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Video: Live Life, Don’t Watch It – Puma

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With reality TV, technology, and social media literally influencing our youth. (in my opinion for the worst) What ever happened to the days when teens hung out with friends and actually got outside, instead of being glued too the television or computer. Nowadays its all what celebrities and reality stars are wearing, doing, etc., (thanks MTV)

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Their once was a time when teens were active and MTV actually played music. Now the obsession is what everyone else is doing and making sure your Facebook status is updated. The times have changed and the role models kids have to look up to won’t help the future of our youth. With all that said their is light at the end of the tunnel.

Puma has launched a wonderful campaign to turn the tide and influence kids and teens to think for themselves, be active, and get off the couch and actually live! We at Sneaker Bar love Puma for spreading a positive message and hope everyone will spread the word. Check out and share the video below and tell us what you think?


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