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Ways to Earn Extra Money for Upcoming Jordan Releases: Black Cements, Last Shots, and Concords

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As SneakerHeads, Sneaker Bar Detroit knows that coping sneakers can be expensive. Even when you pick up a fresh pair, there is always another pair that you need! Sneaker Bar Detroit recently ran into a SneakerHead at House of Hoops in Fairlane mall. While looking at a fresh pair of Nike Air Bakin, he said, “I need more money!”
Three big Jordan releases are coming soon. The Jordan 3 Black Cements will be dropping on 11/25, the Jordan 14 Last Shot will be dropping 12/17 and the Concords dropping on 12/23. That means a “must have” Jordan retro will be dropping every couple of weeks starting in November.

Jordan 3 “Black Cement” Release date: 11/25/11

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Jordan 14 “Last Shot” Release date: 12/17/11

Jordan 11 “Concords” Release date: 12/23/11

With that Sneaker Bar Detroit wanted to give SneakerHeads some ways that they can earn extra money to pick up these releases.

1. Save and turn in bottles/cans: Whether you’re a college student who has house parties or a bachelor with your own house or apartment, turning in bottles and cans can bring in extra cash. Believe me, $10 adds up. In addition, you are helping the environment.
2. Pick up extra hours at work: If not possible, pick up a second job: Picking up overtime will bring in extra cash and show your supervisor that your committed to your organization. If overtime is not possible, pick up a second job working one to two days every two weeks or month.
3. Put aside $25 -$35 every pay check: This is key! I put away $25 every pay check for sneakers. In doing so, I am prepared when there is a big release, without breaking my bank or taking money away from bills. Even $10 will add up. We are all guilty on spending money on random things. Why not put that money towards sneakers?
4. Save all change, (quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies): This can bring in extra cash. One of my friends puts all his change in a container. Every two months, he turns it in and gets cash. He usually ends up with $30 – $40. Instead of spending that change, put it aside.
5. Eliminate unneeded spending: We are all guilty of unneeded spending that includes, food, clothes, and other random items. Go grocery shopping instead of eating out. You will save money in the long run because you will have leftovers for the next couple of days. You can carpool to work/school, which will save gas money. Lastly, you can pass on that random t-shirt or hat at the mall.

The main thing is to stay focused and stay on your grind! Let us know your ways of earning extra cash to pay for sneakers in the comment section. Always rock with Sneaker Bar Detroit for the latest news and updates!

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