • OGSneakerHead

    maybe one of the best 11s I’ve seen in awhile


    fuck that snakeskin shit they already did these back in the day and no1 liked em what makes ya’ll think these will sell good cuz they be dropping on december

    • Freddy

      nigga you said that now but keep looking you about to change

    • Gaboystr8

      No one liked half of what came out last year back in the day. It’s all about hype nowadays.

    • jrob

      hype sells

  • houston


  • Ugh…they could have done something different too much “snake skin” imo

  • I like them but would like to see that all red sample instead though

  • quise2024

    I’m going to have to think on these all year. I’m not sure if I’m feeling the snakeskin at all to begin with. They did this on a pair of lows and I never saw any one in public with them just people online. But I’m not quite sure with the blue on black. If it was black on black that would be a different story, then again it would be like the blackout.
    I do want to say I appreciate new colorways. As long as they dont get too ridiculous

  • ezealva

    nope was hopin for the columbias these here are ehh have to see more photos

  • jimi

    Lmao! Wow. Can’t belive you guys stole these pics from Nikettalk. These are not offical. Just a photoshop. Don’t belive me?? Check Sthebest is a screen name by the user who did the photoshop. These are not offical!

  • Flex Luger

    Jesus, do you guys have any fact checkers? You really need to run a tighter ship over there

  • C27

    Man, I don’t even care what it looks like, as long as it looks ok then I will get them cuz I haven’t been able to get a pair of high/mid top elevens, got the varsity red though but they aight

  • paulie

    hope these r real…pretty tight

  • Ugly AF they look stupid! If they don’t release the Columbia 11s in 2013 ima be pissed!

    • Shoegamefire

      You not the only one, these shits look like garbage >.< Columbia 11s are 10 times better!

  • yes, must cop, but these will be hyped like crazy. still nice though

  • Justin Jones

    Rather get the Columbia’s……kinda disappointed

  • deez nutzz

    need to see more pics but for right now these UGLY!!!

  • This is a total waste of a Christmas release. Have fun with your ugly-ass shoes, hypebeasts. Give me the Columbias with an icey blue sole.

    • That nigga jones

      There’s gonna be hype beasts for those too. There everywhere, every shoe that releases will have hypebeasts.

  • REALtalk23

    God Damn!! Take a bad ass sneaker in the Black-out 11’s and throw some weak ass played out crocodile dondee snake skin and ruin a completely awesome shoe.. Snake-skin REALLY.. WTF would never wear these!! Only niggas who try to hard would wear these and think they look good.. Real Talk…

    • So Wavy

      Yeah, only the people that want to be cool would get some wack shit like these, So far these look like shoes for the wanna-be. They playing with us and the columbia 11’s. I would hate for christmas to be wasted on this shit, and then rising 5$ a year? 190$ for this shit? JB can suck my dick.

      IG: nba_twoeleven

      Twitter: nba_richforever

      • Joshy123

        Yo so because I like the shoe i’m a wannabe? I think these are fire. I passed on the Breds and I think are better. I think these are hot.

        • REALtalk23

          well your a straight-up moron then.. These kids buying Jordan’s these days only seem to be buying into the hype they have no respect for the sneakers. Damn would have been real nice with just all black.. Just give us the Columbia 11’s and release these also for all the Rico swaveys out there..

  • Loc

    These are ass..

  • Im gettin dese definitly

  • Cjan

    These are mine!





    • Teenage Sneakerhead

      Your comment just screams hypebeast all over it

      • james_fucken_talbot

        and mentally challenged

  • kamden garrett

    if nobody else is coppin’ i will put these in my collection. Real Spit.

  • Michael C

    I hate JB, really, why snakeskin, thats my question, you guys had a blackout, and fucked it up with the snakeskin

  • Gaboystr8

    OK as far as new colorways go for JB, these are the only ones worth af fuck. I wish it was the low white snakeskins but these will do. NO ICY SOLE = NORMAL WEAR

  • jgkjhvbjv

    ughh smh

  • real release or photoshop ??

    • Lance Vieux


  • Danny

    you guys are crazy ! these things are way nice

  • Brandon

    it’s the exact same snake skin print -____- . Why not just make them blackouts

    • karson

      shid ikr

  • Tevin Williams

    hell nawl

  • Jzonmyfeet

    These are ok i just wish they make a new regular colorway..but id still cop columbias over these.. make some thunder 11’s or sum shit..i remember when they came out wit the low snakeskin 11’s nd they were garbage..idk to each’s own i guess.

  • Jetsmatt

    These are nice and all, but I would rather prefer Columbias instead of these

  • L boogie

    These are to cold. I will be copping these and the next pair of 11s high or lows

  • I like em. And unlike the majority of you (who say your gonna pass) Im saying cop. From day 1

  • Tough waiting for something like this to get released job well done. The Columbia 11 has nothing on the YOTS 11s

  • nikeson_deck

    imma cop

  • Teenage Sneakerhead

    These are dope asf man i hope they drop these

  • Fuckin beautiful

    • mikespike

      negro you trippin these shits are played out and fugly.

