This week has been all about the Nike Air Yeezy 2 Release. The sneaker game has developed and releases have became more demanding than ever. With #sneakerheads camping-out weeks before the release of the Yeezy 2, it caught the attention of CNN which compared the shoe to moon boots. Check out the video below as you may found it funny to hear someone report the news that has no clue how crazy the game is.


  • Drummer

    moon boot, i’d smack that bitch

  • Vultures

    I hate when ppl don’t understand our passion, so annoying

  • Arnold

    Sneakers are on top of the game, they run and rule everything and is only going to get bigger

  • Yorker

    If anyone is in this pic, leave a comment that shit would be funny!

  • Will

    Cocky, making CNN

  • JohnWebber

    That account that sold for 90,000 was either fake or Kanye West himself bid on it to hype the shoe more!

    • Nikki

      Shit is fake just look at that fucking whack old ass pic of it

      • B.D.

        its real i saw it

  • Alin

    Wow the worst news anchor ever. How annoying

  • Gjonaj23

    even if i had money like tht id never ever buy shoes for 90Gs not even for 10Gs thats just stupid

  • Jimmyg1995

    anyone else notice that they use a picture of the first yeezy at 00:31?

  • B.D.

    terrible news woman and what a bitch