Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Bred

Jordan Brand is set to release a few Air Jordan 11 Low colorways this Summer 2015 that includes the Air Jordan 11 Low “Bred” edition.


We announced the news back in September 2014, and now we are only a few more days away before the Air Jordan 11 Low “Bred” finally launches.

Air Jordan 11 Low Bred – Colorway Details

Jordan Brand is celebrating their 30th Anniversary with an all-new Air Jordan 11 Low, using the classic Black/True Red colors from the original/iconic high version.

This Air Jordan 11 Retro Low features the iconic Bred-theme having a full Black mesh and leather upper with patent leather overlay on the mudguard sitting top a White midsole and semi-translucent dressed in Red. The shoe is also highlighted with the iconic carbon fiber and True Red interior.

Air Jordan 11 Low Bred – Release Date

Check out the official detailed photos below and look for the Air Jordan Retro 11 Low “Bred” to release on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retailers, including The retail price tag is set at $170 USD.

Let us know what you guys think in the comments section. Are these a must-cop for the Summer?

Air Jordan 11 Low โ€œBredโ€
Black/True Red White
May 23, 2015

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Source: Foot Locker

  • jenkins

    this summer is going to be crazy

  • brandonsmith112

    welp let the hype officially begin

  • Copper

    These are an instant cop and the space jams

  • Thomas Hulk

    Heard the space jam 11 lows are going to have the space jam themed insoles?

  • Anthony

    I’ve been waiting..

  • Louisianna Hot Boy

    Can’t wait for these instant cop

  • Will Rich

    Why the label so high on da tongue??? #Bruh

    • Good eye, didn’t even notice that

  • mo

    Why are the lows $170 ??

    • bruh

      All prices going up $20 bro. Unfortunately

      • mo$-mo$$$

        you would think “if i paid $15 more you should get the rest of the damn shoe”

        • bruh

          Lol ikr..and here i am saying im gonna buy what i like this year and they puttin out fire sneakers left and right..gotta do some good decision making..

        • Ac
  • Anonymous

    Fuck my body these are

  • AJ

    I herd the space jam low is cancelled n the OG space jams are the holidays day realease

    • salkdh

      I heard its melo 11s thats dropping this yr…(i trust my souce)

      • Retro11

        I don’t trust your word. You can’t even spell “source” right!

        • Antoine

          I hope its space jams

        • Paul Chenault
        • damn

          Lmao!! don’t do em like that

          • Sneakray

            He’s done bro! He did himself.

    • J Rock

      I’ve heard the same thing

  • Sneakdisser

    Well they have textured carbon fiber?

  • Michael Beasley

    These are ass Loooool

  • mo

    Lol these look like ass just look at the insoles , those thin ass laces and the jump man isn’t on the 3rd spacing

  • joey

    Absolutely fake if you ask me

  • Sneakray

    Man these are ass! Don’t do us like this JB

  • JJ Jones
  • Derek

    What’s crazy is that if the red lining pair does release the hype will grow that much more for such a little detail.

  • Dejuan

    Somebody’s lying.

  • Much better..

  • jamaal coming up

    how about those Columbia 13s in the backgound tho. give the 13s some love to

    • Trey

      Lol Columbia 13s? Those are the Hornets guy.

      • jamaal coming up

        sorry about that saw they next to the french blues

  • CJWatson

    Come on JB give what we want just look at your holiday releases give us some legend blue 11 lows bring the holiday feeling to the summer time kinda Christmas in July

  • AC

    Can I get a high top please

    • Coldworldnoblanket


  • Big Papi

    Red lining murdered the shoe

  • Corey Worthy


  • OnlyInNY

    Easy pass.

  • Foxx561

    i guess since alot of people are passing and i passed on the highs

  • YaFuckedUp

    Idk if they’re trying to make money anymore or make people stop buying their shoes Cuz that red interior is not impressing anyone.

  • KushKloud

    Yeah the red lining looks like shit. The rest looks dope. But I got original breds already so the lows im after are those navy ones

  • P S A

    I just did a husky cringe! really bad….. those low 13s are looking beautiful tho!

  • Sneakray

    No question, everyone is trying to grab these. Good luck everyone!

