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Video: Jordan Brand “Love the Game” Commercial

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The NBA lockout has been frustrating, not to just NBA players, but to the fans as well. As a fan, I love watching a game on TNT and ESPN or catching the highlights on SportsCenter. The lockout has kept me from doing that. As NBA fans, we cannot let the lockout ruin our love for the game. There are other ways to get your basketball in, whether it is watching games from last year, playing pick up or in a organized league, or following NBA players in their exhibition games.

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For one thing, the NBA lockout has not kept the players from loving the game. As you know, there have been an abundance of exhibition games and leagues that NBA players participated in. Some players are playing in as many as 3 leagues. The bottom line is that the players are not letting the lockout keep them from doing what they love.

Check out the new Jordan Brand Commercial below. The commercial features, D Wade, Melo and CP3 playing in various leagues around the world. Could you imagine playing in a league with one of them ? It would be amazing. What heights will you go to do something you love ? Always rock with Sneaker Bar Detroit for the latest news and updates.


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