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TSB Podcast: Episode 262 – Under Amour wants out of a $280 million deal

In this episode of TSB, Caesar, JumpmanBostic, Geeno, Guru, and Dunks are all in-studio. However, due to coronavirus restrictions only 4 people can be in the studio at one time, so the crew must play musical chairs throughout the show.

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We go through and give our thoughts on upcoming sneaker releases, including the very ugly Union X Air Jordan 4s.

Caesar tries to understand the recent hysteria over Nike Dunks all of a sudden. Are people really this moved by celebrity fashion?

Adidas has lost a lot of momentum in the last year or so. The crew attempts to narrow down the reasons why.

We said it once, and we’ll say it again, Jordan Brand needs to put Air Jordan silhouettes on NikeiD.

Nike just did a massive layoff at their HQ. Was it necessary?

Speaking of the Swoosh, Nike found an even worse way to ship your shoes other than branding the shipping tape.

Caesar talks about his special weekend in Chicago.

Under Armour was recently served a Wells Notice by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Basically, the government letting the brand know that while they might not have committed a crime they’re watching their every move very closely.

And finally, still sticking with Under Armour, the brand is looking to reneg on their record breaking $280 million deal with UCLA. Under Armour feels like the University hasn’t given them a return on their investment. From the school’s point of view, they’ve already spent that money–figuratively speaking–so they’re bracing for a fight.

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