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TSB Podcast: Episode 267 – Nike’s Top Brass “Out Of Touch” With Reality

In this episode of TSB, Caesar and Guru are in-studio.

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Josh Luber makes his exit at StockX. What is he going to do next? What does this mean for the company going forward?

People seem to be getting more “L’s” than sneakers on the SNKRS app lately. But what will it actually take to get people mad enough to not shop Nike?

Caesar is staying away from McDonald’s during the run of their Travis Scott partnership. This leads into a discussion of who has the best fast food.

Forget the Jumpman, has Yeezy jumped the shark?

Is there hope for Under Armour?

Like the animal they’re named after, PUMA is hitting its stride. They were able to steal soccer star Newmar away from Nike by parking the Brinks in his driveway.

Not to be outdone, VANS is making a name for itself as one of the top brands of 2020.

With layoffs pending, Nike employees are finding themselves anxious and frustrated waiting for that shoe to drop. Some are going as far as calling Nike’s top brass “out of touch” with the realities that their employees are facing.

And finally, in This Week In Stupid, a family in California gets into a high speed car chase with suspected thieves after one of their family member’s is robbed of their sneakers during a meet up.

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