Nikestore Air Jordan 11 72-10 Access Code

72-10 Jordan 11


Air Jordan 11 Retro 72-10 Release Date

Air Jordan 11 Retro 72-10 Release Date

Air Jordan 11 Retro 72-10 Release Date

Air Jordan 11 Retro 72-10 Release Date

Air Jordan 11 Retro 72-10 Release Date

Air Jordan 11 Retro 72-10 Release Date

Air Jordan Xi 11 72-10 Holiday 2015

Air Jordan Xi 11 72-10 Holiday 2015

Air Jordan Xi 11 72-10 Holiday 2015

Air Jordan Xi 11 72-10 Holiday 2015

Air Jordan Xi 11 72-10 Holiday 2015

Source: mysole/copkickz/sneakergaga

  • gordon

    I’m actually feeling them. just hope they have more red accents on them then this photo

  • Nick Wright

    glad they not giving us the space jams just give us them in a low top. love new models but should have gave us the red 11s tho

  • Ajay

    These are literally bred and space jams in 1 shoe

  • vincent

    needs something else. missing one thing just don’t know what tho

    • shotyme25

      its the soles bro

  • These were the Prototype 11’s

  • Smokeddout

    They look just look the infrared 11 colorway

  • Malachi Stone

    WTF IS THIS, Might as well just made some dirty breds. smh Jordan be bullshiting

    • Reggie

      stop yo bitching. you gonna cop. you gonna love, and you gonna try and cop again once they restock.

  • christopher

    love these so fresh

  • Prince

    so dope

  • Colin
  • Busta

    Love how they are switching up from mesh to leather on these.

  • But time

    Don’t know how to feel about these…..not disappointed, but not super excited either. Still gonna cop either way. I mean it’s the f**king holiday 11’s.

    • T$ .

      Lol smh

  • InMy02’s

    Another price raise huh? Can’t wait to see what happens to the game when general shit hits foam prices smdh

  • RTR

    These are a must

  • Guest

    give me the space jam 11’s instead. I’m not gonna front 2012 i copped bout two pairs of j’s every month or so. 2013 i grabbed 3 pairs total. This year I haven’t grab anything yet. the price increase isn’t helping either. only looking forward to raging bulls 5’s, hare 7’s so far any their are so many shoes with release dates. smfh

    • Tomgunz84

      Jb Put The Raging Bulls And Space Jams Into This One lmao

  • T$ .

    Lol i havent like a holiday jordan since the concords , these are ohk but not nothing special

    • Tomgunz84

      Say It Again Smh It Lost That Feeling Ya Know ?

      • DRAKE

        But I bet both of ya’ll cop these come Christmas time. And I bet Jordan Brand gonna release another 11 too.

        • Tomgunz84

          Lol Not At All I’m More A Fan Of The Lows I Haven’t Kept A 11 Since The Breds

          • DRAKE

            damn well i respect you for selling them at retail price. I’m actually feeling these tho. a all white pair with red accents would be sick too.

          • Tomgunz84

            It’s Cool Bro But Hey If You Feeling Them Aye Cop Then ! But Who Knows These Might Grow On Me If I See Some Official Pics You Know How That Goes

          • DRAKE

            I do. I’ve wrote off plenty of pairs before then when official photos come out and I see how fresh they actually look I end up copping. AKA Bel Air 5s for me.

          • Tomgunz84

            Same Here Besides The Bel Airs When The First Pics Start Floating Around I Knew They Were Gonna Be Dope Nobody Liked Them Then But On The Release Date Everyone Loved Them

        • T$ .

          Lol nah , especially not for a raised price

      • T$ .

        Yea its just over saturated

        • Tomgunz84

          Yep Truuu Truuu

  • Tomgunz84

    Nothing Special Like Last Year And The Year Before

  • willhoops

    Lows are better I don’t feel mids to much

    • SQUIG

      You’re crazy

      • willhoops

        Not really everyone has their preference

  • No hype here

    I hate to break it to all you Newbies. But There won’t be any space jams coming anytime soon. 2009 was not that long ago and Jb has no reason to bring them back this soon. It would only diminish the value of the shoe at this point.

    • J Rock

      you obviously are new to the game yourself. JB doesnt care how long ago they dropped a shoe, because they know if they drop it again it’ll still sell out. Prime example would be True blue 3s, Bred 11s, Bordeaux 7s, Columbia 11s, Carmine 6s, Black Infrared 6s,White Infrared 6s, White Cement 3s, Olympic 7s, etc.

      • No hype here

        Look. ” j rock ”
        #1 a restock ain’t the same thing as a new release.
        #2 columbia 11s took about 15 years to drop again
        #3 breds dropped close together but 1 release was in a pack( not the same thing)

        #4 Jb flooded the market with every 3 for what seemed like forever. And now locked it in the vault in an attempt to keep its value up

        #6 the rest of the pairs you named are not even on the same planet as the space jam 11.

        #7 if Jb didn’t care they wouldn’t limit every “BIG” release and you would be able to own whatever shoe you’d like to purchase no problem.

        I Haven’t been in the game forever, just long enough to know that you don’t know what you are talking about. And long enough to still have a DS pair of space jams on ice. Move around lil bro. don’t watch me, watch tv smh poobutts

        • enhancedakuma

          You sound like a fucking idiot. You aren’t some OG in the shoe game, and it’s obvious that you just don’t want a retro of the Space Jam’s because you still have a DS pair. And 5 years in the shoe game isn’t shit, no one is impressed that you have a DS pair of shoes from the end of 2009, and it certainly doesn’t give any credibility to what you said, it just makes you look like a joke. If you think Nike gives two shits about the resale price of retro’s, you clearly aren’t a business major or even half-educated on how major corporations work. Keep trying to sound educated, chump.

          • No hype here

            Nobody said nothing about resale value. You lil Tweens have no clue what you are talkin bout. I’ve been Collin nikes and js since u were a twinkle in your daddy’s eye and before the best part of u was on ur mommas thigh. Fuck boy

          • enhancedakuma

            I’m in my 30’s, I think it’s funny you think I’m a tween. If you’re really as old as you claim to be, you should be embarrassed by the way you act online. What adult says stupid shit like “fuckboys” and “poohbutts” to people online? But go ahead, keep talking shit online to anyone who disagrees, while proving your stupidity to the rest of us. I’ve had Space Jams in the past, but I have better things to do with them than hold onto them and not wear them like some moron, shoes are meant to be worn. You really show the quality of person you are, a complete tool. Oh, and learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”, most 10 year olds do.

          • No hype here

            Very clever… first of all I hate when lil whiny ass punks make a comment talking some shit. Then try and act like they are so much more refined when you snap on them. Then they try to turn the shit into a grammar or morality issue. Like the shit is that serious. You Sound like a little old girl man. Gtfoh

        • J Rock

          you idiot 96 and 2000 columbias. Also 95 and 2001 breds. Dont try and come back smart and not even know what your talking about.

          • No hype here

            Big difference between original release and retro vs retro to retro come on bruh… Bottom line ain’t gonna see the space jam anytime soon.

  • Fvcktrends

    They look like a replica shoe these are so ugly And pathetic. I have no idea what jordan brand was thinking with these they must really think people will buy anything

    • Tucker

      your fucking ugly and pathetic. go jackoff in your bedroom alone you bitch boy

    • Tomgunz84

      Bro The Shoes Above Are Prototype Of The 11’s You Wear Today

  • ₩₳▼€

    I would’ve preferred the mesh upper but I’ll still cop

    • mars

      No mesh makes these look so replica

      • ₩₳▼€

        True and that’s where the price raise come is for the extra “primo” leathers

        • mars

          Did you notice that the midsole looks “dented” in the second picture.. Definitely some kind of custom.. Jb wouldn’t let us down that much

          • ₩₳▼€

            Nah those are shitty samples there’s still time for them to change things around so we still don’t kno exactly until official pics drop but we have a good enough idea

  • juan

    got me feeling wet today

  • Justin Jones

    i rather see the all gold joints

  • Ty

    I don’t know about y’all but I’m tired of seeing 11s on Christmas every year, they should mix it up at least

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      Exactly, give people these 11’s during the fall time or spring time. Drop something different every Christmas

  • duke334

    Lol another pair of 11s on Christmas Day..these shits wack like the last 3 pair of 11s. I know y’all gotta be tired of Jordans by now..shit really the AF1 of our era

    • b thumper

      Ha, its so true.

    • Coldworldnoblanket

      Jordans been around just as long as Af1’s, but I get your point.

  • FATT$

    wtf is this

  • S3cret_Weaponzz

    soooo they made dirty breds?

  • super saiyan oreo

    In about 3 to 4 years the Jordan 11 retail gonna be 250. I wonder what will be the consumer’s breaking point.

    • zoeboy1305

      they are testing the waters with those fucking 20’s.. smh

      • willhoops

        The 4s are gonna be 250 to so u can only imagine the 11s

      • Coldworldnoblanket

        and them hoes still collecting dust on shelves

    • Breal

      It ain’t gonna take DAT long. Look for it holiday 2015 watch…..

      • super saiyan oreo

        You might be right. JB will be like the whole “remastered” excuse will justify the price but li ning use good leather and cost less. To each is own.

