Kanye West broke the internet again with his recent anticipated release of the adidas Yeezy 350 Boost over the weekend.


This Yeezy 350 Boost releases was the most widely available launch ever for a Kanye West ‘Yeezy’ shoe. But as expected, they sold out instantly both in-store and online leaving majority of all customers empty-handed and angry.

Yeezy 350 Boost Hype

From people camping out to waking up early refreshing their Twitter feed patiently waiting for their specific online store of choice to Tweet out, Yeezy 350 Boost is now live. But at the end of the day, was it worth the hassle and lack of sleep?

For those that were able to get lucky and purchase in store and already have them in-hand, did they live up to the release? And while majority of others have to wait a few days for their pair to be delivered, how do you feel to be the owner of one of the biggest releases thus far?

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  • h78

    house shoes……… 200!!!! hell no

  • No hype here

    Not worth the $$ either. 200 dollar Roshe Biters. No thanks

  • Society is doomed to fail when the hype over a single pair of shoes and “what celebrities are wearing and doing” is more valued by young people than the issues facing their future.

  • ChiRaqGoofies

    WORtH iT..EVEN THO DEY R Roshe-ish ButKANYE IS WHOLE CareERS HAS BEEN ‘SAMPLING’ OTHERS lol…#KindaMakesSince #YeezySeason #OTF #Samples

    • By the powers of the faddah you are capable of great intellect when you’re ready. I think I’m beginning to get your personality now. You’re very intelligent just easily bored.

    • P.S. you forgot to like you own comment this time around…

  • OLO

    I need these. Anyone with a size 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5 or 11? Please….$250

    • PatriotluvsxxorXX

      double that price and you have a deal my friend

  • dizzle1119

    I like these, but no shoe is “worth” a half dozen websites crashing for 2 hours and $700-$1,200 price tags on the aftermarket. The worst part of the story, concerning these 350 Boosts…is they are a glorified GR. For real, there are tens of thousands of pairs of these, and there will be restocks AND other CWs. Why the hell are ppl losing their minds and emptying their bank accounts for something that’s widely available? If the websites didn’t crash on purpose, everyone would have scored $200 Yeezys yesterday. smfh….

    It’s almost impossible to keep an interest in sneakers at this point. Ya just can’t get shoes anymore….and the manufacturers & distributors are continually making it even more difficult. It’s stupid as shit. I’m sticking with Nike ID, YourReebok, MiAdidas and NB1 from now on.

    • dizzle1119

      Every weekend it’s the same shit. There’s some big retro or collab…and every website carrying the shoe instantly locks up tighter than a nun’s cunt. We’re all used to it, but every single time, week in/week out, we get our stupid asses out of bed early and try anyway…because someone’s GOT TO get lucky. The shoes are gonna sell, and maybe this is our week to come up. It’s ridiculous and has been for quite some time…but the past 2 weeks have been worse than normal. Mostly due to the same ole same ole (sites crashing)..but Nike’snike implementation of their short sighted, totally broken & completely unfair online raffle system is mostly to blame as far as I’m concerned.

      What was almost impossible in the past is now an all emcompassing effort in futility for many collectors…like me. I live 1.5 hours from the nearest Foot Locker (or ANY half decent shoe store for that matter)….and the nearest Nike store is an 8 hour round trip for me. So, yeah, copping Jordan retros regularly was almost impossible for me in the first place, seeing as it’s online or nothing (and we have established that the websites are all but useless when a hyped shoe comes along). Now I literally have no chance.

      Nike has essentially told me they don’t want my support any longer. Their message is loud & clear. I don’t matter. I don’t deserve to own their shoes. If I don’t live within driving distance of one of their stores, they don’t want me. Nevermind the 20+ years of support I’ve given them, and the absolutely insane amount of money they’ve made from me, even when sneaker collecting was a niche market and you were considered foolish for buying $100 sneakers.

      There is just no point in bothering w/ any of it now. I’m only here on SBD at the moment out of habit. It was a part of my daily routine for a while and I haven’t weened myself from it yet. …but why continue visiting the site, or any sneaker related site for that matter? Why look at & read up on everything and staying in the loop when I know I can’t have anything? I refuse to turn to resellers, or pay even 1 cent over retail for ANY shoe…so my lifelong hobby is now dead. It’s gone. This is ridiculous….

