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Would You Spend $12K for These?

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Whats the worth of an OG Air Jordan model? Apparently, keeping an OG model is worth much more than people think, despite how beat up they look. Here is an OG 1986 Nike Air Jordan 2 White/Red that has yet been worn or used, but looks like it’s been through war and back. This is a good example on why you should wear your sneakers, before they wear themselves out.

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Are these worth $12K? If you think so than you can own this OG Air Jordan 2 White/Red from 1986 now from gradykatz on eBay. Hey it’s free shipping!

Air Jordan 2

air-jordan-2-86-white-red 3

air-jordan-2-86-white-red 4

air-jordan-2-86-white-red 5

air-jordan-2-86-white-red 6

air-jordan-2-86-white-red 7

air-jordan-2-86-white-red 8

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