Home Podcast TSB Podcast: Episode 291 - Kool Kiy accused of creating knockoffs?

TSB Podcast: Episode 291 – Kool Kiy accused of creating knockoffs?

In this episode of TSB, Caesar, Guru, Geeno, and Dunks are in-studio.

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Ebay is getting into the authentication game. Caesar thinks they’re opening up an unnecessary can a worms. He says the way they did business was just fine, they don’t need to be like StockX or GOAT. Agree or disagree?

Reebok seems to be beating up on the Questions the same way Jordan Brand beats up on the Air Jordan 1. But after they’ve worn out the Questions what’s next? What other silhouettes do they have in their arsenal to compete?

The Nike LeBron 8s are coming back. Dunks doesn’t get thy hype around them.

If you could get any PE to release which sneaker would it be?

Nike is suing streetwear brand Warren Lotas over their trademark infringement of their Dunk sneaker. Not only that, but it looks like the Swoosh has also cut ties with Jeff Staple for endorsing the alleged knockoffs. It seems like Nike is looking to make an example out of Warren Lotas as they go after brands who have recently begun creating their own bespoke Nike and Jordan Brand sneakers.

Keeping on that subject, Kool Kiy stands accused of creating knockoffs in an attempt to rip off the Black community. Some people, including us, don’t see it as being that deep. The real question is what is, or isn’t, considered a fake, or a knockoff, nowadays.

Adidas hires a new head of human resources in the wake of racial unrest in both the county and within the company. A coalition of employees at Adidas North America called for the former HR chief’s removal after she called racism “noise”. Ironically, her name was Karen.

Caesar made Business Insider’s top 28 list of people of color within the sneaker industry. #Influencer.

And finally–Caesar called it–it turns out there may have been a sinister motive behind McDonald’s collaboration with Travis Scott. The partnership just so happened to coincide with the news of lawsuits filed by former Black franchisees and employees.

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