      • SpriteSlamDunk

        how are these played out nerd???? They’re bringing a new colorway to the table! SMFH pussy, there ain’t ever a way to please hypebeasts

    • pres103

      bitch ass nigger you got no swag

      • Suck a Nigger Dick bitch

        You pussy ass honky…. Bitch u will never have “swag”. And u a bitch ass mf for sayin dat shit, swag shit played out pussy

  • theseshoesarewaytoohyped

    sorry guys but unless it’s a really sick new colorway like the suede 4s i only cop ogs- good luck guys

    • stfu bitch

      Who gives a fuck bitch ass mf….

  • Dope as fuck im praying these come out

  • Lance Vieux


  • mr trey

    wow. there pretty nice, not amazing in my opinion. i was really caught off guard by these there were no teasers or anything like rumors about a new release. i thought they were going to and they shouldve released the columbias, then since they would be out of 11s they should make a new colorway for the holidays kinda dissapointed by these too think they couldve done more and really gives away the classic clean look of the 11s with that snakeskin

  • Kicks on fire said that the blackout 11s are releasing instead of these. They also said that a week before the blackouts come out the space jam 11s will release again!

  • Johan!!

    Yessssssssssss cop cop cop cop

  • GiveMeUrSole

    Columbias are my fave 11’s I may get these though but I need some columbias that arnt yellowed

    • Teenage Sneakerhead

      Buy some and seaglow them bitches like i did for my snakeskin 11 lows

      • RockawayBully

        Yeah but how u fix the yellowing on the white patent leather ? Mine have yellowing on the leather.

  • N Da Game since 94

    Why dnt jb just release tha damn BLACKOUTS & keep it movin.. They fuckin shit up!!

  • Jetsmatt

    Heard somewhere that they are releasing the Blackout 11’s and doing a Quickstrike for Space Jam 11’s, I’d much rather prefer that than this

    • jmen

      I heard that same thing man before the rumour of these..

  • EZ

    DAMN these are fresh thats fine if none of u r feelin them thatll make it easier for me to cop

  • jordanfoamposites

    Fng shoe is perfect

  • Richard

    Ugly ass shoes but just cause there 11’s everyone’s going to line up !

  • high_influence

    put more ice on the bottom, and its a must cop.

  • Penny

    When I first saw these I was all over them probably because I was caught off guard but it’s a good shoe for the collection not better than the Colombia’s however

  • SMd

    Are these comin out doe

  • Æį

    It is said that this shoe is coming in a pack

  • Æį

    But it is my 11’s I like so far

  • IOnlyTouchHeat

    More hype getting sick of 11s hype my dmp11s kill these

    • u sound stupid as fuck

      Bitch stfu…

  • how can I get this black and blue J’s 11? Got my debit Visa card ready!!!

    • karson

      shid if yo ass buy them now u gone come out da ying yang fo dez muufuckas.just wait intill chirstmas

    • RockawayBully

      U mean space jams right,cause gammas got blue n yellow but check eBay for space jams who knows u might copp for ok price under $300 is not impossible but hard to find at times but it has happen before.

  • QueensNY

    A must!! Whoever’s not feelin these is a cornball and has no sense of style. Dig deep & step ur game up! LOL

  • lani

    all these sneakerheads sayin these are ugly way to soon…few years yall are gonna b sayin damn i wanna pair

    • jap

      My nigga right cuz these “sneakerheads” are fake most of them are just hype beast

  • Sneak man

    Honestly kinda disappointed kinda hoping for the the Columbias or the space jams to drop this year this would be a disappointment to sneaker heads worldwide

  • 23

    never had a snake sneaker is bout time i need to get a pair
    this are worth it

  • Joshua White

    Playoffs 8s fresh as hell man

  • monthlypickups

    At 1st didnt like dem but thy actually look ok but not a cop foe me

  • abutta

    there fire u bugin im copin them 4 sure

    • monthlypickupz

      Trust me dem hoes fiya but dey not worth wat i had 2 do 2 get dem breds a niqqa wuz waitin at dah mall foe bout 1o hrs or moe & i missed skool i aint get dem hoes till later on dat day at a different mall a niqqa went 2 bout 4 malls 2 get some GOD DAMN SHOES! I respect yo opion but I SAY IT AGAIN dem hoes clean but NOT WORTH IT

      • karson

        dang yo ass wasn’t playin bout dem shoes,lol

  • karson

    I want these but the snake skin is really not my thing. I might just go ahead and get them

  • The king

    These shoes need to come out Im gettin these , need to put a confirmed date in when they coming out

  • Joshua White

    I thnk the 12’s Taxi gonna sell out b4 the 11s do on If they confirmed these

    • RockawayBully

      There a week apart so yeah they prolly sell out before he 11’s drop

      • todo lo epico puntos


  • J Rock

    I sincerely hope they drop these instead of gammas!!!

