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TSB Podcast: Episode 280 – Which sneakers were worse, the Jordan 4Lab1 or Yeezys

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In this throwback episode of TSB, Caesar, JumpmanBostic, and The Sneaker Girl are in the Basement of the Js.

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Which sneakers were worse? The Jordan 4Lab1 or Yeezys? ANY Yeezys. Guess what Caesar thinks?

Speaking of Yeezys, a terminally sick kid in the hospital wished for a pair of Yeezys. Not sure if they ever received them though.

If you could meet anyone in the world, celebrity or athlete, who would it be?

A sneaker collector in China pawned his collection for millions of Chinese Yuans to put a down-payment on an apartment. We’re surprised that we don’t hear stories like that more often.

Caesar and JumpmanBostic continue to go back and forth over their basketball game. It’s been over 5 years and they still have yet to play.

We do a Q&A with our listeners, which includes the question “Should you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend if they aren’t into sneakers? Or if they try to make you stop after you two get into a relationship?”

Caesar REALLY hates Yeezys.

There was a moment in time where Chris Bosh consistently took “questionable” pictures.

We discuss why it’s hard for female sneakerheads to get the same recognition and respect in the sneaker community as men.

Are you less of a sneakerhead if you only collect one type of sneaker or brand?

We each have that one sneaker that we’d never part with. But what if someone were to make you an offer you couldn’t refuse? What would that offer be? How much money is too much for you to say “no” to?

It’s funny, we recorded this episode in 2015 and resellers were even a problem back then.

And finally, we end show with…… you just have to hear it for yourself. Lol.

Afrikan Caesar
Afrikan Caesar
Sneakerhead since 1997. Married. Father of one. Currently works for Chrysler and writes for SBD. Favorite Kicks - OG "Flu Game" Air Jordan 12

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