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Sneakerhead since 1997. Married. Father of one. Currently works for Chrysler and writes for SBD. Favorite Kicks - OG "Flu Game" Air Jordan 12

The Sneaker Box: Episode 86 – Nike KD 9 “USA”

In Episode 86 of TSB, the crew comes back yet again after ANOTHER break. They begin the show addressing the recent events of the...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 85 – “Krymson Tide”

In this episode of TSB, the crew, including Kina, get together before the 4th of July holiday to reach number 85. To start the...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 84 – “Unapologetic”

In Episode 84 of TSB, the crew is once again Kina-less. Caesar and Juan remain defiant and offer no apologies to LeBron James or...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 83 “Balls Out”

In Episode 83 of TSB, the begin the show a bit differently, discussing the fairness, or lack thereof, of Draymond Green's suspension for Game...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 82 – “Sick Day”

In Episode 82 of TSB, Caesar, Juan, and Trufe return from what seems like a month long vacation. The begin the show by honoring...

FINALLY: Nike Makes a Home in Detroit

Forgive me if that line comes across as aggressively entitled, but those were literally the exact 3 words that came across my mind when...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 81 – “Handicapped”

In Episode 81 of TSB, the crew comes together before the Memorial Day break. They discuss a number of things in the News/This Week...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 80 – “X-Rated”

In Episode 80 of TSB, the crew, once again featuring newcomer Kina, are interview free this week. They introduce a new segment on the...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 79 – “On 10”

In Episode 79 of TSB, the crew is joined by newcomer Kina on the show. They are also joined by special guest Ray Figgs,...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 78 – The 3 Amigos

In this week's episode of TSB, the crew continue to round out the edges of the show. Caesar introduces a new segment called "Sneaker...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 77 – “RESPECK”

In Episode 77 of TSB, the crew are joined in-studio by Ben Ewy, Director of Global Product Design for Carhartt, and former Director of...

The Sneaker Box: Episode 76 – “Bad Vacuums”

In Episode 76 of TSB, the crew catches up after the grand opening of Juan's "Loose Cannon Brand" shop. They are joined by special...