adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Low

adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 Low


adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 Low

adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 Low

adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 Low

adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 Low

Source: Overkill

  • Zut


  • Kim K

    Upgraded version of the Nike Roshe

    • That’s lazy. Just lazy. Let me be the first to remind you that people who easily pass off anything similar in shape or material to a roshe as a roshe knockoff or “upgrade” usually doesn’t know shit about shoes or sneaker design. I rarely hear people that do make such casually incorrect comments. It really doesn’t matter because that stitching up the middle is sloppy and they look like what an elf in a modern day, urban version of the Hobbit would wear. Just terrible looking. YIKES…


    there is no question asks about me copping these when they release. can’t scare me with that 210 price tag I’m all about these for sure. better than any shoe release in the past 15 years

    • b thumper

      Yeah, your not riding the bandwagon. Jesus, this is just an adidas tubulr deconstruct with a shitty pattern. Chill.

    • Jayme C

      Better than any shoe release in the past 15 years?? U should have any sneaker credibility revoked. I don’t no where to start..the Yezzy 2 murders these. And about 50 other sneaks.

      • Clearly he couldn’t have had any to begin with if this is better than any shoe released in the last 15yrs

  • S3cret_Weaponzz

    Put yeezy name on any thing imma cop it sheesh (young thug voice)

  • Mr. C

    Side view looks nice but that stitching down the middle killed it for me. Adidas Yeezy’s suck. Nike should stick it to Adidas and Kanye by re-releasing the Air Yeezy 2’s in all colorways. Make them a general release too. I just want them for myself.

    • tr143

      LOL “Nike should sell the Yeezy 2s I can’t afford for cheaper so I can buy them”

      no shit

  • dizzle1119

    Why bother telling us anything regarding the release of this shoe? Only those willing to pay $700 for them will end up owning pairs.

    • BruhMan

      You right about the Primeknits, the black pair out cold

      • dizzle1119

        I can see myself in both of those. Adidas has been killin’ it…and it ain’t because of Kanye either. If you like lifestyle shoes and want something other than basketball kicks & Jordan retros, Adidas has some fire…

        • While Adidas is known for their poor distribution I’m keeping positive and holding high hopes for those Primeknits. I definitely agree also that Adidas has been on fire for anyone that is brand agnostic and not just team Jordan. The Primeknits are way nicer than the Yeezy’s and I’ll be doing my best to try and hold down at least the black and most other colors.

  • j’s 4 days

    just a knockoff roshe run but since it says yezy than its ” better than any shoe release in the past 15 years” stil good, not $210 worthy

  • dizzle1119

    These are fakes. I’ve seen them available on a couple shady wbsites for $218…

    It is a nice looking house shoe, tho. 😛

  • shawn jones



    These are actually pretty nice better than the mids

  • dizzle1119

    Again, these are fakes. It’d be nice if one of the writers/contributors would check the comment section and notice what I’ve said. Seriously guys, SBD is better than this. Let’s not leave a write up covering a fake shoe on the site…

    • I haven’t searched around to validate your comment but I would suggest ANY PHOTO of sneakers with trees, plants or flowers in the background be scrutinized further for authenticity. It’s a MAJOR calling card of a China knockoff. When I did comparison real vs fake vids I cannot tell you how many fakes I saw next to trees, hanging in a tree, next to bushes etc. The women love shooting the shoes in nature.

      • Buy yeezy boost replica for cheap

      • dizzle1119

        thanks for speaking up.

        I saw these exact pics on a site that is well known for peddling “replicas”….before they were posted on SBD. I’d link to the site, but I don’t want to give them any attention.

        • Teek_98

          Are u serious fake sites sometimes use pics of authintics so they can sell them but of course what they send u will look nothing like the pic

          • That or 90% of the time you will be hit with the “sorry friend, shoe not in stock, you choose other one”. If you don’t they’ll just keep your money and some will boldly tell you so. Even if you do manage to get them to send it back most will take out a convenience fee. Also if you think sites have never posted fakes then it’s you who doesn’t know what you’re talking about.

          • EssoBlock

            I think it’s authentic.

        • Teek_98

          Long story short ion think u know what your talkin about. SBD does not post fakes only authintics

    • Linus Poon

      same thing in sneakernews.