    • Coldworldnoblanket

      more like next year

  • CinCityBo

    Need official pics & no icy sole

  • OnlyInNY

    No icy sole.

    • K Chase

      It says icy sole that’s not the pic of the actual shoe

  • Kray11

    I’m going to turn them into space jams f*** that

    • No hype here

      Lol. Nice

  • Danny

    TR-A-S-H, JN can’t be serious

  • jordan brand


  • KushKloud

    If they kept the black soles on them, I’d buy em. The blue tinted sole looks bad on these. They need to either make the damn sole match the colorway or they need to bring back the clear outsole, this blue tint has forced me to not buy certain shoes cuz it fucks the colorway up. Plus I actually liked the yellowing effect to the clear sole lol

    • guest

      you know the ‘blue’ goes away pretty quick
      they just add the blue to slow down yellowing

      • KushKloud

        The blue still sticks to my soles for whichever pairs I got wit em, I wear all my kicks in rotation though, and some only in the summer. If I wore the blue soled pairs more often maybe. Either way I got oreo 6s and varsity red/black 6s wit clear soles, and I just prefer the clear sole, even after it yellows lol

  • Kray11

    This too funny …. These are already on the fakewebsites being sold cause they been available to buy since 96 .

  • Fuck JB

    WEAK WEAK WEAK – Jordan y’all suck GIVE THE PUBLIC WHAT THEY WANT not what u wanna give em – WACK ASS SHIT – give us something good not this cheap lookin shit – ALL red melo – black out SOMETHING GOOD DAYM – JB y’all suck

    • Sneakerguidekeepit#

      So If they released the space jams would they be great cuz they both be the same shit if u look at it

  • enhancedakuma

    Fuck Nike! How the hell can they justify raising the prices on a specific model EVERY SINGLE YEAR? This is frankly just insulting to consumers and we really need to do something about it. Unfortunately, there are idiots who will pay just about any price for Jordan’s, so we’re probably S.O.L.

    • Kallision

      $200 for the Retro 3 ’88 that came out 2 years ago.
      $250 for the Laser 4 and 20 Jordan. Champagne and Cigar Jordan 6 as well as the 7s for last year and this year.
      People still bought them. So far JB knows that they can still reach a $250 price mark and have models and colorways sell out

  • ShoeEtiquette

    These are not fresh or dope or butter so whats the point

  • OG Jays

    Like the premium leather upper idea. Can’t wait!!!

  • J_Collector

    Pass money well saved this december

  • Glasses

    These are going to be dope. Just wait and see.

  • Buck

    Going to be a hype releae and will have to cop for sure.

  • 1GN

    Raise in price. WTF. HEARD 225/250????

  • Kray11

    I wish they would have just decided to release the space jams . These are basically breds .im just going to have them customized into the space Jams . I’m so glad for the gammas now these are basically fake to me , I rather have an all Orange pair or an all red pair , these are trash ,

  • Og

    I’m just gunna customize them into the dirty breds

  • flossbee

    Welp… looks like I’ll be doubling up on Aqua’s.

  • Deez Js

    All yal crazy these r sweet as fuk !!!! Keep doing yo thing Jordan. These boys will sell fast ! Il b swooping 2 no doubt

  • Mark

    I’d rather see some Space Jams since the Hare 7s & 1s are coming out. Or make a 30th anniversary pair? These just look like Breds with a clear sole.

    • Zeke Mallory

      What people don’t realize is it’s still early and shit can change

      • Mark

        I hope you’re right, but all the early pics or info on the last 3 or 4 11s has been dead on.

  • CinCityBo

    A lot of hating on this shoe just cause its not the space jam GTFOH 72-10 is a great concept for this shoe definitely not feeling an price increase that’s BS can’t wait 4 official info & pics

    • sneakerjunkie212

      Shit..I wonder..what is the price increase gona be ..210,215…..220…..ooh lawrd. Then u got to deal with the lines, fights n all damn

  • DJ Skip

    this shoe will turn heads, break ankles and get you robbed. just wait till the neighborhood sees the official photos or at least detailed ones


    Copping then coloring the midsole all black. hopefully I’m able to cop two pairs too

  • Lil’ Stilt

    I like them. Not sure why everyone is bitching about them. Why give us a shoe that released a few years ago, thats just dumb. I want new shit added to the collection. I don’t want my collection looking like space jam 20xx, space jam 20xx, space jam 20xx lol ya dig!

    • Sneakerguidekeepit#

      I’m wit u these is clean and a new colorway don’t know why people complaining

  • Ty

    A lot of people are going to break their necks to get these when all they are is remodeled “breds”, rather have the SpaceJams come out again.

  • Fresh wheels

    This is beautiful! A new colorway but keeping the classic colors. These are so much nicer than the Gamma blues

    • Kray11

      It’s not a new color way bro . It’s a new color combination but not color way. They are black and red , we all seen black n red 11s , we seen icy soles before . We seen blue carbon fiber they are simply space breds

  • sneakerjunkie212

    Of course we would have been happier with the dam space jams

    • Big Bill

      Your a fucking HYPEBEAST! We just fucking got those shoes. Why the FUCK would we want them again. DUDE, your pissing me the FUCK OFF.

      • Kray11

        Calm down big Bill you can suck him off later . To puss you off they should have released the space jams lol and jb should have asked you what city u in and not release them In your city so u can be assed out .

        • Big Bill

          BITCH ASS NIGGA KRAY11 over here think he a smooth talker. I’m about to BITCH ASS HIS ASSHOLE with my fucking flashlight so I can see the BULLSHIT he be talking myself. FUCK dem SPACE JAMS NIGGA. 72-10 All Day NIGGA. Holla At Me if you want to do lunch. OH and you paying tho my NIGGA!

          • Kray11

            You can suck me off and him off later then lmao

          • PatriotluvsxxorXX

            Big Bill straight trippin around this here joint. space jams all day over dem 72-10 space breds

      • JohnDoe6503

        It’s been 6 years since they released.

      • sneakerjunkie212

        Dude. U sound like a fuckin idiot…obviously u ain’t a collector,a fan,reseller ,or anything of importance. .because if u know anything the space jams really the only 11s. Of any importance that have yet to release. anywhere.. so fuck you n get ya money n info right before u approach me

  • Shoe allah

    Its not bad i just expected more but then again its jordan brand

  • Malachi Stone

    Lmao Space Breds

  • Space Breds

    Air Jordan 11 “Space Breds”

  • Michigan

    These are tough! 2nd confirmed pair of Jordan’s I’ll be coppin this year along with the Aqua 8’s.

  • Guest

    This is cool. I had hopes for the blue/white 11 joints melo had

  • Kray11

    If you ask me yet again cause I’m going to be talking about these all year …. I wish they were white n red some crazy combination of those two colors so they can match the bulls color way .

    • dizzle1119

      …because black & red DOESN’T match the Bulls colors?

      Jesus Christ. lol

  • Zeke Mallory

    As long as JB turns a profit, you can hang it up on the price…… Just stack your bread and get ready for a 300 dollar pairs

  • No hype here


  • jlo

    F#*k Footlocker Reseller Employees!

  • JohnDoe6503

    These look just like the space jams with a red logo instead of blue. The color way is nothing special and a real disappointment. They should have just brought back the Space Jams since its been 6 years. Really hope this is false.

    • Kray11

      Exactly. Even the if they use that bullshit “remastered ” it’s JB they have years and years of ideas and they settled on coming out with a black and red (again) it’s like “Breds 2.0”. They could have come out with a white and red pair like they did with the 19s which I still own. They could have had a white and navy blue pair . A reverse concord (high top) pair . Something different then these .

      • JohnDoe6503

        They’re starting to run out of sneakers to retro and it’s becoming clear that they lack artistic creativity. It’s only a matter of time before even the die hard sneak heads won’t be able to even afford Jordan’s. They keep testing our paitence year after year.

        • Kray11

          Your right bro I think the last shoe to atkeast have some creativity on it was the gammas and the low top reverse concords. These don’t cut it and to expect a price hike that’s insane.

        • dizzle1119

          The XI is about as simple as a silhouette can possibly get…and there are about 20 different colorways of this particular shoe now. Tell me, what else can be done, other than rainbow…..and then graphics? That shit didn’t work so well for the Foamposite, huh?

    • Coldworldnoblanket

      look just like the breds without a red outsole

  • yankeesfn2

    They cool but paying more than $180 is senseless

  • BrandonB2014

    Clearly a photoshopped picture, look closer

    • JOU

      No shit that what it says in the bio some fucking dip shit asshole whipping crusted shit from your fucking hairy ball sack.

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  • dekoven_bandzup

    These dope but I’d rather have the suede 11s or release the 16s or 21s as a Christmas release

  • Kray11

    Truth be told the only thing I’m happy about when these release is that we finally getting a black and red (special 11 box) so I can finally get rid of the black retro box my Breds came in lbs and put my breds in the box and put these trash 72-10s in the gift of flight box with my patone 11s

    • T$ .

      So your spending 220 for a box ?

      • dizzle1119

        of course. the Jordan Brand fans are retarded. You weren’t aware of this? I mean, it’s not a secret. They buy the same 8 shoes over and over at ever increasing prices. As I was saying….retards…

      • Julio Guerra

        I ain’t say anything about buying these for a box lol I said the only thing I’m happy about .

