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Video: Kobe vs LeBron, Off Season Battle ?

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Just like last year when Crawford Dunked on LeBron and everyone made a big deal about, comes a round 2 of last years off season pick up game debate/argument. While LeBron James was in China he was playing in a friendly pick up game, and an Asian Baller took advantage of the opportunity and stole the ball form James and went down the court to Dunk it on LeBron James. Than at the end of the video which is below you see they hit a three in what people say LeBron’s face. We wanna know what you guys think of this and if people are making a big deal about something that’s actually smaller. Did LeBron really try to block the dunk ? and did he really try to play good D on that 3 point shoot ? Let us know what you think ?

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Now on the other hand, Kobe Bryant which is the best argument of the NBA on who is better Kobe or LeBron ? Kobe was in a pick up game in LA’s own Drew Summer League and as the clock went down to 0 sec, Kobe hit the winning shot. With the two videos that we have shown its obviously that the LeBron one was worse than Kobe’s but we started to think since they participated in so many pick up games that they should maybe next season battle it out “One on One” for charity to really put all the hype to rest on who’s better and what not. It’s clear thus far that Kobe is having a better off season as of yet but we’d still love to see them go “One on One.” What are you guys thoughts and if you feel the same as us ? Always rock with Sneaker Bar for daily updates and news.


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