      • Victoria Rege

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  • Jeremy Jackson

    Its amazing how little people know about the counterfeit shoe industry. Many early “sneak peek” pictures are of counterfeits because the shoes that are being counterfeited are produced in the same region of china that the legit pairs are made sometimes in the same factory. The factory cant break their contract by releasing images but they do sell information to other factories who then start producing “early release” shoes. A perfect recent example of this is the space jam 5s. SBD, SN, Complex and many other shoe sites do show early pics of counterfeits because they are the first ones available often from rep sites.

    • “Its amazing how little people know about the counterfeit shoe industry.” – What you’re suggesting isn’t far off from the truth but here’s the insane part.

      Many of these sneaker blogs, IG and Twitter personalities? They know the pics are fake or find out shortly after posting them but still ride with it just to get clicks, shares and page views. That’s all they care about, not accuracy. Which is actually funny if you read the mission statement of some of these sites and why they “supposedly” got started.

  • Carlos Cruz

    I love these yeah to me they look like roshis it I hate roshis and these are better

  • Freddyt6969

    210 for some ripoff toms lol smfh

  • Freddyt6969

    They need to bring back the Nike air yeezys 2 not this trash


  • Lol

    CRAP just like Adidas!!!!

    • macky p

      nah man i copd the SL loops and pure boosts for 35 each and they are the best footwear on the market

  • macky p

    yo i wonder if these will release like the jordan every other weekend like at malls or other retail sources like chamos , footlocker and eblens

  • W_dubb



    these are actually nice. better than the yeezy boost highs, just hate the $210 price though.

    • James_fuckin_Talbot

      $200 even B

  • Linus Poon

    like the fact they got primeknit

  • yooo

    Fake !!!!!

  • Critless

    Ugly as fuck. Just cause they are from Kanye people buy this crap…

    • Brandon Polanco

      Forget the possibility that some people genuinely like them, right?

      • Critless

        they still look ugly, even though people like them

        • James_fuckin_Talbot

          same could be said about foams bruh ..I think they ugly as shit, bulky as hell ..but niggas still fuck with em

          • No hype here

            No bullshit. Foams ugly af.

  • kj osd

    When did SBD start covering the bedroom slipper industry?

  • Zay known

    Dammnnn could we get this treatment for the high tops. Forget wat yall talkin about i want emmmmm✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  • Leirda

    should I get these or the gone fishing’s and My brother works at pacsun

    • Critless

      take the gone fishing, the boost look fugly.
      People just buy the to resell em to dumb people, or bcs they`re kanye fans

  • family guy type shit

    If I get these I’m going to sell em so I can customize the mothers day gift for my mom that I could never make without proper funds. 👌💯
    (P.S- I’m not gone sell em for no damn rape price like most resellers , that ‘ish is just ridiculous)

  • CinCityBo

    Glad these are more widely available but come release day over half these stores in the US won’t have them in store & what happened to the 750 restock

  • Norman K. Dunbar II

    Are any of these stores in Michigan!!!!!!!!!

    • J.Smith Cool Balls

      Burn Rubber my nigga.

  • Suckas

    Hahaha I reserved 8 pairs lol

  • jamaal coming up

    look like a rip-off of roshe run



  • Kanye was right. Tomorrow everyone that wanted a Yeezy will be able to get one just not for retail.

  • You and about 10, 000 other people have the same idea…

  • sneakerhead23

    too bad only 1/10000 pairs of these will ever be worn, the others will be in flight clubs -_- (i don’t know the exact amount of pairs there is so…)

  • The thing that’s pretty laughable about this list is almost all if not all are raffle only. For older heads like myself this is a joke. I could never afford a $200 pair of shoes when I was a kid and not that I’VE WORKED MY ASS off and gotten to a point in my life where I can(sorry self entitled feeling little brats) whenever I want to you want me to enter a raffle for a chance to buy them? LMAO.

    Let’s be clear though. These Yeezy Boosts? To me, as in my personal opinion says they’re absolute trash. I would rather wear a Roshe any day of the week and while other shoes have been mistakenly called “roshe knockoffs” these are too damn close.

    • ChiRaqGoofies

      🔫😈😈🔫 #OTF

  • Casey

    si happy im going down to Houston tommorow!

    • gtuj

      sale on

      yourderry com

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