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TSB Podcast: Episode 261 – We’re Back!

In this episode of TSB, the crew–really just Caesar and Guru–are back in studio after a 4 month hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Caesar hits the ground running by diving right into the “Black Lives Matter” movement and how it’s shown the ugly side of the sneaker industry. He urges everyone to remain vigilant, and to not allow the industry off of the hook because the news cycle has moved on to other stories.

Atmos in Harlem, NY issued an apology recently after being called out by friend of the show, Kick It Wit DD. DD alleged that the store underpaid their Black and Latino employees. Even going as far as replacing them with employees from overseas.

Not to be outdone, Dick’s Sporting Goods is being sued in a class action lawsuit filed by their assistant managers. They claim that the store forces them to work overtime without paying them overtime wages. Apparently Dick’s Sporting Goods has a history of doing this, highlighted by two previous lawsuits. After doing the math, the crew begins to understand why Dick’s Sporting Goods keeps committing the crime.

I Sell Sneakers Not Dreams from the “More Than Sneakers” podcast calls in. In keeping in theme with their show, the conversation pivots to Jada and August “entanglement” situation.

Caesar dives more thoroughly into the issues at Adidas North America HQ where days after the brand’s symbolic retweet of Nike’s stance against racism, a protest was planned by the company’s employees of color, who cited that the brand didn’t come close to living up to their public image behind closed doors. Adidas designer Aric Armon joins the show to talk about his own experiences there and what he thinks the sneaker community can do to continue to hold these brands accountable in a way that brings about real change in their corporate structure.

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