  • curt

    my dick is growing at the same damn time i look at these

  • SirFuck YaMotha

    I like tat they keeping it original because regardless they making money off of any pair of 11’s that come out but I prefer the space jam’s but I will still get these.

  • SirFuck YaMotha

    But if anyone hears more information please post

  • I love the colorway (It’s the Space Jam colorway with red instead of blue, literally; not sure how you could be a fan of OG colorways and not be feeling these), but if the finish product’s uppers looks anything like those “prototype” pics, I’m not sure if I’d cop. Why they wouldn’t just go with the traditional mesh panelling on the uppers is beyond me. On another note, are the 1st and last 2 pics photoshopped?

  • juke v

    i would love to see these drop!

  • Jack

    220 fuck outta here with this shit jb

  • ☆Dizzy Story☆

    not really feeling these ………. yet

    • dizzle1119

      yeah, because this new silhouette and complicated CW will take quite some time to “sink in”. You were ready to buy these pieces of shit at $400 before you even knew they existed.


      • ☆Dizzy Story☆

        lol true

  • Mark

    $220? Nope.. $200 was enough for the legend blues.

    • Julio Guerra

      Exactly bro and the resale market went sky high because most people sold there pair cause it was ether too white or just regretted paying 200 .

      • Mark

        Yup, and 11s ALWAYS get hit the resell market even though they make 500,000 pairs. A $35 price hike over the last 2 years for the SAME exact shoe, just different colors is ridiculous. Especailly when you consider the news coming out that Jordan himself made $100 MILLION last year off all of us!!!

  • Hospitalized Me

    Fuck this shit. Fuck you Jordan.

  • Easy $

    220? lmao, not even an og and its a basic ass cw. This is where people will stop paying.

  • Anthony

    220? Do my eyes decieve me?

  • Julio Guerra

    Space “breds” or Breds 2.0 …. Unless they stitch 72-10 on that shoe somewhere .it doesn’t have no type of feel of it being 72 and 10 lol .

  • 510kidd

    Smdh now that’s just disrespectful 220. For these that will be yellow in 3 wears tops. NO TIME

  • CJWatson

    Well I guess the legend blues will become my last pair of 11`s 220 + tax sorry I won’t fight the mob that’s y I don’t own any LeBron 12 til they get cheaper it’s getting out of control

  • guest

    Wait a minute..everything was cool til i seen 220. Now i know what else im not buying this year

  • A

    i dont get it you guys aree already willing to pay 200+ 20 dollars wont kill u if ur already spending that much

    • 510kidd

      If you own a pair of foams & a pair of 11s it’s no question that 220 for jays is outrageous. Foams I’ve had for ten years. & there still wearable. & hold there shape. Name 1 pair of jays that does that? Don’t worry I’ll wait…….

      • OG_KiCKS_NJ

        Exactly & the way I see it GS sizes are gunna be $150-165 range on these. Just imagine these kids saving up their money only to find out they have to pay way more. These fly off shelves regardless, only to resell them. I myself copped the Legend Blues. Won 3 raffles, sold 2 pairs for $20 above retail just to help people out instead of being raped by some random reseller. They just need to make even more pairs, over saturate the market, make soo many pairs they sit till summer in most stores. That’ll kill this price hike

        • A

          Abs right my

        • 510kidd

          We need more like u in the shoe game. That’s what got this whole price increase started. Resale rapist

          • OG_KiCKS_NJ

            I just like to help others, I sometimes go out & get a bunch of tickets for super hyped releases & help out my fellow GS size heads & a few men size heads as well. It aint all about the money or fame, its good to help out once a while

      • A

        Youre right it is high but were already paying 207 after tax for jays now .. people see 220 and are complaining yeah thats crazy but ur already paying 200 + on other jays this year… that extra what 30 shouldnt matter ? if ur already spending 200 + on other jays … maybe thats why some of these releases this year are still
        in stores

        • A

          Foams do last forever though lol .

      • Clifford Samuels

        3’s, 4’s, any type really. You just have to know how to sustain them and not beat the crap outta them.

        • 510kidd

          You should have just keep that dumb ass comment to ur self buddy. Cause those are the worst FOH. They only way u keep em up for 10 yrs is not wearing them…..

          • Clifford Samuels

            Oh boy, another internet badass. Its funny how you state your opinion as fact, as if anybody agrees with you on your statement. I have stealth 3’s that have been going on strong for 5 years now. Sure there’s some creasing and some paint cracking, but they still look good to the point where i still get compliments and questions as to where i got them. So please keep your bias to yourself and quit acting like your the Sophocles of Shoes.

          • 510kidd

            Lol so where the internet bad ass come from? Cause I don’t agree with that BS you talking. Go online play on the freeway in ur whack ass stealths dude

          • Clifford Samuels

            Thats funny considering you said my last statement was “a dumb ass comment”. And really? “Go and play in the freeway in your whack ass stealths”? You sound like you just got out of a mental institution. I can’t even take you seriously.

          • 510kidd

            You Cleary upset lil boy. U know what I meant ( play on the freeway) as in. Kill your self. Nobody cares what u think or about them weak ass stealth 3s Fuck boy

          • Clifford Samuels

            I don’t know why i would be upset lol. I mean for what exactly? Your just a phony ass e-thug, i’m over here laughing at your dumb ass.

          • Clifford Samuels

            And the reason why i referred to you as an “internet badass” is because your trying to act all tough by saying “FOH”. I don’t feel any type of way, i’m just calling a spade a spade.

  • A

    Hope the come in a nice box

  • Michael

    Should of used the wizards colorway or maybe drop the easter edition low tops 11 sigh well… guess i will be passing on jb 11’s this year again

  • duke334

    Lol $220?? I swear Jordan pimping on people with these prices. These shits was just $185 Christmas of 2012 I think. Plus tax on these like $235. You got a 32″ flat screen on your feet. Man I wanna see Jordans get up to $250 by 2017 & see if dudes still be buying them lol. These not even dope. Shoe game getting disgusting out here for people.

    • zoeboy1305

      the laser 20s was 250

      • Guest

        and those hoes sat on the bench for damn near a month

  • Guest

    Only way these will be on my feet is if their a gift.

  • brook

    These will deff sell out .. all 11s do

  • InMy02’s

    Are we really going to have a discussion about a price.. smh like it really matters how you think we made this man a billionaire, what from not coping? Cut it out folks beta put that OT in lol

    • Jefe Coszi Bryce

      We didnt make him a billionaire as quick as we made phil knight a billionaire…he made that from his stocks in the Hornets 750m. We are making Nike richer and they cut him a check…not like he makes a billion a year off Nike..GTFOH

  • Sneakerguidekeepit#

    All ya bitching in comments need to stop cuz ya know on the nineteenth y’all be the first ones Lined up for these. Besides these are 10x better then the gamma blues and ya suck the skin off does

    • DW22TheGreatest

      Thank you that’s what I’m saying

  • Tomgunz84

    220? Lmao Chill JB Greedy Fucks ! Sooner Or Later People Gone Wise Up Tho

    • 510kidd

      That nigga made that 100 mill last yr. & want it again this yr. 185 was already past my limit on jays. Especially when u know how much they use to retail at. I remember when a pair of 11s was $125

      • Tomgunz84

        Man Thats Crazy I Work At Champs And I Get My Jays At A 30% Discount Man I Prolly Wont Ever Buy Them Again If I Stop Working There To Be Honest

        • 510kidd

          Man I wouldn’t blame you bruh.

          • Tomgunz84

            Yeah I Got Other Kicks Besides Jays Its Just Fucked Up How They Raising The Price And Not Even Fixing The Quality Like They Said

        • 305

          man same here. as bad as I don’t want to buy these shoes I know I’m going to only cuz its the holiday and there usually part of a xmas gift. but know that there 220 it might be my only gift for xmas lol

          • Tomgunz84

            Yeah I Understand That But To Just Buy Without A Discount For Full Price Continously Is Insane Smh I Actually Started A List Of How Much I Pay For A Shoe At The Beginning Of The Yr Till The End

  • BancoPopulair

    JB better get MJ ass back on the court in 2016 fuckin round talking about $220! FOH!!

    • Ac


  • Will

    Not these.. Bring back the Space Jams! I’m gonna have to pass. I have WAY too many black n red J’s. I would pay $220 for the Space Jams, no prob – but not these.

  • BruhMan

    lmao…again you a billionaire give us a break. As much as i want these i will pass…not paying 220 for jays. i never bought any of the labs and the $190 price already got me on the fence this year



    • BruhMan

      if this the only pair someone wwas getting in 2015 your logic would make sense.

      • 510kidd

        Niggas kill me wit thinking just cause you pay more & can that’s makes everybody else broke. Actually your getting kicked in the dick every chance u get. With a smile. & you can’t drive or live in a pair of shoes. He needs to change his name to dumber than you lol

      • June Stone

        This shoe should make number 7 of the year for me but i have to leave two shoes off to fit this pair in

    • the rese

      Hey dude,not trying to complain or nun but some people r thinking about retirement or other things that they can be doing with their money. We’re still buying the same Damn model every holiday from jb. Its like a ponzi scheme, jb make so many of one brand of shoes now and couple years later come back again with the same Damn model and we’re jumping all over them. But at the end of the day I’m looking to have money not like mj but just enough. Not 200+ pair is shoes. But it’s all good. U only live once

      • DW22TheGreatest

        Nobodies forcing you to pay for the shoe theirs plenty of people that will pay that much and more to get these shoes and they’ll actually get them if you don’t wanna pay that much then don’t you just won’t get the shoe nobodies forcing you.