  • K Chase

    I like these breds cuz there different from the hi top version

  • Ty

    These weak

  • Guest

    the last set of pics are bootlegs… why are ya’ll posting those?

    • Kray11

      Jb always does that so they can confuse the counterfeit suppliers for example the gammas as soon as they were announced bootleggers jumped on them a million people so called had them early but what stood out (fake from the real ) was the bottom jumpman on counterfeits the jumpman was solid and that’s the pic that was circulating and on release date the Hillman was a outter trace so that’s why jb releases photos like that .

      • joey pullium

        Damn thats so clever.

    • June Stone

      that’s why I like the red sock liner it’s because I have seen people on the streets today with a black sock liner and you know that they’re fake

  • Corey Worthy

    Nop cop because of the hare 7s

  • Milo

    Where can we buy them when they come out?

    • Julio Guerra

      Buy them at the family dollar or your nearest Little Caesars pizza .

  • BeanTown SquadUp

    OH YEA! Rockin these bad boys this summer mos def!

  • Jarrett kahle

    Will these release online or nah because no places around get shoes on release
    #living in the middle of nowhere

  • Michael Grow

    Do you guys think its gonna be a raffle or first come first serve

    • guest

      Nothing but raffles now. Unfortunately. Someone correct me if im wrong

      • jjamesonthekid

        Depends on the store.

  • stevezy

    these are nice when u rock them without wearing socks!!

    • q z

      theyre called no show socks fam

    • CinCityBo

      So if u wear socks its a fail then? GTFOH the red lining sets these off str8 Fire

      • Sinety

        I got one question ? Would we have to wait in line to get these ?

  • exel leon

    They nice but ill preferred black in the inside

  • John

    Red liner kills it..

  • Sneakray

    That red liner makes me like these more than the mid.

  • 510kidd

    Yeah these just aren’t doing it for me. Glad I have the mids

  • chef30curry

    lows only go well with shorts

  • WhatsFly23

    These fly im gettn um some of these lows killin these mids especially them snake skin lows

  • Teezy

    They need to make the lining black like the mids

    • K Chase

      Hell naw the red make them look better

  • Guest

    JB got cats paying 190 for bred 11 lows. got my 2012 mids restock still ds. smh

  • Julio Guerra

    The red lining / the black lining it doesn’t matter cats out here will just wear jeans over the shoe and front like they the mids lbs

  • jlo

    [email protected]*k Footlocker Reseller Employees! !

  • z

    I will buy 2~3 pairs for resell purpose.

    I dont like 11 on feet. It doesnt match with jeans.

    I had 11 concord low and I sold it after wearing 2~3 times.

    I do like bred color way tho.

  • z


  • ryan

    can you pre order these

  • Donte Win

    Can somebody tell me how raffles work? I really want to get these shoes.

    • Sneakerguidekeepit#

      I’m gonna help u out I personally work at footlocker so I’m going to explain how our ticket procedure works. That Monday – Tuesday prior to the release u walk into ur local store u ask to sign up for the raffle for the sneaker coming out they ask for valid I.d u provide them with ur information and a # u can be reached at and let them know the size u want they Will give u a ticlet then that Wednesday-Friday they’ll call u back letting u know if ur ticket was selected if it was ur guaranteed ur size then on Saturday u have from opening to whatever time they give u to come pickup ur sneaker if u come between that time u forfeit ur sneaker. This is wat goes down in New York other states may have different steps but if anything just vist ur store and ask about u need to do. Hope this helps u and I hope u get ur size on the 23rd

    • Big Papi

      You go to your local foot locker if they are having a raffle and you fill out a ticket with your name, shoe size, and number.(Go on the foot locker launch locator and it will tell you the dates when the store is having the raffle). If they pick your ticket they will call you and then you can go buy the shoe on the release date if you bring your id.

    • Lten

      Go to your local retail store. Ask about the shoe and mention if they’re handin out tickets. If so they have a paper to fill out. Name and cell#

  • ShoeEtiquette

    I just can’t see this particular colorway in a low version with that red sockliner, the mids are a million times doper.

  • Kenneth Duensing

    i dont get why anyone even wastes their time trying to downplay this shoe. 1st off, its an 11 so that will make it hard as fuck to get. On top of that its BRED which makes it even more difficult to get. Its also a low which is a great summer shoe making it even harder. JB doesnt need any kind of hypebeasts to get this one to move. And to all the people talking crap that they still have theirs from 2012 DS, thats Great, keep it DS and collect it or wear it. Stop being a damn keyboard terrorist.