      • gc_devil53

        PREACH BRO!! seriously! I’ve been collecting sneakers most of my life, and have spent soo many thousands of dollars over the years, and now it seems like any shoe that I want to pick up, if I’m not willing to pay some reseller who has 10 pairs sitn there $700+ for a $200 shoe, I’m gonna he shit out of luck. Now a days with these BROKEN unfair raffle systems, then sneakerbots to top it off, it has completely ruined being a sneakerhead. I tried so hard for these yeezys, walking over 10 miles thru SF getting raffle tickets, then going to every other spot in the BayArea that got em for more tickets, and couldn’t luck out ona single one. Then the final kick in the nuts was staying up alll night infront of a computer, only for every website to crash within seconds, and not being able to get thru on 5 different devices. The old school hunt of camping out, and networking with different sneakerheads in line was half the fun. Meetn new plugs, and getting to know the shoe store employees more. Now it’s so unpersonal, your just a number ona ticketstub, so people don’t seem to look out for their fellow sneakerheads the same way they used to it seems. This whole raffle system bullsh*t has taken out a lot of the fun that comes with being a dedicated sneakerhead.

        • It’s clear that you and this dude haven’t spoken to Nike directly about the raffle system.

      • You might want to speak to the brand you have grievances with first next time before coming online and wearing your heart on your sleeve. I’m not sure you got the full story behind Nike’s raffles. Actually I know you don’t.

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      Truth , This was super silly to me. I had 3 pairs since Thursday. Sold all of them within the same day, did I rape people ? No. I just let them do the offering. Did I sell over $900 or close to 1k ? Hell no, because I prefer to help others out knowing they’ll be wearing them & not trying to resell again.

      These shits will restock more then 2-3 times, thats a fact

      • dizzle1119

        Dude, I don’t even blame the resellers anymore. If I got these shoes for $200 and someone came at me with $600 I’d take it. I’m grown and I have grown folks bills. Groceries don’t pay for themselves, right?

        The problem is the brands and the retailers. The brands LOVE when their product is hyped to the moon (and who could blame them)? This is why retail prices are skyrocketing. They are well aware of the large group of consumers who are willing to pay laughably high prices for their product, so they are steadily raising retail prices in an effort to push the middleman (resellers) out of the way. Jordan Brand has succeeded in doing this already, w/ their $190 “remasters”. Now, only a select few Jordan releases are lining the pockets of resellers (limited pairs and collabs) whereas not long ago you could make a profit on just about ANY retro.

        Think of it like this. When Jordan retros were $130-$160 (approximately), you could score a pair & throw them on ebay knowing you’d get a sale at $235-$250 even if the shoe is a normal, not special in any way release. Now they make more pairs, and the retail price is $190…so less people are having to turn to the ebay sellers at $235-$250. Then there are the pairs that are popular enough to sell out, in spite of HUGE production runs, that will bring you a $250 sale on ebay. Now that retail is $190 you’re only making a profit of $20 after ebay/paypal fees and shipping.

        The system is broken. Totally.

        • OG_KiCKS_NJ

          Yup thats exactly true, whats worse about it is having to pay over $220-$250 for a GS version of the same shoes that came out in men sizing but sold out quickly. Just because it sold out in your size in mens doesn’t mean you have to take whats left in the store & rape someones wallet for it.

          To me I find it ridiculous having to pay that $140 price tag, $150-155 this December for some shit quality 11’s . These brands should know better to increase price for a kids shoe, how many kids I see walk in a store just to walk out sad knowing they didn’t have enough for a pair of Retros.
          So the way I see things is, these price increases shouldn’t be implemented. But at the same time if it wasn’t for that, shelves would be empty due to resellers emptying shelves nomatter the colorway

        • More of a problem than brands and retailers are the sneaker blogs and social media. You seem like you’re old enough to remember actually hunting for kicks back in the day but usually finding them because there weren’t any blogs to hype shit up or 100 discount twitter accounts “supposedly” helping people find deals and release information.

          For months these blogs were posting pictures of fake YZY’s, even when told they were fake they did nothing to correct it because if you look at any analytics reporting the words “Yeezy” and “Kanye West” are guaranteed to generate high traffic. The specific metrics advertisers are interested in are page views, organic search, clicks, engagement, time spent per page and highest ranked pages(articles) in order of top 5 or top 10.

          Did I expect any better? Of course not. When you can come to a website two to three times daily and for weeks see nothing except Jordan’s in the 4/5 split hero area that tells me a site and most sites are about one thing. Generating hype to feed numbers so they can sell their souls to advertisers and make money of off high traffic and page ranks.

          So I don’t think brands and retailers are the core of the problem I know it’s sneaker blogs and social media because it’s a profession I’ve worked in for over 17yrs. At the end of the day the whole system is broken and rigged.

  • JD

    Of course it was over hyped. Just a bunch of sheeple buying a trash shoe for $210 because the word yeezy is attached to it.

  • $200 Roshe’s from a self-proclaimed “artist”

  • gc_devil53

    What’s the world coming to when $500 + SpaceJam XIs isn’t enough for a pair of glorified roshes that are gonna restock ina month?

    • lmao keep waiting on that restock homie!!

  • Clumsy

    Lame ass shoe wouldn’t buy them if I had them right in front of me

  • Kaley

    It wasn’t worth the hype cause they’re basic. I’ll buy them for a relax day, but it’s not that serious.