  • OnlyInNY

    If you have a fresh pair of space jams, then these are a must. They’d go great next to each other.

  • YouGreedyAssFucks

    220? Wtf happened to 185? Shits getting ridiculous. Idgaf if it’s a slight increase. Increase for what?!? Quality hasn’t changed stop fucking with us you inconsiderate greedy pieces of shit.

  • Corey Worthy

    This shoe is really 220 for a an ok basic colorway and want me to pay 220 for basic or they should switch to 160

  • WorldStarOfficialSpellCheck

    Dead ass I’m bout to stop collecting Jordan’s… Nike getting too greedy!!!!!! Nobody paying re sell prices for retail…

    • WorldStarHippy

      no you ain’t. i bet you cop these in a heart beat. bitch ass nigga.

      • WorldStarOfficialSpellCheck

        I’m a bitch ass nigga because I didn’t like sneakers Huh?? Lol your a bitch ass nigga for worrying about another mans feet… Oh fuck your dead grandmother

        • Boom!!


      • WorldStarOfficialSpellCheck

        Oh and if your a real nigga text my jack and let’s see if your really like that!!! 862-208-2776… Not a keyboard thug I kill niggas so hmu asap

  • Carlos

    I was wondering when can you get the ticket at foot locker or is it to early to say the day?? (December)

  • I’m wondering if they gonna do like last Christmas with 2 pair of 11’s these and another pack???? I hope not though the last 1 almost killed my pockets lol

    • Boom!!

      Yeah it will probably be the Air Jordan xx10 or something like that.

      • Peter

        or Air Jordan xxx

  • SMH

    they look like Bred’s wit icy bottoms imma cop but damn JB I could of thought of this -__-

  • WhatsFly23

    I had to grow onto these they fly now..I gettn um

    • Master P

      Wait till more pics start coming. You’re gonna fall in love my dude

      • Still Shy

        Its so sad. Like do these bussinesses purposely leak photos to start up hype. The sneaker game will never be the same.

  • He Ain’t Ralph

    Wonder what Santa Clause feels about all these hype release during Christmas. Wonder if my dude cops a pair for himself. I mean he’s delivering them to so many hoods, why not cop a pair and fit in.

  • cat627h

    Jordan Brand plz no translucent outsoles on da Jordan 11’s..

  • I think these are dope! Imma cop myself 3 pair.. 2 wear 1 pair to collect and shit load to sell..
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    • Nice shoe

      Exactly why the “shoe game” sucks right now. The resale gimmick has been entirely overdone. The whole “sneakerhead” thing is messed up as well cause most of the people are just buying shoes to fit this terrible gimmick. Instead of buying shoes they like to wear. An entire trend of followers. So people like me who genuinely like the Jordan XI shoe specifically have to compete with all the followers.

      • yankeesfn2

        Exactly your right. Greed kills it for everyone

      • VCITY1153

        Great point.

  • Juno

    that ladies and gentlemen is why Michael Jordan is now a Billionaire…500 000 pairs sold for the 1st week x 20 Dollars increase on each pair….well, just do the math

    • Peter

      he doesnt get all the money, the money has to be split with manufacturing costs, employees and everyone else who works with JB.

    • Robert

      He talks in royalties from his product sales. For example, if jordan brand makes 2.5 billion, he takes home about 90 million. He’s a billionaire because of his stake in the Charlotte Hornets

      • Robert


  • FTP

    These are a letdown. The Space Jam 11’s with the mesh were one of the best J’s and they should be re-released.

  • T Bon

    I want red on white 11’s finally. Like the cherry lows but in high top.

  • SirFuck YaMotha

    So I’m guessing this is going to be the Jordan’s released for Christmas. I will get them but the Space Jams would be better but these not that bad but if anything else comes in just keep posting because I got to know the 11’s that are coming out this year

  • Anthony

    Need to stop hoeing us and just make the sole black…

  • The Truth 23

    Add a red or black sole instead of that blue clear icy one. Then we could say they stepped their game to a whole other level. That is if JB really cares what we think now that $220 plus tax they bugging for real for real.

    • shadowhawk672

      i think they would also be cool if they added black bottoms but if they add the red bottoms they would basically be the breds and did you see how terrible the form of the black bottoms on that picture above so i like the ice bottoms

  • x_MJ_x

    space breds, lul. Passing

    • shadowhawk672

      why would you pass

    • The TRUTH 23

      Hey genius these are not space jams there releasing them based on the season they went 72-10, but can expect much from a person lul whatever that’s supposed to be!!!

  • vladimir grey

    gorgeous shoe! copping all that way yeaaaa!

  • SirFuck YaMotha

    I think they cool but you can do a lot with the 11’s but they should have just brought back the space jams since they doing the low breds

  • GoPackkGo

    Is it December yet

    • Poodle

      No bitch

      • GoPackkGo


  • Corey Worthy

    220 for a basic shoe inflation or nah

  • Cavarsea

    The price of J’s go up every year, why everybody going crazy over the 220 price tag when practically every hot shoe from Nike that mean something now is 200+. That 220 ain’t gone stop no one once the release get close.

    • Lol!

      Lol, you hit the nail on the head with that one!! Heads will buy know matter what price Jordan brand throws out.

  • Ariana

    i pray these come out in grade school sizes.. being a 6.5 and seeing these make me want to cry b/cit doesnt say anywhere that they will be releasing in grade school sizes.

    • Prince

      they will dog, in all sizes and will be highly available

  • mars

    They need to make a mid version of both cherry 11 lows . Who agrees?

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      Those original lows were actually rumored to come back out this summer, ahh I miss those OG colorways. Hopefully they redo those Hot Pink lows that were extremely rare. Good treat for the ladies

      • mars

        I’m just tired of mainly black color ways . Besides the legend blues, we have the Breds, space jams, gammas, and these new 72-10 11’s.. I want more colors than black


    Ahh man that iridescent patent leather Fkn killed the shit out of this shoe!! Rainbow ass leather on it foh

    • VCITY1153

      I Agree!

  • Derek

    not sure if I’m feeling this new patent leather. hope its either not included or looks a lot better in person

  • cat627h

    Translucent outsoles getin old, can JB get creative n give us sumin besides translucent outsoles..

  • enfinant

    It’s straight but the price is unnecessary. I would cop but I have to see what is coming out on December 26.

  • guest 23

    Space breds Smdh no creativity at all .ima still cop but these might just be the last 11s I do cop unless they have a limited pack coming out how they did with the patones

  • nyubynye .

    One good thing is the leather upper. I think it will propel this shoe more than the patent leather

  • Big Papi

    Th iridescent patent leather will be so dope

  • Kicks Giggles

    these shits weak the hypebeasts will love that shit though then fuck them up in the first week

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      Yup. wear them each day till the next big Saturday release after the Holidays

    • law

      I just like the transparent toe box

  • princeretro9

    Bred n space jam had a baby ? Lol but iI think these will grow on me hopefully by December iI like them enough to cop

    • Boom!!

      This is what I’m saying, plenty of time to change your mind, probably will cop though!!

  • Kooler

    I know a lot of people don’t really like them, thinking they imitate the space jams but I personally like this pair and they have a nice theme for them. I’m definitely getting them.

  • Will

    JB is making it very easy for me to save money this Holiday season. So far everything that is coming out from Black Friday on is JUNK unless they announce something new. These 11s are ok but not nice enough to pay $220

  • Lex

    220 eventually gs will be 180 and both these prices are too much for a shoe.

    • For get these

      Yup u totally right im done with Jordán brand retarded prices but what could we do😒

  • Brooke Hoetzer

    jordan retro 11 georgetown or the lady liberty retro 10 torn between what to get???? recommendations or suggestions please

    • lawrence

      Lady liberty

      • Brooke Hoetzer

        Leaning towards those but I love the lows too .. What makes you say liberty

        • whitemikenj

          cause the liberty’s are better…i have both…but i love the libertys

    • VCITY1153

      Lady Liberty’s

  • “G”

    For $220 their not that hot…take away the white and make it black. All black with red jump man…mmmmmm???

    • Bryce Fuller

      Ngga they are prototypes.

  • VCITY1153

    Space Jams.. Definitely. These look proportionally wrong in my opinion, but these are sample photos. Also, the colorway is bad. The black and white photos look better. The red jumpman throws everything off to me. I want these but I need to see the official photos.

