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Sneakerhead since 1997. Married. Father of one. Currently works for Chrysler and writes for SBD. Favorite Kicks - OG "Flu Game" Air Jordan 12

The Sneaker Box: Episode 76 – “Bad Vacuums”

In Episode 76 of TSB, the crew catches up after the grand opening of Juan's "Loose Cannon Brand" shop. They are joined by special...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 75 “3rd Quarter Profits”

In Episode 75 of TSB, the crew of Caesar, Juan, and Trufe are in a celebratory mood recording their 75th episode. To commemorate the...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 74 – “Bringing The Ruckus”

In Episode 74 of TSB, Caesar, Juan, Trufe, Guru, and Tangie get together for a party of sorts, kind of like a pre-celebration of...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 73 – “Sound It Out”

In Episode 73 of TSB, Caesar, Juan, and Trufe catch up on each other's week, with both Juan and Caesar celebrating their birthdays. Caesar...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 72 – “Radio For Two”

In Episode 72 of TSB, Caesar and Juan hold down the fort while the rest of the crew are incognito. Dee Wells and Sean...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 71 – “Pink Panther Party”

In Episode 71 of TSB, Caesar, Juan, Truf, and Tangie discuss the recent chaos surrounding the release of the "Dynamic Pink" GS Air Jordan...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 70 – “Blissful Ignorance”

In Episode 70 of TSB, the crew as a whole operates with a collective, low IQ. Caesar goes over the previous week's releases and...

8&9 “Cement 4” Tee Collection

Guess what shoes this t-shirt collection from 8&9 is meant to go with? Did the title give it away? Yes, for those of you...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 68 – “Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman”

In Episode 68 of TSB, Afrikan Caesar, JumpmanBostic, and The Sneaker Girl are reunited once again, this time it's with the new crew of...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 67 – “Extra Virgin”

In Episode 67 of TSB, Juan and Caesar are once again joined by Juan's little brother, Trufe, and first time guest Teko aka SoleSurvivor....

The Sneaker Box: Episode 66 – “Still Smells Like Champagne”

In Episode 66 of TSB, Caesar, Juan, and Guru discuss a litany of things after taking a week off. One of those things is...

Last Call for the Air Jordan Encyclopedia

Everyone remembers, or at least they should remember, Jay Lawrence’s KickStarter for his Air Jordan Encyclopedia in 2014. The Air Jordan encyclopedia was even...

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