There is nothing better than the Air Jordan 11 holiday releases every year during Christmas time. Thus far we have seen the Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam”, “Cool Grey”, “Concord”, “Bred”, “Gamma” and the newest edition, “Legend Blue” all make their retro debut in December.


Now the wait is on as we anticipate to hear what will be this years Air Jordan 11 2015 holiday release. Will Jordan Brand take the easy way-out and “Remastered” a previous Retro 11 release, or will they gives us something brand new and fresh for the holidays.

While we wait to see what this years Christmas-edition release will be, which has been your favorite Air Jordan 11 holiday release? Cast your vote below and then share your experience of purchasing each shoe in the comments section. How many of you have the whole holiday collection?


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  • yooo

    Cool mutha fuckin Grey’s
    even tho gray is spelled with a

    • Kicks Giggles

      Gray can be spelled either way gray is the british spelling —-grey is the US way

      • yooo


        • Kicks Giggles

          greys also needs no S nor an apostrophe

  • ——-

    I can’t choose! I have every single pair.
    Here’s my top 3 in no order Space Jams Cool Grey’s and Breds.
    I do wear my Breds more than the rest because they don’t yellow

  • Cool Grey 11’s

    • omar najeeb

      Love the avatar.

  • Ben Harris

    Gamma Blue. They were just all that at more loved the all black makeup on them.

  • bruh

    I just wanna know what 11 will release this year..

  • Ajay

    The concords breds and columbia

  • Ultimate gift??????

    I’m sorry but is the “pantones” not included because it was in a pack. I mean it came out 12/23 how’s that not a holiday release? And for those who have them or even held them would for sure have only second to the space jams…..out of respect.

  • Jacob

    I voted for legend blue but i like the Pantone the best I copped both

  • SneakerHead ToToes

    Concords for me. It’s close tho.


    I wouldve said the breds if they didn’t rerelease them 3 billion times and they didnt milk the shit outta them

    • 510kidd

      They still then hardest tho


        For me it’s concords all day!

  • lewis

    can i just vote ALL

  • JoeShmo510

    Concords 1st then the Jams and 3rd Cool Greys at first i was all space jam hype but every time i put on my Concords that white mesh just calls to me so fresh and so CLEAN CLEAN.. just my opinion tho

  • Will Dipping

    I reckon last years the Gamma Blue closely followed by the concords and in third the legend blue.


    Cool grey then pantones

  • willhoops

    Even tho they didn’t release in the holidays I wonder when the anniversary 11s are gonna release again

  • Kray11

    Is this a trick question ? I wish they would just release the White & Black 11s which we call them concords … Wtf is a concord ? Smdh worst fucking name for a shoe lol just because the jumpman jordan strip had purple in it they decided to call them concords but anyhow yea they need to just drop these every year and ill be happy

    • Ppl n they stupid ass comments

      Dude u sound stupid AF tbh … why don’t u look at the color in the shoe n the history of the shoe they got the concord (Purp/blue) color in the bottoms n hints of it in the shoe THAT’S WHY THEY CALLED CONCORDS DUH

      • Kray11

        They do you fucking dumbass but who walks around showing off the botton of the shoe you idiot ???? Who sounding stupid af ??? Gtfoh with that bullshit

  • omar najeeb

    Jam 11’s, boi! Neeeeed ’em! Then the ‘cords.

  • larryf’n

    Rumor is we getting a infrared 23 high or that red melo pe this december..i hope not..even tho i probaly would still cop

    • Tuck N Run

      fuck yeah my dude. can’t wait for it. been waiting an all red jordan 11 since the 3rd grade

  • P

    Of course SPACE JAMS trumps all … With the PANTONES tied to me then following those 2 I’d go with cool grey .. Then Prob concord even over the legend blue but hard call I like em both almost equal … N fuck those gamma blues thts the worst pair outta them all so ugly n hate the colors wish they just did a black out CW over tht ugly gamma blue

    • Michael Beasley

      Shut the fuck up bitch u aint no shit

      • Kray11

        Dude get your wannabe internet thuggin ass on . He stated his opinion theres no need for your ignorance

        • Robert

          How was the guy Internet gangbanging he stated his opinion too wow this is the blind leading the blind

          • Kray11

            How was he stating his opinion freaking idiot ? Im talkong to P is he your man or something