  • Kelvin Lopez

    hell yeah im gettin these

  • Deez Nuts

    $220 WTF these ain’t worth copping just for the fact that these are hideous and the price point is ridiculous $220 really. Jordan brand gotta chill with these prices that they are putting on the J’s cause some of them are ain’t worth paying for and reason why prices go up is cause of the hypebeasts out their. But any ways good luck for them legit sneakerheads that are going for these👍 and tough luck for those hypebeasts👎

  • Sneaker’s2fresh

    What is wrong with all u idiots, hype beasts, retarded people. Always repeating what everyone else opinions were. Clearly you don’t know that this is still 8 months prior to the release. All of you saying “these ain’t worth copping” Just because your a 14 yr old that doesn’t have $220 to get these. These are clearly original colorways that people have been wanting since 2010. Bred-Space-Jam mix. I’m copping, these are too fresh.
    I could care less if you don’t cop them. The more people the harder it will be for me to cop. 🙂

    • W_dubb

      but if you could care less then it means that you do care and these aint worth copping

    • The struggle

      Um dude sorry to break it to you but I was never gonna copped these space jams and breds fuse together but if u going for it go for it nobody stopping u.

  • JayC3

    Im about to cut through the GS sizes and have my toes showing to save me some money or maybe just drop some cut in that white girl LoL..

  • Malachi Stone

    These Shoes Are Just Awful This Nigga JB Expect Mfs To Buy Anything.

  • Legendary

    Won’t be upset if I miss out on these, just like missing out on the gamma’s 2yrs ago. Would have loved to have gotten another Crack at the Space Jams especially for his 30th……maybe we will get lucky and they will release a pack including the Space Jams and the XXX’s like they did last year with the pantones.

  • PatriotluvsxxorXX

    I was on the fence about these but not anymore. This is a def no cop for me. Release actual 11’s and then I’ll buy them with the price increase but not paying that for made up colorways. get a clue JB

  • exel leon

    I feel like they gona fuck up the 11s this year

  • Lodidodida

    How can yall already have an opinion on the shoe? all you’ve seen is freelance photoshop and old samples that don’t even apply to this release.

  • GreenMeanie

    lol…all the people on here saying “pass.” Good. Remember that come Dec.

    • PatriotluvsxxorXX

      Ppl saying pass actually care about shoes. Come Dec most ppl that will try and get these are only interested in resell and not the actual shoe

    • guest 23

      I gives two fucks about Jordans . I’m just happy that there’s stupid fucks out here that want to skip the lines and skip all that raffle shit and buy shoes off me . If these are 220 in December then I can easily pop them off for 340 .

      • The Truth OG

        Because of niggas like u is the reason the sneaker game is fucked up grow da fuck up it’s funny to me how u thinking u hustler cause u flipping kicks that sell themselves. Like my nigga J said ” I can sell water to a well” but u can’t say that. I bet u could probably sell water bottles for $20 bucks on a real hot day in the summer where their ain’t any water any where else LMAO!!! Stop fucking up da game nigga u the reason nike is upping their prices and don’t give a fuck about what they put out anymore. Cause there are niggas that are true sneaker heads like a bunch of my niggas and myself. Don’t worry me about my peeps and me, but their is way to many young niggas getting shot over a pair of Js after making sacrifices 2 own a pair of Js. So don’t be so ignorant and nieve Buster!!!

        • The Struggle is Real

          I agree with this man all the stuff he said is true shit all of these fucking Hype beasts just buy shoes cause a friend told about and just want to be a wannabe I do agree . And many of them don’t even like them and use them as playing shoes or just fuck them up and they buy the ugliest color ways and that’s why JB rise the prices in these ugliest js

    • OnlyInNY

      I’ve said pass on many kicks and I didn’t care about them nor did I end up getting them?

      • PatriotluvsxxorXX

        You didn’t understand my post but it’s ok. It’s not that they care about that individual shoe but care about shoes overall and what they rock not just getting them to resell. Read above at guest 23’s post and that pretty much sums up what I’m trying to say

  • dizzle1119

    Yeah, fuck them for doing something different. Who the hell do they think they are?

    • PatriotluvsxxorXX

      Clowns like yourself most likely buy this made up trash and encourage JB to keep making these. Ppl with these actually think they have a real Jordan shoe GTFOH

    • Just asking

      I’m just wondering what “actual 11’s” and “real Jordan’s are?

      • PatriotluvsxxorXX

        og colorways breh not made up colorways for the kids

      • Just asking

        Oh..In that case i may have to disagree, I like those but I also like the Cool grey and Space Jams, which were not OG colors

        • PatriotluvsxxorXX

          those may not be OGs but I’ll let those colorways slide. Why? 1.) Both those shoes have been released multiple times and B.) Jordan actually wore them while playing

  • dizzle1119

    $350 for plastic XI’s from an ebay seller = hell yeah
    $220 for all leather XI’s directly from Nike = fuck that shit

    I know there are a lot of borderline illiterate, stupid folks in the sneaker scene, but some of the shit is still comical.

  • machinegun

    Have to see actual photosof the shoe to judge them

  • Flight Club Ky

    I’m copping just wish they had that black sole like the photo shop pics instead of the icey blue.

  • Kicks Giggles

    these shits trash let us get the cool greys or space jams

    • weatmatt

      tu tambien pendejo

      • weatmatt

        CONTESTA !!!!!!!!

  • ono

    They are giving us this shit so that the 11s next year are so hyped you wont be able to look without seeing a hypebeast

  • Hank Trill

    Yall crying over $220 but you’ll still buy them lmao

    • jaghd

      vete la verga

  • whitemikenj

    JB need to hire me…i would have made the 72-10 a “Dirty Bred” with a gold keychain (much like the DMP 11) to signify their championship…what a winner that would have been…next year they need to drop the Space Jam “45” 11’s

  • Noah Middlefingazalwayzup Siff

    all these haters on here need to chill if you not copping then fine but we all know just like with the yeezy boost when they drop 99.9% of the same dudes running off at the mouth were trying to cop outright or on the low..come december the same lames who talking now will be looking to cop these, also if ya’ll so unhappy with the price its simple DON’T BUY i think its b.s that nike is flat out waxing but thats why i only cop the must haves on my list instead of BUYING EVERY DAMN RELEASE LIKE A HYPEBEAST..

    For all you ”so called” sneakerheads who always wanna talk about the original release, colorways, materials & whatever other little nick nacky shit makes you sound more like old school hypebeast than a REAL sneakerhead who simply has love & passion for the shoe game PERIOD all your complaints are not invalid but many are just silly as hell ;)>

  • daniel marban

    make the white red then these shoes would get hella hype

  • W_dubb

    220 oh hell nah

  • seth crutchfield

    A must cop. That leather on the upper with the 23 stitched in is fireeee

  • Mark

    Need to see more pics, but I really might just pass.

  • just that guy

    Put it like this is this really going threw all that drama and shit just to get a pair like I wasn’t going to cop Anyway but i know when they show the full shoe everyone will change there minds but is it worth it price and hype wise it’s a 11 nothing new but the colorway

  • ChiRaqGoofies


  • PatriotluvsxxorXX

    def trying to get these for resell only. I’d pay $140 max for these. The rest of the shoe is not hard to figure out what it will look like


    Most Hype Shoe of 2015

  • Flight Club Ky

    Must cop I passed on the gammas, Gone be a nice lil pick up for my archives

  • willhoops

    That jordan sign look like in time it’ll fall 0ff

    • dizzle1119

      It won’t matter. Only 1 out of every 10,000 pairs will actually be worn.

      • 1 KING

        1 out of every 10,000…lol, nice!

      • willhoops

        Lol rt but for the people who actually wear em hopefully it’s stitched on pretty tight

  • yooo


  • dizzle1119

    these gon “grow on” everyone…and sell out in minutes….and cost $400 on ebay…just like all XI’s.

    nothing new to see here.

    • dizzle1119

      Materials look nice on these, too. The first non-plastic XI’s since the 90’s.

  • ChiRaqGoofies

    these gon “grow on” everyone…and sell out in minutes….and cost $400 on ebay…just like all XI’s.

    nothing new to see here. #OTF #SameOlShit

  • Swaggy p

    I didn’t like these at first but the quality looks dope and they’re growing on me.

  • Michael

    I guess i’ll be waiting till one of these chinese site get them….

  • ben

    dino hatfield himself said these were not real

    • j’s 4 days

      yeah the real pair is supposed to have “72-10” not 23 SBD

  • Michael

    You have a better chance at winning a scratch off lottery ticket then copping a pair of j’s now days……..

  • ShoeEtiquette

    Jb/Nike fucking crazy $220 that is an insult to the sneaker community as a whole, you monopolizing motherfuckers are out of line and disrespectful something serious

  • W_dubb

    nah fam

  • Kicks Giggles

    trash …

  • RetroKid823

    So we can get up close pics but not a picture of the full shoe and soles etc. 😒

  • Guest

    I can see Nike not giving away to much info for these until it’s close to release date. Nike fucked up all the bootleg sites that were selling fake bred 11 lows with black insole when the legit ones had red insoles. Be patient folks…

  • face

    These the only Jordan’s that don’t get old quick cuz they don’t come out every month like the rest of the J’s

  • JustaGuy

    Quality looks good on those pictures. Still gotta get more before I make my mind.

  • Julio Guerra

    So far it has the same quality as a AJ 12

  • 23Finest

    just hit up a few connects and I’m getting a sample pair this week!

    • 3847LawrenceAv

      How much would they charge for a pair of size 13 samples?

      • yankeesfn2


        • 3847LawrenceAv

          Woah I live in Toronto man that means I’m paying like $600 basically forget that

    • David Sadek

      Price & time-frame for samples in a mens size 9 to [email protected]

  • Disqus_deez

    Gotta see what the bottom gone look like. Don’t put that trashy ice bottom on em

    • JustaGuy

      Man, what do people have against Icy bottoms? They look great IMO. Just take care of your outsoles and they won’t yellow much if at all.