    • dustinG

      keyboard terrorist… That’s a great term for salty haters!

      • dustinGisRetarded

        Or maybe someone speaking the truth.

  • Jazzmyne Valentino Morris-Brow

    I can’t decide whether to get these or the hare’s :/

    • Franklin Arias

      get both

  • princeretro9

    These hoes iis clean and I would definitely cop but iI’ve been eyeing the low bred 13s since December

  • 1fiftyone

    How much is it in grade school?

  • L A Z Y

    I got $270 (shipping included) for anybody who can get these to me on monday 5/25/15 fuck the mall

    • shoeplug101

      Y dont u just get a ticket then got to ya local store its easy and safer

      • ben

        are you talking about a raffle or nah @shoeplug101

    • Zlique

      Message me on twitter @zlique or email me at [email protected]
      I can get you these any SZ. paypal invoice.

  • ben

    you people are crazy copping on a release date is not gonna be that hard, just take off of work or school and plant your a** on

    • JustaGuy

      Trying to cop a shoe online is never a sure thing. Especially for an 11, they sell out hella quick. I was just viewing the trash Georgetown 11s for fun on sites like footlocker/finishline and they sold quick as heck.

      • ben

        like how quick bc ill be on the site at 10 flat, whatever it takes

        • JustaGuy

          Very soon after release. After 20 minutes to 30 minutes they were sold out. Probably less though.

  • Trey

    These Breds nice๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’Ž

  • jacob lewis

    are these raffled?

  • exel leon

    That sole looks different

  • Ivan

    sucks that everywhere going to be raffle now! i just order my pair at its my 2nd time buying for them and i already start getting reward points from them too.

    • Guest

      It’s only raffle in your city now? Sucks for places like that. Guess I’m lucky my city doesn’t do only raffle.

    • pretty boo

      Not here in Nashville thank god… this female gotta have! !!

  • Justwanttocomment

    Glad the hype is down because they’re lows because I want these

  • Naaman Blade

    If I get these , they turning into dirty breds

  • jason010

    are they coming in small sizes to? Feel free 2 answer.

    • boo


  • Christopher Williams

    Real talk MF’s is more excited for these than the OG Hares?

    • Could be a tie-dye 11 and beasts would overlook ANY other shoe coming out that week

  • Charles

    are they releasing GS sizes?

  • doobie23

    Wakk hares all they way

  • ulises

    when will tickets be given out ?..

  • Adrienne


  • Kelvin Lopez

    Yup I’m gettin em

  • Bryan Garcia

    where do i get theses someone HELP

  • Bill

    is there a lottery for these shoes at footlocker or undefeated in LA?




    These are HARDCORE

  • Happiness

    Can someone help me get a size 10.5? I never able to get on Nike or other sites. Please someone?

    • No hype here

      Did You get your 10.5?

  • Kenny

    Won 2 raffle tix, should I double up or buy 1, thoughts?

    • GreenMeanie

      I never hesitate to double up on 11s going back to the cherry lows (if it’s not a financial hardship to you). Piece of mind knowing you can scruff up one pair, and you got em both at retail.

  • Luke Schneider

    What time do they release

  • Prisca

    Anyone know how much the gs sizes will cost??

  • hamboy

    Ugly AF


    smh I like how its 5/23/15 10:48am
    and Champs, Finishline, Eastbay, Footlocker, & Foot Action ALL
    have me sitting in a standing room(online)
    frontin like them shits aint been sold out since 10:27am smh fuck them faggots
    I drove to Baker’s Shoes and got mine!
    $170 no lines no parking meters!
    copped 2 pairs. memorial day & labor day
    fuck yo lines and yo raffle tickets BITCH!!!

  • guest 23

    I honestly regret getting these . I have a size 12 if anybody

    • Kiddish

      How much are you selling them for?

  • sneakerhead23

    i got them and do not regret it

  • T R E E S

    spilled Cristal on em and it rolled right off
    Im wearin these year round especially in the winter.
    I need 1O more pairs size 17 like Ralph Sampson got and some red no show socks Blood