Dover Street Market and Jordan Brand collaborated together to release an Air Jordan 1 “DSM” special edition silhouette that debuted in April 2015.


For those that may not know, Dover Street Market (DSM) is a multilevel fashion retail and concept store created by Rei Kawakubo of Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons. It is located in Dover Street, Mayfair, London.

Air Jordan 1 DSM

This Air Jordan 1 silhouette that is dressed in a Midnight Navy Blue shiny patent leather material covering the entire upper that sits atop a White midsole and Navy outsole. The shoe also features ‘Nike Air’ tagging on the tongues and the insoles read ‘Dover Street Market’ as a nod to the collaboration.

Check out the on-feet video review of the Dover Street Market x Air Jordan 1 courtesy of @iAmTMCII, and let us know what you guys think of them in the comments section. How many of you were able to pick these up when they dropped, or did you have to pay an arm and a leg to obtain a pair?

Air Jordan 1 “DSM” On-Feet Video Review

  • dizzle1119

    I don’t care for these at all. Don’t care for the DSM Dunk collab that just released either. I don’t like the Pinnacle I’s either for that matter, especially at $400.

    They can keep em all…

    • dizzle1119

      btw, anything over $225 shipped for these DSM I’s is highway robbery. This shoe is literally the exact OPPOSITE of what a collaborative sneaker should be. There is no there here. No meaning. No originality. Nothing special whatsoever. This took zero effort to come up with. If this pair had released as the Air Jordan 11lab1, it’d still be sitting on shelves for $160.

  • dizzle1119

    Anything over $220 shipped is highway robbery for this shoe…and even that may be stretching it. If Nike had released this shoe, minus the DSM labeling, as the “Air Jordan 11lab1″…it’d be seeing a $15-$20 price drop on right about now. That’d honestly be a fair price point for what you’re getting, too.

    To be brutally honest, this shoe is a nice example of what SHOULDN’T be done as a collaborative effort. There’s nothing “creative” here. There’s no theme. There’s no meaning. There’s nothing out of the ordinary at all. NOTHING! In fact, the Air Jordan I has been done in all patent construction before, with better results…and those shoes hit liquidation clearance when they were released back in the day.

    A collab should be offering something outta the ordinary….whether it be materials that aren’t generally seen on the particular silhouette they’re working with, premium materials in general, special packaging of some kind, a story to tell/some sort of inspiration….or even just a wild colorway that catches the eye. This is just an all blue patent leather Jordan 1. I’d rather have a pair of the old patent 1’s I mentioned earlier.

    If this Air Jordan 1 (or the DSM Dunks) are what we can expect from Dover Street Market when they announce a collaboration, they might as well keep the news to themselves. This stuff is basic. All blue Jordan 1’s & solid white or black Dunks? Get real. For the love of God, you are offered free reign to build a Jordan 1, arguably the most iconic sneaker of all time….and you come at the populace with solid blue patent? GTFO.

  • dizzle1119

    Dover Street Market has just put out the 3 most uninteresting collabs I have ever seen recently (these Jordans and 2 pairs of Dunks). Seriously, if this is what they’ve got to offer, I don’t see a reason in even reading about their upcoming projects. You are offered the opportunity to collaborate on the most iconic Nike sneaker of all time and all you can do is solid blue patent? That’s super weak.

    No theme. No inspiration. Nothing out of the ordinary in terms of materials. They didn’t even attempt something new. There have been patent Jordan 1’s in the past…and they hit liquidation clearance prices when they were originally released. I’ve heard stories of guys picking up pairs at Foot Lockers for $49.

    There’s a reason the aftermarket value for these 1’s dropped a couple hundred dollars in only a few weeks. …and the less said about the solid white and/or solid black Dunk “collab’s DSM is responsible for, the better. $160 for a solid white all canvas Dunk? Laughable.

    …but this review is nice. I’ve watched a lot of his on foot reviews and I like his work. She’s quick & to the point, but thorough. Exactly what I wanna see when I’m checking out a review. Keep up the nice work, bro…

    • Love his vids too, that’s why I continue to share them on the site. Glad you enjoy them as well. Also, your comment deserves 100 thumbs up lol. Appreciate you taking time to express yourself, that’s what these comments are for.

      • dizzle1119

        I just had to lay out what I thought about it. There are too many collabs these days, and this stuff DSM has done just adds NOTHING to the conversation. There was no point in releasing these DSM shoes.

    • T$ .

      I am actually glad I read this whole comment , I wish I could up this comment so many times cause it so true . A soon as nike makes something limited its automatically just consider a good thing .

      • dizzle1119

        I just don’t get this, man. There is no point in having collabs if this is what they’re going to do.

        • T$ .

          Yea , they have been slacking in a lot of areas . They are ruing a lot if things and just not putting effort in alot