      • Disqus_deez

        They gone yellow regardless. I like the look of ice on certain shoes, but I don’t buy cuz of the fact that overtime they will yellow.

        • Pete

          they’re icy. I’d dye it black if i was going to pick them up

          • Disqus_deez

            Now if they had a black icy bottom that would be dope

  • shadowhawk672

    i wish the shoe looked like the sample they had that looked like the space jams now ii dont know what the hell thats all i gotta say idk if they are going to be sick or not i don’t know

  • bk718celebrityblack

    Not Fire! Shits look like patent leather orthopedic shoes, for the fashionable 80 year old.

    • Petey

      and you’ll still buy so stfu

      • bk718celebrityblack

        I won’t so suck my dick!

  • cat627h

    Waiting game now, wait n see, hopefully JB will produce a top quality pair of 11’s..

  • Lost123

    Spacejams wouldve been better

    • Paperback

      Space jams.. Not that serious. Breds 👍

  • jon brandon

    no matter what color the xmas 11 is everyone gonna buy..its a tradition, its fun, exciting..doesnt matter if its green and orange

  • Trent

    So ugly do not like the tumbled leather how could jb mess up a Jordan 11?

  • fuck these 11s

    Never thought I’ll see a 11 that resembles a 12 with the materials they using

    • CJWatson

      You’re rite on that bro but on the same note the 12 were the best built of all

  • Pete

    JB didn’t learn their lesson with the iridescent baron 13s? shits were ugly

    • Mike


  • Jayme C

    Fucking CLEAN

  • W_dubb


    • Juan

      I bet you still cop tho. Wait till we see the whole shoe you gonna be like DAMNNNNNN (smokey voice)

      • W_dubb

        I don’t spend 200 on kicks

        • Jake E Torres

          I have a few Asics too.

  • guest

    Is this general release?

    • RockawayBully

      Yes GR like every 11 release

      • wolfxxx

        But expect to defend yourself against the hypebeasts that make camps, the resellers who will take your size run, and the “thugs” who will skip you, fight/jump you and last but not least kill you for this GR.

  • Guest

    Would rather have had the space jam 11s. Once I get my hands on those I think i’d be done buying Js.

    • Jake E Torres

      What size are you? Be paypal ready.

  • Jeremy Jackson

    Thought it was a red metalic jumpman, now its a embossed jumpman. Thought they was going to be dope at 1st, not so sure now.

    • wolfxxx

      Don’t those peel off at some point? The embossed jumpman?

  • Reggie Hughes

    I just want a full pic of the shoe lol

  • Why the GITD soles tho?

    • No hype here

      Quick question bruh. You know if the 2009 space jams had the size sticker on the inside of the insole?? Any help would be much appreciated

  • willhoops

    Man they better not that doesn’t even go together

  • Lol

    I’m not falling for fucking mind games!! Stop talking shit about I don’t like and won’t cop. Come December everyone will cop if you’ve got the money!!!!

  • zut

    All these comments…. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddd!!!! These muthafukas are going to be 🔥 I hope them soles glow like the Yeezy’s did. When them official pictures drop everyone going to be drulling, and everyone will be trying to cop. Shit I was on board with the leather instead of mesh change.

  • RetroKid823

    All these fuckin side pictures, where a pic of the whole shoe. Like If u going to show all the other pictures might as well show the full thing.

  • Charles

    Are they releasing GS sizes?

  • Gmf Fse

    I’m getting 2 pair of these so if yu need a size 12 hmu… IG gmf_archie_fse

  • Lol

    funking hell!! You might as well have just repeated what I said first!!!

  • Guest

    Those can’t be authentic. Unless for some reason they took the Jordan tag off of the tongue.

  • Jake E Torres

    Sole looks clear and no blue tint = autocop

  • Probably

    man these look clean AF

  • SIZE11

    That on foot photo just sold me straight up. They look 100x better than I expected.

  • exel leon

    Sole is horrible

  • 510kidd

    Yeah that white fucks it all up. Still passing

  • PatriotluvsxxorXX

    these are awful get real JB

  • Hutch 19D

    The jumpman looks cheap like it’ll peel off

  • zut


  • Guest

    not impressed… release the info for motorsport 4s & raging bulls 5.

    • Khalid Perry

      Raging bull 5s not dropping this year bruh

      • ATL Hawks 2016 NBA Champions

        How do you know

    • J_Collector

      motorsport 4’s are never dropping to the general public those were a F&F release

  • yup

    They’re good to go. I’ll take 3 pairs.

  • W_dubb

    these arent wavy. the leather on the tongue looks dumb and the white bottom is wack

  • Chase Diego

    Hard af I’m so glad niggas is sleepin on these.. I’m boocoo hype for these

    • Johnny Robinson

      Nobody sleeping bruh

      • Michael

        you’d be suprised how many dont like em!

  • doobie Man

    These would make a good cup holder.

  • ATL Hawks 2016 NBA Champions

    So they’re Breds without the red sole

    • skeen

      No they’re not… Reading is fundamental… the sole will glow in the dark and the upper is leather instead of mesh… looks nothing like the breads smh

  • Kyle

    Good Coop I’ll Take Any High Top 11 with great qualify

  • beatsbymarcus78

    i wonder how that sole will look after like a year.
    these dope.

  • InMy02’s

    Phuck all the nonsense all I know is that aggressive isn’t aggressive enough to explain these..


    These are ass! Easy pass

  • willhoops

    These would of been better as lows

  • q

    These will not glow despite what you read

  • guest

    Might be the first 11 to not sell out as fast lol.

  • T$ .

    No blue tint sole ,I love it 😏

  • T$ .

    I haven’t got a holiday 11 since the concords and Im loving these

  • Reggie Hughes

    Better than expected, but still passing

  • Hutch 19D

    They need a better design cause these are lacking and with a $220 price tag I’m unimpressed

  • Louisianna Hot Boy

    Cop city allday

  • DOPE

    im in love

  • CranMystery

    once someone paints that midsole black these gonna be fire

  • kj osd

    These look great, I hope I can get a pair.

  • Poop Johnson

    honestly they r kinda boring…i like them and i had the urges to get them but you gotta face reality sometime…my breds r enough :/

  • CJWatson

    Loving the leather and the texture changes just want a different colorway with this remastered treatment but oh so.fresh for the 11’s

  • Juteius Jasper

    Reminds me much of the Jordan Futures

    • Shawnda

      I mean they took the sole originally from the 11’s and created the Jordan future so they are basically the same shoe except for the upper 💯

  • ₩₳▼€

    Dope affff hope that sole isn’t gitd tho that white gum is 🔥🔥🔥

  • ₩₳▼€

    Now can we get some pics of the aquas and chrome 8s tho

  • cat627h

    Different look wit da leather upper, jus sumin new than 2 wat wer use 2 wit da AJ 11’s but, its a gud change up, great lookin shoe overall, I’ll try for my pair..✌👌 da “🐐”..!!!!

  • sneakerhead23

    if they got rid of the white bottom, and instead of that cheap looking jump man, make a stitched one like all other 11s, it would look a lot better.

    • Will

      I agree about the stitched jumpmam 100%. I like the white bottoms tho, different. This pair will be my only cop this Holidays Season.

  • Juteius Jasper

    Particularly this 11 though

  • W_dubb


  • yooo

    Ay I love the bottoms

  • Zut

    These just keep getting better and better….. 🔥

  • Michael

    Okay! I can fuck with this i didnt like the other pics they released but these are nice! i wish the jumpman writing on the tounge was there instead of the logo

    • Michael

      okay i just looked back its there! just not in red

  • Julio Guerra

    The white bottom like that make them look like boots lbs. None the less they some heat for the winter.

  • BensonStanley88

    Quality looks exelent. For me they’d be perfect with a transparent charcoal sole.

  • Michael

    These are not the final version, and also these will be in a pack like the pantone of last year

    • Prince Akeem

      Probably a stand alone like the Columbias of last year.

  • KJ

    sole collector officially said that the Melo PE 11s will be dropping on December 1st. They do not have a picture on the website. But if you look the image up, best 1s of all time hands down.

    • Ezy

      wait on it. if they were releasing they would be all over social media. everyone would have that same info by now.

  • KJ

    Sole collector just announced the Melo PE 11s will drop in December. Best 11 ever hands down when you see the image.

    • Smee

      yeap, i’ll pay 250 for those all day…fire right there.

      • E

        But you know they gonna throw it in a pack with the air jordan 30 got a feeling so won’t pay 250 more like 500 again

    • Prince Akeem

      Why are you fucking with us ?

  • exel leon

    They look better off feet

  • StephanieCCarr


  • ??

    So do the soles Glow in the dark or not???

  • W_dubb

    they look even dumber on feet

  • tirevaro


  • guest 23

    They look like boots . No actual creativity . I never thought JB could actually mess up a pair of 11s. I personally would along with the whole world would like to see them in person cause these pics make them look crazy ugly.