  • reed

    why would they bring these out and not the original joints? smh

  • Sneeker

    I still have hope for the columbia 11

    • todo lo epico puntos

      Get over it buddy…

  • T Lo

    pure heaven i hope these cum out instead of dem ugly ass gammas an dea better since dea released a girl snake skin 11 so I got hope dea wont do duh men like dat

  • Marvin Jones Jr.

    Must be out ya’ll damn tree, these aren’t even luke warm in my opinion!

  • jake the man

    hese are the best 11s period hope they comeout

  • nr.joe

    unfortunately i am feeling them, so i will have a hard time paying my child support

  • FATT$

    Imagine these as a low top though >…..

    • Jonathan

      They would look nice. If they came out both in hightop and lowtop, I would buy both. Haha.

      • Reem$$

        They came in low top I had them in 2001

  • sophia

    they should really have these come out instead of the gamma blue 11s . they will sell out more and maybe have to re stock if they choose like they did with previous kicks. these i will definately buy 100% the others im not so sure they are too simple for mev

    • todo lo epico puntos

      You can’t “sell out more” …technically impossible

  • beyakoboi

    these are the best 11s i ever seen and the cool greys

    • fleenikkabk

      na these an breds i doged my cool greys

      • C4

        hypebeast yall forgot the columbia 11s, anniversary 11s, and the midnight blue snakeskin lows but yall proboly never heard of those

        • Jj_The_ReaLest

          How they hypebeast and you just said a couple of the greatest jordans ever

          • C4

            because they only know new releases and a real sneaker head knows new and old so they only know what others are talking about getting released which is a hypebeast

          • vl

            So if I think Rihanna beautiful & don’t mention Aliyah because she died back in the day I’m a hypebeast? GEM..but I’m just saying like if a man think a certain shoe is great to them so be it. I like Columbia’s too but it’s an all white shoe with a Blue jumpman. Grey might be his favorite color so don’t just throw hypebeast around my g.

          • C4

            fuck rihanna and aliyah that has nothimg to do with shoes u dumbass just because u wanna fuck them and stick up for hypebeast isnt my problem

          • Jayden breezy

            vl you fucking dumbass talking bout Rihanna&Aliyah fuck dem hoes bitch nigga we fucking talking bout shoes your dumbass talking bout dem hoes nigga i bet you cant afford j’s dont say i cant afford im a doctor so i can afford dem bitch nigga go suck a dick pussy

          • Dizzlerocksj’s

            Doctor my ass you would at least have been smart enough to understand his analogy you simple ass nigga. Street pharmacists aren’t considered doctors because you fill people’s prescriptions. Nigga you named some of the weakest 11’s too sound like a hypebeast trying to fake the funk.

  • fleenikkabk


  • Jennifer

    How much

  • Anthony

    The year of the snake will be a perfect addition to the Jordan December releases. Off the damn hook!!

  • Anthony

    The jordan 11 year of the snake pair have to stay true to the pic though. No lows! Nyc

  • Jj_The_ReaLest

    I wish they would drop more mid top 11’s in a year and if they did bet it be a lot less people dying over sneakers

  • TRA


  • mariahleeanne

    damn these are sexy lmaaooo

  • ShoesAndCereal

    When 11’s release, you have to bring guns, bazookas, grenades, and swords! Especially these.

  • Joshua White

    I wear them b4 the gamma but they both fresh azz hell

  • jap

    I want these and the laney 11’s im just afraid if i get em these stupid hype beast will kill the shoes

    • Trevor2sexy

      what are laney 11s nigga

      • zeon

        same ass the gamma blue just nicked named the laney 11’s

  • immacopallemsoles

    Please make em I wanna cop

  • Joshua White

    Gonna b a lot of sad faces and happy ones for Christmas this year with tha retro 12 and the 11 hopefully these

  • Joshua White

    If thy do come out hope thy release same day tha 12 come out

  • Sneakray

    If these bad boys drop man… Man if these bad boys drop… Lol, I’m gonna get em

  • sneakz

    these r coming out in gs right

  • Joshua White

    Which one is a good investment Taxi,Gamma blue, or tha Retro 1 Bred

  • 270to713

    if they drop ima cop I most def would rather have these then that bs ass Gamma blue

  • britt

    these are so much better than the gamma blues man i hope these drop even though i feel its highly unlikely

  • fresh_prince_jayy

    ill cop these over the gamma blue

  • manolorae

    Gadamn!!! Wont be rein up that week!! I gotta have these too

  • Ray Ray

    Hope they come even though im highly unsure


    Instagram @smiths_kickz