  • ShoeEtiquette

    I love 11’s like the majority of the sneaker community but im having a hard time feeling this particular pair ever since i seen pics, i understand the theme and all that but the leather upper is not looking all that flattering on this shoe imo, or maybe its the glittery patent leather and the iron on patch like jumpman smh shit just looks like a cheap knock-off version to me. Where is the quality jb? Now i do love the true icey sole if jb can use it on this pair just go head and put it on all the shoes that sport icey soles im sure most heads would definitely be happier. Yes i understand why the icey blue sole is being use i just dont care give me the crystal clear ice. The 11 is perfect in ever way why go and mess it up smh

    • T Bon

      The sole is the reason I hate these muthafuckas. … Why couldn’t they have a black sole like the Gammas???

      • jjamesonthekid

        Gammas had a gamma blue outsole though…

        • dizzle1119

          Not in this dude’s world. smfh

          …and again, someone wants these to be more like a recent XI….that was pleather and looks like shit after 1 wear. These motherfuckers are so used to buying garbage they can’t see something decent when it’s put in front of them…

        • T Bon

          Yeah I mean the black mid sole

        • T Bon

          Yeah I mean the black mid sole

    • dizzle1119

      You look at this shoe and say “where is the quality at, JB”?

      Have you not seen pretty much any Jordan XI that has released in the past 5 years or more? THOSE are garbage. This is the first XI in eons to NOT be shit in terms of quality. Seriously, you don’t have to like the shoe. You can hate them if you want, even. I couldn’t care less either way. …but to look at these and say “Where is the quality?” just makes you look stupid as fuck.

      Bring this man some plastic Legend Blue XI’s. lol…

      • ShoeEtiquette

        Dizzle 1119 or whatever the fuck your calling yourself at this present moment in time ima let you make it my man, but the next time you feel like you got something derogatory to say about what the fuck i comment on when it come to these or any shoe that your in love with or hyped up to purchase ima embarrass you homie, See bruh you just a consumer like the rest of us on this site your nobody special your no authority on kicks dont fool yourself fool cus thats just foolish for a grown man to think that way. See i peeps all the lil slick shit you be talking to everyone when they reply something contray to your beliefs system but look a here money the next time you feel compelled to try and belittle me with any type of ignorance falling out of your pussy ima stick my dick, nuts plus my foot and whole entire leg in yo shit, im the wrong one dude keep it 100 and keep it moving you dont want these troubles in paradise cus thats just gonna “make you look stupid as fuck” you really should mind your manners. Now can somebody please go pull that plastic dildo out of Mr. Dizzle 1119 ass, i would do it myself but i dont fuck with punks lol. Naw but seriously relax dizzle don’t get your panties all uptight bout these lil shoes that most of us find so insignificant in the grand scheme of life, but i understand if you need them to validate your worth in this world.

        • shadowhawk

          Dang bro, Dizzle1119 will probably never post a bogus or any comment after what you said hommie

          i aint gonna lie that was one of the most serious, real, but funny AF

          • ShoeEtiquette

            I ain’t really mean to get into him like that bruh ima peaceful dude most of the time but when you step on these mean streets popping that reckless shit with total disrespect outcha face we gone have a ugly confrontational clash. Im justa opinionated lover of kicks like the majority but ima fully grown man, dont talk down to me i aint’cha bitch or your seed, if he didn’t know before he know now

  • Ry

    These are fire! I like these & the space jams honestly. I’d like to have em both.

  • InMy02’s

    On feet didn’t do these no justice smh

  • Josh

    Only thing that could make these look worse would be to wear them wit some gay-ass camos.

    • face

      exactly camo don’t go wit everything I’m tired of seeing hype beast rock j’s and camos smfh don’t even match

  • LookalikeSNIPES

    This looks more like it could be a DB 11

  • Louisianna Hot Boy

    Hype Hype And More Hype it’s only June

  • Casey

    i dont think they are gonna put the tag on the tongue on the shoe with “the greatest to play the game” cause of the stupid person that says someone else is better

  • Big Papi

    Damn if only the breds came in that sexy box

  • dizzle1119

    need a black midsole.

  • shadowhawk

    I like but i think they should have came out with the sample versions that looked like the space jams but with the all red accents

  • shadowhawk

    defintly a cop because i always wanted some 11s but never had none. sad story yeah i know.

    • Guy

      I don’t think it’s sad my friend!! I’ve never had a pair myself, but These will be on my list come December!!!!

      • shadowhawk

        yeah totally but i might be gettings some breds pretty soon any way

    • Nite

      same thing I just need some 11s

  • Unknown123

    These are hype

  • Unknown123

    I hate when people act like they have big ass nuts but they dont sum dude up here cursing peple out he need to shut the fuck up

  • Chase Tompkins

    Man, I hate how the overlay with the 23 and the red jordan is now a suede texture instead of a mesh fabric, look how much hair gets stuck to it!

    • 11 72-10

      Dude don’t be OCD, pick the fucking hair off then

    • shadowhawk

      yeah u better brings some tape or lint roller, hell thats what ima do

  • Lomebot

    Sharpie Penny 6 from the Foamposite Sharpie pack
    $290 shipped

    • Leirda

      What size I’ll give you that if it is my size email me

      • Leirda

        Never mind

    • Bruh

      290????😂😂😂😂 good luck

  • Lomebot

    Sharpie Penny 6 from the Foamposite Sharpie pack
    size 10 $290 shipped

    What the KD 7 $250 shipped

    • RockawayBully

      Ha ha $290 for penny 6’s smh they just sitting in my mall and I Live in ny,good luck man but those penny 6 are a hard sell even if it was at $90 you might have a chance,just chalk it up as a lost and just realize you brought a pair of foams for $500 plus,don’t worry we all make these bad decisions,I myself had brought many crappy Jordan packs with shitty seconds smh,but I didn’t bite on the last few like the Brazil,year of the dragon,but I was close to getting the Pantone and the MTM pack but last min decided no to much money for one shoe you like and another pair you have no intention of wearing,sucks I know.but I can see those KD’s going quick.

    • dizzle1119

      $300 for some Penny VI’s.

      You crazy…or just stupid?

  • Casey

    melos are better

  • W_dubb

    the more i see these the more i hate them

  • shadowhawk

    they look kinda like a “Fear Pack” part to but thats my opinion

  • 11 ID please!!!

    I know loads of people have said this on different sneaker websites and I 100% agree with them. Instead of all this rubbish they should have let us ID the 11 just for Christmas and if your ASS isn’t fast enough then you don’t get!!!

    • Prince Akeem

      Good lord, ID the 11s ? What the hell is wrong with you ? How old are you kid ? That’s just wrong on so many levels.

      • DrakeDaSavage

        I flagged that nigga. He is a maniac

        • Prince Akeem

          lmao…..he’s one of those posers. I see them everywhere. Id the 11’s ? What an embarrassment to sneaker culture.

          • Lol

            And as for you nigga, take DrakeDaSavages DICK outta your ASS and MOUTH for one second!!!

          • Prince Akeem

            Well that doesn’t make any sense…..he agreed with me..

        • Lol

          Nigga don’t be silly now, if Nike put these on ID your DUMBASS would be one of the first ones on there!!! I mean you’ve got MJ’s DICK in your mouth most of the time, why wouldn’t your ASS want a pair??

  • 3847LawrenceAv

    I only want these so I can have a legit 11 box for my breds since they’re still ds

  • sneakerhead23


  • OnlyInNY

    Is that a clear sole I see? Oh yes!

  • CutTheShit

    Most hyped up shoe of all time good god stop posting pics. We get it!!!!

  • 1 KING

    I am going to hate this shoe come December.I wonder if Mario will say, “hold up, let’s let posting this shoe rest for a while” instead of every damn week until release day.

    • High_Influence

      AMEN, like holy shit

  • I want to see them in person.

  • PatriotluvsxxorXX

    these are str8 gaaaahbage! the kiddies in the hood and fat joe will go crazy for em tho

  • Bruh

    CP3 11s >>>>>>> this trash

  • no creativity on these 11s

    These not all that . They lack creativity they look like the breds which are in fact the real 72-10 smdh . I’m glad I still have a DS pair of the gammas . I’m more happy about that then these. Last Yeats legend blue wasn’t all that ether . What’s next year a pair of concords with a red bottom or a all white bottom ?

    • Robert Cardwell

      Its just commemoration, why hate?

  • space jam #23

    Can’t wait for these to come out !! #excited

    • G

      Got my connect in the mall🔌

  • Beatriz Serrano

    Are they going to come in youth sizes ?

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      Hopefully not, let men have these. Give us youth sizes something better for that damn $150 price increase this December

    • BeRealHomie

      which 11 hasnt?

  • Guest

    I still don’t like these, but everyone has different tastes.

  • Kicks Giggles

    they still aint nothing hot to me they just lack umph for me but maybe ill cop for collection sake

  • Sneakerkenny

    Anyone know where there’s not Gona be raffles at ? GS sizes

    • Holla

      Definitely, don’t they release everything through raffle now? At least in Canada, that is.

  • b thumper

    Its like someone had a really good idea, then just said fuck this when they got to the sole. Just looks unfinished. Loved the ballistic mesh on the ogs, but the leather could be sweet. Just the damn sole. Shiulda been murdered out, straight black with red jump man. Black translucent sole on black midsole. That woulda been dope with the black leather and made the irredescent patent leather pop.

  • LookalikeSNIPES

    These are okay depending on the lighting

  • Fksd Hdekn

    You guys will like them better on feet. I know i will if im able to cop. Hopefully. I dont love them. But the pics they took sold me. So hopefully i get them.

  • dizzle1119

    everyone saying they’re garbage….but there will be riots en route to these joints selling out in seconds everywhere.

    same shit….different day.

    • dizzle1119

      “I thought these were fucking garbage at first, but now that my facebook got 845,000 pics from ppl who copped I need to hit up ebay and drop $450 on these joints. They growin’ on me”

      – about 1,000,000 “sneakerheads” come December 20th 2015.

  • The box/packaging that should’ve been for the Breds…

    • Robert Cardwell

      Does it really matter what the packaging is? In the end, we want the shoe

      • …………..The title of the page is “Air Jordan 11 ’72-10′ Packaging”

        • Robert Cardwell

          I mean in the overall scheme of things, the shoe is what matters, not the packaging

    • JordanFan’84

      I totally agree with you

  • Robert Cardwell

    These are lookin good…

  • Guest

    I live in the Chi so I feel like i’m supposed to be hyped about these, but I’d still rather have a fresh pair of breds. smh

    • Taye


  • ShoeEtiquette

    For God Sakes Sneaker Bar no disrespect i understand this is a sneaker information site and i come to it strictly by choice but the horse is now glue so can yall please give the 72 – 10 a rest period, by time December gets here yall will have marketed this shoe for damn near a full year and counting its a Jordan 11 its gone do what it do when Santa Claus come to town

  • Rowan Greener

    I was just wondering, I’m new in the sneaker world and these will be my first jordan pick-up, when it say select Jordan retailers does that mean I can’t pick them online

    • Slade

      Yes my friend you can!! But if I was you I’d be one of the first ones on there come December, because these will be hard to get but not if your quick!!!!

    • Critless

      wait with your money for the 2016 releases.
      The White Cement 4 is a MUST have

  • livegoodplayhard

    I’ve been a fan of the 11’s, wearing them when I played hoops, sport’n them off the court, etc… my fav Jordans! I’ve got a few different colorways that I wear from time to time and keep a backup set for collection. BUT, I don’t know about these 72-10’s…I mean, I like the concept, but I feel that it’s missing something…..btw, I just looked on eBay and they are on preorder for as high as $440 and I’m sure they’ll go up….geez…. I know I’d never give any money now to ‘somebody’ on eBay when the shoe doesn’t drop until December….too much hype to be paying over $400….I’ll wait until December to decide….

  • The rese

    Well I guess people got to give their money to Nike instead of planning for the future or paying bills. Just saying but to each is on. I have been n da shoe game a long time and all I got to show for it is lots of used shoes I could resell to others. I’m not sounding negative but we could have been all rich like Jordan lol. $17,265 on shoes along no lie not including past shoes.

  • Dutch

    That iridescent giltter fucking kills this shoe!!!


    That’s actually the PS version not the GS, but these look nice in PS. Will probably look into a pair for myself


    I gonna have SEX with my pair!!!

    • Julio guerra

      You not lying . i got a couple bitches lined up on tagged and im getting hella pussy with these on .


        I second that my friend!!!!

  • elicia


    • sneakerhead23


  • Jebonies

    Why can’t I have 200 bucks?

    • Bro just put 20 dollars in a jar every day and get your raffel ticket

  • J San

    they finally grew on me, these are nice i can’t wait. the new pix of them outside show the shoe much better

  • Stormy

    I think there really lit compared to the original since your asking, can’t wait , Christmas present to myself 😍

  • Bryan Marchan

    Is it true that the red 11’s are gonna come out this december?

    • Plethoric

      Yea. On December 19th I think.

  • space jam #23

    Ok who ur connect

  • Dustin James

    these look so damn good.

  • TrillBrokeBoy

    72-10.. need em

  • How do i get a raffle ticket for these

  • Peep the Heat14

    They ok but i woulda just liked for them to release the space jam’s this year since they where going with that theme like the barcelona day/night 7s, space jam 5s, marvin the martion 7s, hare 7s, but o well these look straight tho

  • Das Hh

    CRAP! What happened to the space jam low’s? They should release them both together. Lines would be buzzing like never before. Space jam’s in low are the move though.

    • yung

      If they release the space jams, people will get shot for sure .. #nonviolence

  • exel leon

    At least 500k produce like the gama

  • T Bon

    I just hate the white soles. … Gimme black soles like some “Dirty” Breds or just finally give me some red on white (Chicago’s) Mid-Top 11’s!

  • Kray11

    Ima put some red laces on them and ima use this box for the real 72-10 js which are the breds .

    • Kray11

      U sad and pathetic . in my pic im holding my son so clearly u mistaken lol nobody mad im just wondering how a dumbfuck like you learn to talk ?

      • Kray11

        Huh im racist and im white wtf is your dumbass on ? Are you on that fake ass weed i keep hearing about on the news you retard? People like u need a life . get off this shoe site and go get yourself a life cause you cantveven afford none of the shoes on this site.

  • Brad Hall


    • wattsgoodie

      Thanks Brad!

  • sneakerhead23

    they aren’t bad but they aren’t good…

  • sneakerhead23

    They should’ve made these like the cherry highs like all white, a red sole, and a red *STITCHED* jumpman

    • sneakerhead23

      I like the idea of cherry highs but i respect your opinion and yes, they can put out any jordan 11 out and they will indeed sell out.

  • Das Hh

    Would’ve been much, MUCH happier with space jam 11’s and no leather. They should do a double release of both though; low spacey’s mesh and these. It would be an epic event . .

  • Votekanyewest

    oh yeah because -10 dollars is going to make all the difference jordan brand

  • zut

    Man what can you say these are ?

  • Robert Cardwell

    10 dollars less I’ll take it

  • PatriotluvsxxorXX

    Brad Hall should do a shoe review on these for his series

  • Nite

    At least it isn’t 220


      OK sherlock!!!!!

  • Mark

    $210 instead of $220? Still not buying them..


    U r the fake 1 dumb ass.


      u ARE THE REAL ONE !!!!!!

  • cat627h

    $210 + TAX = $220+


      You need a calculator or what?

      • DIPSHIT

        He hacked me

    • Johnnnn

      It is goin to be a big stock thou?

      • yung

        Yes it will, people are already selling the official version of these kicks

  • JJCali when I forget my

    I’m not bout to keep tucking with all of u with these fake accounts and shit. I really don’t even care no more why’s the fuck happens on here cause whoever ur bitch ass is doin this shit, ur childish desperate, lonely, and have no hometraining.

  • Brad Hall

    I will try…..I drew them.

  • Brad Hall

    Really loving these.

  • youngin

    If the upper is thicker should i get a half size bigger? And what is grade school price goin to be.

  • Andrew

    Either the midsole should be black or the outsole should be a solid color like gum or red. Also that leather looks bulky but I will take leather over mesh anyday.

  • john

    Is it boing to be a big stock though?

    • yung

      I spoke to a man that works in Champs and he said yeah these will be a BIG stock. so this is a easy pass for me

      • John Yan

        is it easier to cop at champs or footlocker though?

        • yung

          Depends on who you know bro.

          But generally i would say Champs cause footlocker is extremely popular. But if you have a inside connect that will hold these joints for you then you are good

  • Why change a winning formula

    Upgrading materials for the sake of upgrading price just doesn’t make sense. And the combination of said materials just looks off to me. Its in the old saying. If its not broke don’t fix it. Give us the OG colorways and we will buy them…..every time, even with the price hike.

    • Papi

      Completely agree

  • Holla

    How much is it going to be in GS sizes? Hopefully it wouldn’t hit the $200 mark.

  • Brandon

    Sole Heat sells fakes and are well known fake sellers who buy their shoes from Chinese replica websites, why are you using their pics as references? You might as well hit up the fake websites yourself smh

  • yung

    Im realllly on the fence with this one

  • Anthony

    anybody know the price for the gs size?

  • alex

    Am i the only one who thinks they look whack with the tumbled leather

    • brent

      Sounds like u gay bro…just sayin

  • exel leon

    That means they might b dropping them all red 11s

  • Robert Cardwell

    Is this just for Nike, or is it for everyone else as well?

  • face

    These dropping early because a red Jordan Gift of Flight pack going to drop smdh Fuck you Jordan and Nike brand for dropping all this good shit at once lol

  • Brianjumpman23

    I hate how u can c through the toe box that line makes the shoe look cheap why couldn’t they fill it in like the 2011 Concords and 2010 cool greys

  • Ezekiel Samson

    can’t wait to cop 2 pairs of this and resell the other one for $300-$400

  • Khing

    How you got 8 call backs on a raffle ????

  • XX

    Excellent quality and they look great!!!!!!
    And thank You SBD for deleting vulgar comments from a fantastic sneaker site!!!!!

    • Appriciate, I’ll make sure to stay on top of it from now on. Sorry to everyone that had to deal with it.

      • XX

        all day and happy holidays to you and your family.

  • Jack B

    I ended up getting the online through nike and when I get them Im keeping them for my personal shoe to wear. I cant wait for the retro 8 chrome next week.

  • ASS

    does anybody see the comments from 2 years ago? they had access codes back then?

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